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  1. Beerlust, you've probably brewed more beer than me. You certainly have more to say than me (more than 5 posts per day). Almost all of your posts do more harm than good. By posing as an expert (when you are very clearly not), my concern is that new brewers will see your comments as credible due to your large number of posts. Please read How to Brew by John Palmer from cover to cover before offering any more advice. I would stick to asking for, rather than giving advice until you have done so. Thanks. -Dylan PS, not the best way to bring up my 100th post. Oh well, I've had enough.
  2. That's good to hear Yob. I'm brewing a clone of the Pizza Port Carlsbad Wipeout IPA with an allgrain brewer friend on the weekend. it's got simcoe, amarillo and centennial (although we can't get any, so using cascade). It's north of 8% and 80 IBUs. I can't wait!
  3. Not me. I've tried their "Summer" IPA, and that didn't set my world on fire. But I guess that's the hops' fault, not the brewer. I've got their Galaxy IPA in the fridge to try. I'm looking forward to it. It is true that some hops are stunners on their own. I've done single hop brews with Citra (Black IPA) and Galaxy (APA), and both were great. I've decided to blend the American hops to get a more complex result.
  4. Cat's piss ey. Damn, I'd read passionfruit/apricot and pine favours. Oh well, I'll learn by doing. If it tastes bad as a late addition, at around 14% AA, it will make a handy bittering hop. Cheers, -Dyl
  5. Hey everyone I've decided that for my next few batches, I'm going to explore the world of American hops. I've got a base recipe that I'm going to use, and I will change the hops. I've done a similar recipe below with Galaxy + Cascade. Also Pacific Jade + Cascade. I'm about to do it with Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo. I'm thinking of trying something + Simcoe next. What are some other great (or not so great) American hop combinations that you've used? Base recipe to 23L with US05: 1.70kg Draught kit, 1.50kg light LME, 0.25kg light DME, 0.20kg med crystal, 0.20kg carapils Boil in 6L 20 mins of equal amounts of each hop (enough to reach IBU target) 15g of each hop dry hopped Targets (as per style guidelines) IBU = ~37 OG = 1.052
  6. The weirdest thing that I've used is stewed apricots in a wheat beer. But then compared to bulls balls, I'm not so sure that apricots are weird...
  7. and 2 + 2 = 5 Yeah, we're just getting tied up as to whether the addition of some crystal adds anything (useful) when there is alrready 2x cans (that are 1.7kg, not 1.2kg)... Anyway, amongst the biffo, I've got some good points out here. I'm dropping my carapils (this will only increase FG), reducing my crystal (although I'm keeping some), and upping the dextrose. Thanks -Dyl
  8. Thanks for the recipes and advice guys. Now I just have to wait until it gets below about 35 degrees so I can brew this bad boy. It's good to learn that it's typically stout that are volcanoes (which by coincidence are high gravity). I've been on an IPA kick of late. In a recent Brew Your Own magazine, they said that nelson sauvin could be the next big thing in IPAs. So well done on being ahead of the curve Canadian Eh!. I also got a book about IPAs by Mitch Steele, head brewer of the Stone brewery. It goes through the history of IPAs, and has a bunch of recipes for both historical and recent commercial IPAs. I highly recommend it!
  9. Hi all I'm planning to make a big IPA (recipe below). This will be the first high gravity brew that I've done. So my question goes out to anyone who's done a high gravity beer (such as the RIS)... Is my IPA recipe a recipe for a volcano? I've got a 'classic' Coopers FV and the new DIY one, which FV/approach will lead to the least mess? I saw the destruction caused in Muddy's photos when he did the RIS. Can I replace my airlock with a hose that leads into a bucket? Do I bite the bullet and use the new FV, and start with a lower volume? Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers, -Dyl to 24L with US05 + 1 or 2 Coopers ale yeasts Fermentables: 1.70kg Pale Ale 1.70kg Draught 1.50kg Light LME 0.40kg Med Crystal 0.10kg CaraPils 0.25kg Dex 6L boil: 20g Nelson Sauvin 60 mins 20g Nelson Sauvin + 20g Amarillo 5 mins 20g Nelson Sauvin + 20g Amarillo dry hop. Vital Stats from ianh's spreadsheet: IBU = 59 OG = 1073 (though it won't get that high) FG = 1018 Alc% = 7.5 EBC = 20.3
  10. And to kick things off, here's the recipe for the only IPA that I've made. It's a black IPA: To 23L fermented with Nottingham yeast Malts: 1.7kg Real Ale, 1.5kg Dark LME, 0.5kg Light LME, 0.25kg med crystal, 0.25kg choc malt Hops(in 6L boil): all Citra, 15g for 30min, 25g for 15min, 35g dry hop I forgot to take a FG reading, but I'd guess that it was ~5-5.5% and 50 IBU. It was also delicious.
  11. Hey all I think I recall seeing a thread like this one for other styles. I'm hanging out to make an American IPA, and thought it could be cool to see what others have done. If anyone has a good IPA recipe that they are willing to share, please post it below. Cheers, -Dyl
  12. I usually try one after about 5 days. I find that hoppy beers often taste best in the first few weeks in the bottle anyway. I read in a magazine that the plastic seal on the caps absorbs some of the hop aroma.
  13. Hey guys The beer turned out really great. Plenty dark enough. I also fermented at around 22-24\xb0C. Around this temp is good, as you get all of the wheat yeast esters (which defines the style). I found the WB06 yeast to be good. I'm sure the Wyeast is probably better. They'll both give the wheat yeasty, banana taste. Adz, I wouldn't be concerned if you've already bought the ingredients. You could buy another kit (e.g. a Real Ale), and some American or British hops, and make a killer Amber/brown ale (i.e. Real ale + amber can + some of the dark crystal + hops). Recipes like Adam's or mine (they're VERY similar), are in my opinion, the best quality beer to effort ratio that I've encountered. -Dyl
  14. Hey Adz Adam nailed it. I made something very similar. I made to 23L: 1.70kg wheat kit 1.50kg wheat LME 0.25kg choc wheat malt 0.10kg light DME WB06 yeast. There's no need to add any hops. I only added the DME to increase the alcohol. You could get the same effect by dropping the volume to 22L. -Dyl
  15. Hey all After visiting the 4 Pines brewery the other day, I got inspired to make an English Special Bitter. I just thought that I'd share the recipe of the beer that I made last night. Smells and looks great. I can't wait to drink it at xmas time. I made to 20L: 1.70kg English Bitter kit 1.20kg Light DME 0.25kg carapils 0.10kg med crystal 0.05kg pale choc in a 4L boil: 15g each of fuggles and EKG for 15 mins will dry hop with 10g of each For the yeast, I used US05 as it's all I had (meh). The OG was 1051, and I think the IBUs should come out just north of 40. -Dyl
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