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  1. King Ruddager

    Idea for an experiment ...

    In the top pic from left to right they are ale malt (this is the control batch), light crystal, medium crystal, dark crystal, caramalt and caramunich
  2. King Ruddager

    What is an XPA??

    I thought it was what comes in a seven-pack
  3. King Ruddager

    Idea for an experiment ...

  4. King Ruddager

    Unmalted wheat

    Is it necessary to use rice hulls if I'm biabing this? Even if it's not completely necessary, will it have an effect? My rye batches are always super-sticky and it seems this is the same. How do you calculate how much to use?
  5. Hah, I wouldn't be surprised if half of those views are mine at least!
  6. King Ruddager

    Unmalted wheat

    Well, the instructions in this article indicate a protein rest: https://byo.com/article/witbier-style-profile/ This guy, however, reckons he can't tell the difference: https://beerandbrewing.com/make-your-best-witbier/ Going to be an interesting process when I get around to this one, especially if I have to "top-up" the spice a little. I'm looking forward to doing something a little different!
  7. King Ruddager

    Unmalted wheat

    Background story is that I had a very nice Belgian White Ale on the weekend and thought it'd be nice to brew something along those lines. Apparently they use 40-50% unmalted wheat and pilsner to make up the rest, plus maaaaaybe a small amount of oats and munich.
  8. King Ruddager

    Idea for an experiment ...

    How did I not think of this!
  9. King Ruddager

    Unmalted wheat

    Anything to know?
  10. King Ruddager

    Idea for an experiment ...

    Alright, I think in the end with this I'll be boring and go light, medium, dark, caramalt and caramunich. Another thought though ... it's actually going to be quite difficult for me to deal with the bittering hops in this one, in terms of getting them out of my big pot before they go into the "fermenters". I guess I'll have to strain into another large container first to ensure consistency. That might even mean putting them into a fermenter and "bottling" from there, which could have a couple of advantages actually. Perhaps I'll go with that. It's always good to think of these things ahead of time!
  11. King Ruddager

    To do ...

    I was just thinking about this again, as I had a Belgian style white ale on the weekend that was really, really nice, so I might have to throw that into the mix. Next up though is my malts experiment
  12. King Ruddager

    All Grain / BIAB

    I think it's some kind of chicken roasting contraption actually
  13. ~1.046 for a little over 25L
  14. Not my most exciting, but here's another one anyway ...