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  1. It's ruined, so normally what happens under these circumstances is that you bottle it and distribute those bottles among members of this Coopers community
  2. I still mostly have the new Tool album on repeat
  3. Six minutes, including sanitation. Would have been faster if the lid hadn't tricked me
  4. Yeah I could just about do this one in real time
  5. I just saw that actually, and you already know what I think of the bakery there!
  6. Yep, I've already got a 20L fermenter for that purpose, but this will make a great cube for smaller experimental batches
  7. Just ordered a fresh wort kit, simply for the sake of trying it out 10 minute brew day coming right up!
  8. Got to meet some internet people in real life today
  9. The last two were pretty much the same @PaddyBrew2, but in the most recent I think I stressed the yeast a bit much so it’s not quite tops. Next time I think I’ll use a little less crystal, a little less malt overall and introduce a cube hop
  10. I think the judges were correct on this one @Beer Baron
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