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  1. Just a note on the colours mentioned above - it's generally a faux pas to wear replica jerseys with special meaning if you have not earned it yourself. For example, one who has not won the Tour de France should never wear a yellow jersey, and one who is not Peter Sagan should never be seen in the rainbow stripes. If this ever went ahead, avoid designs that look much like any jersey from any major team, race or championship.
  2. Are rice hulls permitted in a smash? It will only be a small batch if it goes ahead
  3. Windsor has the same long tail as ESB in my experience, so no thanks.
  4. No! Used it twice I think and have had bottle bombs after a few months. Stupid slow finisher!!!
  5. Special B wouldn't dry it out would it? Also ... marmelade???
  6. Yeah it went "live" with 2nd gen S-23 on Tuesday, and it's off to a fairly active start. Might even be time to consider increasing the temp a little bit ... must check the fast lager schedule
  7. Alright, I'm back onto this nonsense again, primarily to make a nice clear marzen for a competition. I don't actually give a stuff about clarity usually. Also, I'm on a really, REALLY tight timeline. Cold crash for a couple of days Gelatine for a couple of days Bottle, bring it up to 20 and hope for carbonation Lager as hard as possible for a few days There's no way I'm going to get all that done in the next five weeks ... but oh well, Wayne Gretzky misses 100% of the beers he doesn't drink.
  8. I love a good single-hop IPA! Actually, I have a Citra IPA in the pipeline so I'm surprised to hear you've sworn off of it. What was the issue? I've done mosaic, simcoe and galaxy, and I think I did a single-hopped nelson something once but can't remember the exact style. I've also done a whooooooole bunch of smashes. With simcoe and galaxy I did a 60 minute boil but added the hops @30.
  9. Every time I make an English Bitter I say that I've never made one that I'm happy with. The most recent was a step in the right direction, but nope. The bit that's missing is that fruity taste that flies just slightly below the radar. It's there in the Coopers kit and something like a Fullers ESB, and to be it's a bit like blackcurrant ... or maybe even plumb? I don't know - I'm bad at this. Lately I've been trying to use a late addition of Bramling Cross at about 1.5 g/L both at flameout and cube (which in the land of chill translates to about a 10 minute addition and a hop stand). I searched "blackcurrent hops" and they kept being mentioned, but I'm starting to wonder if I should give up on those and try EKGs or Styrian Goldings (apparently the Coopers kit uses these). I also wonder whether part of this flavour I'm detecting is also from the malt. My last grain bill was super simple - maris otter with 6.5% dark crystal. I still think it's the hops though. So, although my last one was a step in the right direction, does anyone have any hopping advice to get me close to something approaching Fullers' "London Pride", Burley's "My Wife's Bitter", etc?
  10. Just saw that. Reckon it’ll be in stores by then or just starting to pop up here and there?
  11. That’s my guess too. Or is this already know?
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