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  1. You're going to need to do four batches then, side by side by side by side
  2. Hmm ... sounds like the sparge is another variable
  3. Heh, I tried to be too strategic with my entry and avoided a mini-mash so that it was more ROTM-able ... then it came out so I didn't enter it anyway. But yeah, never seen more than maybe 300g of grains in a ROTM.
  4. So you used more water to account for boil-off? Do you think you could do a side-by-side comparison between 90 and 60 with the same recipe, or is that asking too much
  5. I know you can't reveal your recipe, but do you think if it is a ROTM that they'll be able to reproduce your exact recipe, or will they have to cut a few corners to keep it simple (or at least no more complicated than, say, an ESVA ROTM)?
  6. Well fair enough, I only raised this two years ago. Certainly isn't on the "don't care" list.
  7. I've also been listening to this a bit lately: Can anyone tell me what Regurgitator's second best album is?
  8. I really could go another Bad Seeds album like this one ...
  9. I remember “cinnamon spiders” from a beer I made maaaaany years ago. Firstly, sunlight is your enemy. Otherwise, RDWHAHB
  10. Still got the same issue @Coopers DIY Beer Team. Nothing is masked and there's no indication that pressing "submit" has been successful, other than an innocuous spinner that's easily lost among other elements on the screen:
  11. Oh yeah I know that, I was just waaaaaay too keen
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