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  1. The main problem with him though was his appearance ... from behind the bushes
  2. Rolf Harris? I'm not offended and I get what you mean, but please try and find a more appropriate comparison next time @Beerlust.
  3. Heh Actually, I really do appreciate the simplicity of my urn. These all-in-one things don’t appeal to me
  4. I usually only have trouble with large doses of rye as well
  5. Yeah but you've got a stick with a scraper on it ...
  6. Replaced a hop sock withe one, hated it, now throw hops straight into the kettle (from 10m ... I am accurate)
  7. Don't forget the rinse (sparge) @Otto Von Blotto!!
  8. Thousands? Dear lord! I have a very simple BBQ - two burners, one big plate
  9. Check. Check ... although it became simcoe due to a temporary shortage of mosaic at Beerbelly Time to visit the recipe thread I suppose! Not bad for a change I did wedge in a second FWK brew after the pale, but that's because the good people at All Inn made me do it.
  10. Yeah I can't think of a good way to do it. Perhaps set up another fermenter with something the bugs will like even BETTER right next to it, put up a sign to let them know it's free food and then hope they go for that instead of your good one?
  11. What was your mash temp and grain bill?
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