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Fuggles and East Kent Golding.

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5 minutes ago, Greenyinthewestofsydney said:

I do this recipe at least once a year. Either with all fuggles or all goldings bar the bittering hop. For what it's worth I prefer the Goldings but not by much.

Another option for you.

Screenshot_20240218_212350_BeerSmith 3.jpg

Screenshot_20240218_212400_BeerSmith 3.jpg

Screenshot_20240218_212415_BeerSmith 3.jpg

Nice.  Too many recipes.  Not enough days.

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13 hours ago, Shamus O'Sean said:

I just added your recipe to my line-up.  However, given the recipes already ahead of it, I will not get around to yours until early May.🤪

Yeah i am going to make it in the next few weeks. I think i will have enough from my goldings hop plant for most of the additions. Maybe supplement with purchased hops for the earlier stages

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