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  1. I do. A lot. My brain tells me "let's just make something strong for winter", so I dig up my last strong ale recipe, rush through my notes (ie. tasting videos on YouTube), try and think back a year to how it tasted, then change everything and come up with this: 75.8% Ale 9.5% Munich 5.3% Caramalt 6.3% Wheat 3.2% Light Chocolate Should get an OG of 1.065, so I got three packets of Notto yeast to deal with that. On the day I'll just look through my hops and try and get ~55 IBUs Hopefully it's not awful!
  2. It would probably be easier to get a UV light if you were going to do that
  3. Pretty sure I can improve this experiment by using six beers and cooling them back down again afterwards ...
  4. I think I shared mine on my YouTube channel because it was crap and I never entered it ... let me see ...
  5. Actually ... looking back I don't think I did a plain ale malt. I remember golden promise being deliciously biscuity and probably my favourite, munich being ridiculous, vienna was nice (I did it twice I think), red x has it's own distinct taste, MO and schooner were "normal" ... yeah, I could totally dig up all the old footage and put together a video for this.
  6. Was just thinking about doing another smash, but I think I've already tried all of the main base malts including ... Ale Maris Otter Schooner Vienna Munich Golden Promise Red X What else could I try?
  7. And by "in the same way" I'm referring to the way where you collect the slurry in a jar and put it in the fridge
  8. Oh wow I had no idea. I’ll bet he’s enjoying these catastrophic days as much as I am then
  9. "Australian Sparkling Ale" is a style, but Pacific Ale is not I don't think.
  10. You're safe - I can pretty much guarantee that, in the history of brewing, this has never been asked.
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