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  1. King Ruddager

    It had to happen eventually

    I'm afraid not sorry
  2. King Ruddager

    It had to happen eventually

    I know there's already a fail thread, but there I am, pouring batch number one hundred and forty two into the fermenter when ... what's that on the floor? SHIT, THE TAP!!! Luckily I didn't lose much at all 🤣
  3. King Ruddager


    Got the ingredients for mine just now. It's a bit of a "one-two-three-hopefully" but we'll see how it goes Stay tuned in one year for the brew day video 🤣
  4. King Ruddager

    Bypassing boil-dry on a Crown Urn

    @Otto Von Blotto - pics dammit!
  5. King Ruddager

    Marathon beer?

    Yeah I only just found out the actual diagnosis so will make a decision in a few days
  6. King Ruddager

    Marathon beer?

    Turns out that I have the actual flu, despite being vaccinated!
  7. King Ruddager

    Bypassing boil-dry on a Crown Urn

    Can you share a picture of your brush @Otto Von Blotto?
  8. King Ruddager

    Bypassing boil-dry on a Crown Urn

    Yeah I'm not entirely sold on the idea, just curious at this point
  9. Just wondering if anyone here has done that? A guy on YouTube thinks I'm the only person in the world who hasn't 🤣 Is it an easy thing to do?
  10. King Ruddager

    Marathon beer?

    @GingerNuts81 - yep, first one. I was hoping to beat 3h45m I'll just downgrade to the half distance and do another one in a couple of weeks instead.
  11. King Ruddager

    Marathon beer?

    Bloody hell, I’m sick as a dog right now, just five days out from the race
  12. King Ruddager

    Galaxy smash

    Don’t go as big or bitter in a smash if there’s no crystal to balance it. Galaxy is a wonderful hop.
  13. King Ruddager

    What is Your Go-To Beer to Brew

    Leftovers pale
  14. King Ruddager

    Marathon beer?

    Looks like I've got an extra week to think about this one now, so all suggestions are still welcome!