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  1. Nick


    What would be the ABV of a Coopers APA fermented in 23ltrs, but without the addition of any other fermentables except the teaspoon of sugar when bottling? I had a great program that did all the calculations, you just needed to enter the ingredients you were using, I cant seem to find it anymore. Cheers, Nick
  2. Nick


    Well Anti,....as a mate of mine once said, twenty bucks is twenty bucks Its good to see that not much has changed and things don't stay "on thread" for long.
  3. Nick


    Thanks Chaps, that all makes sense and I do remember reading in an older thread that Hairy likes to give it a whack. I'll do that tonight and CC on Sunday. I am not brewing as much these days and often ferment for 2 or 3 weeks and CC for a week or 2 on top of that. I have never had this problem with US05 in the past, which is why i thought I'd ask. The only difference with this brew is that i steeped about 400gms of Crystal and added to the wort, but that's the only difference. Nick.
  4. Nick


    Hi Guys, its been a long time since my last visit and its good to see some familiar names are still lurking about. I just have a quick question. I have always used US05 yeast for my ales and IPA's, but the last batch i made has formed a very thick krausen that still hasent dropped after 12 days. When i tap the fermenter some of it starts to drop, but i am about to cold crash and was wondering if CC'ing will drop it, or should I agitate it or even stir it to get it to drop before I CC? TIA, Nick.
  5. 25gms each of Citra and Amarillo steeped for 10 minutes and then the same amounts dry hopped create a lovely hop profile. I am currently enjoying this in an APA that i used with Amber malt and fermented with US05 Its definitely one of my best efforts
  6. Hey Phil, this is the first time I've logged on for months, and this is the first thread i have read. I hope all is good mate and life is treating you well. I still make your kickarse curry recipe every now and then, so dont be scared to flick me another couple. Nick.
  7. Gday Chad and the lads. I've been awol for a while but having the occasional browse. Its good to see that BDWGE No 3 is still cracking along, Mate. Its always a good read, Cheers, Nick
  8. Yep, as strong as you like if you are going to rinse it properly. I buy pool chlorine as it is the same stuff, only a much stronger concentration. It works out much cheaper in comparison.
  9. Hi Chad, I agree about the OS Real Ale kit and I have built some nice beers around it. The last time I made this beer, I added 40 gms of dried juniper berries which i boiled and then steeped before adding to the FV. It gave a real nice gin like dimension to the beer, and also gave it a pleasant, but dry mouth feel. I found the impact was strongest with the beers I drank first and seemed to diminish as the beer aged. Either that or my palate became more used to the flavour. I will give the oak chips a go next time. What weight would you suggest and would you boil them first before adding to the FV? (yep I know we have discussed this in earlier threads, but I am a lazy arse). Hope your keeping well mate.
  10. OS Real Ale 1.7kg Amber Malt 250gms Dex 25 gm each Amarillo and Citra 10 minute boil & 30 minute steep 25 gm each Amarillo and Citra dry hop commando style after 7 days US 05 Fermented for 3 weeks a @ 18deg and bottled for only 10 days, but my early sampler turned into a 6 pack! This is one of the best I've made and I'll be making it again soon. I'll maybe substitute Citra for Ella next time. Any feedback on this change will be appreciated. Thanks lads, Nick
  11. Its loose (commando style) all the way for me. I've dabbled in hop bags, chux cloths and infusers, and all of which worked ok. I think loose pellets have a better chance of releasing the full whack of flavour and there are no other objects to throw in that might introduce infection or need cleaning. They always float for a day or 3, but end up in the trub by bottling time. I do CC, but cant remember hop matter in my beer before i started to CC. Nick.
  12. I also fell in love with this and after asking a few questions here, i made a Coopers APA with 1.5 lt of Amber malt. With a 10 minute boil of 10g Citra, 20g Steep of Citra and then dry hopped with 20g Citra. All in all, probably not exact, but pretty close and damn tasty for a basic K & K with a few hops thrown in. Nick
  13. Add it to a can of Real Ale or IPA and steep and dry hop with a heap of either Cascade/Amarillo/ Citra/ Centenial or a combination. Ferment with US 05 for a big fruity red American Style IPA Throw some extra dex in for a real hatlifter if you want.
  14. we all do it occasionally, even Hairy
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