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Help - I don't know what to brew next!

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Here's what I've done so far:


OS Lager that came with the kit

European Lager

English Bitter

Old Spiced Dark Ale

Basic Amber Ale (first hopped beer)

Irish Coffee Stout

Dr Smurtos Golden Ale (first use of specialty grains)

English Honey Bitter


... so based on that, what would logically come next? I'm open to specialty grains and whatnot, but not a mash (no equipment) and I wouldn't be able to keep a lager cold enough either.


Recipe me up!!

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Here's two options maybe.


1. Weggl's Amber Yak

2. PB2's Motueka Slam IPA


I have made the Amber Yak and it's going fast - I slightly modified the recipe based on ingredients I had. I used DME instead of the dextrose and upped all the hops [love] 30g of Cascade and Nelson @ 10mins, 20g of Nelson @ flame out and Dry hopped with 10g of Nelson.

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Well I went to the LHBS and started asking about IPAs. He asked me about the styles I liked and I didn't know, but then I spotted some chocolate grain and remembered CraigTube's Porter, so looked that up recipe and bought everything I need. I think the store owner was a little amused by the complete 180 I did! I'll post up the recipe when I've got things a bit more organised.

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I think when I made a porter using this kit I used about 250g chocolate malt and it came out pretty darn black. You could see through it when held up to the light, but mostly it just looked black. At any rate, mine was a mighty nice drop.


That seems like a hell of a lot of crystal man, was all that in Craig's recipe? [rightful]

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Can of Coopers English Bitter

1.5kg light LME

500g light DME

500g crystal grains

250g chocolate grains

25g fuggles @ 10 mins

I reckon you're gonna love the EB can as a base for a Porter. I did one, can't remember who posted the original but there is a link to the recipe in my signature. I love it and another one is one my list, however I am not contemplating using any additional hop as I can't see them adding to this beer.

As with Adam mine was a robust Porter. I love stuff that is Robust, and I am pretty Robust after a couple as well [ninja] .

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