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Got some leftover chocolate grains ...

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Hey Ruddager


It depends on whether it's the pale choc (~600EBC) or choc malt (~1200EBC).


Either way, if you want to make something 'lighter', you may want to use it in two batches.


I reckon you could make a nice American brown ale with some choc:


to 23L


1.70kg Coopers Real Ale

1.50kg Light LME

0.15kg Chocolate malt

0.25kg medium crystal


Do a boil with around 3-4L of water using your favourite American hops (Amarillo, cascade, citra, etc) something like a:


10g addition boiled for 15 mins

10g addition boiled for 5 mins


Ianh's magic spreadsheet says you can expect something on the order of 4.9% alcohol and around 35 IBU (I had Amarillo as the hops).


If you really want a lighter colour, you may even want to dial the chocolate malt down to 100g (assuming you've got the darker choc malt).


I made a similar all extract recipe of this a while ago. It tastes a little like the White Rabbit Dark Ale, but with higher bitterness (which I think it needs).


That's what I'd do anyway.


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Regardless of what you are making, if you are going to add choc then you have to expect a darker beer. Nothing you can do about that. However, why not make something with what you have and store it away for 9 months or so?... even if you feel like a darker beer sometime sooner you will have one to select.

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