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  1. I keep “stock take” so I know how much I’m drinking. Helps me stay aware at least.
  2. I always like the idea of starting with a SMASH if you haven't considered that. Real simple baseline.
  3. Yeah, I used 1.5 and it was a bit under-done. I’d go up to 2 next time just to see where that lands
  4. I do, but I do big batches. In fact last weekend when I did just a 23L batch I didn't use it.
  5. According to my missus (who is into that stuff), Valhalla is a giant hall full of dead warriors getting drunk and fighting each other? Not much of a fighter myself and unlikely to die in combat, so I suppose I’ll just have to settle for my couch and trying to stay up while I watch the tour or F1 it whatever else on a Sunday night. Is there an avenue for return?
  6. I just made beer scones. It’s like those lemonade scones, but with beer. They are the BEST SHIT EVER!! Would go great with plum jam if I had any.
  7. If you do want to compare notes, the general rule I to wait until the day after
  8. All hail Mrs Fast Homebrew Please? If you don’t I’m in trouble
  9. That can't be right - the email only came out a few hours ago!
  10. You're right @BackyardBrewer, but that's just due to what I had entered into the spreadsheet. Those guys are all going in dry anyway, so will essentially be added at the same time.
  11. Yeah cold steeping is another way to do it, but I'm not usually well organised enough for that
  12. There's a few ways to do it. Nothing wrong with what you've copied there, or you could use two pots and a strainer. You can also rinse your bag with hot water to get more of the yumminess out.
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