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  1. The problem with mine was I tried to bend it to fit with a potential ROTM pack and it was just too compromised
  2. Mine's pretty bad actually and not at all what I intended ... should I enter anyway?
  3. Hang on ... found it. Phew!! Still have to figure out what the hell I've actually made style-wise though
  4. Well, I've just gone to enter and discovered that I didn't save my recipe. Video tape to the rescue ... again
  5. Fingers crossed for this one. I tried an early sample and it wasn't quite what I was hoping for ...
  6. Getting better, and no way could I be bothered brewing another attempt so I guess this’ll do! Still struggling to classify it though
  7. @Coopers DIY Beer Team - are you aware of this?
  8. Yeah exactly the same with mine. Hopefully getting onto it fairly early is an advantage in that respect
  9. Whatever it is, this is it. Tastes like a kit beer ... not sure how to classify it either
  10. This is still an issue by the way. Perhaps next time I need two of something with free delivery I’ll test it myself
  11. Well things didn’t work out tonight so I’ll have a chance to bring the temp up again before bottling now anyway
  12. Mine's been in the bottle for a week now ... but I have to remember that it's extract based (or is it?) and that I shouldn't taste any for at least another week. Then I'll decide whether to enter it or start again.
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