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  1. Ah, ok, but if I was to cold crash for a week then no big? Just add any time?
  2. Alright, I'm really doing it this time! One question though ... ... why 10°?
  3. Hmmm not an exact clone, but I think that's what got me all excited about galaxy back in the day, and in fact I brewed another galaxy golden last weekend!
  4. So you’re assuming it wasn’t the cookies that killed the last two?
  5. I'm behind again! This time I blame the new network policy at work that kept me locked out of beer related sites for a few weeks there. Prepare for bombardment!!
  6. You mean “someone labelled the bag of grass clippings incorrectly”
  7. Not sure where you're from but have you ever tried Pirate Life's Mosaic IPA? I made a single-hop mosaic IPA of my own with a 60 minute bittering addition to 76 IBUs, and it was lovely. I think you're doing it wrong
  8. Do you know about the potential ways a hydrometer can give a false high reading?
  9. Gotta say, I was worried about the Beer Cartel calendar being a parade of new world IPAs for a while there, but the last week has had excellent variety!
  10. Yeah, I dunno, I don't really think Amarillo is an IPA friendly hop to be honest. At least not by itself. Better suited to something with the word "pacific" in the title
  11. If I split a batch I count it as two parts of the same batch, so my count only goes up by 1. In fact, I've had batches I've split SEVEN ways for experiments! My biggest counting problem came when I went to bottle a batch which had been brewed after one that was still in the fermenter. I think I ended up settling on brew order, not bottle order. I'm pretty sure I did a fairly dumb video about it too
  12. And no, I have no idea why I keep opening and trying it.
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