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original series draught yeast/ recipe


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qiuck update


so i did the coopers twocan draught with safale us05 and amarillo hop tea (smelled great)


pitched at 21c and is fermenting away at about 19c


glad to have got the temps right as it seems this is very important after doing some reading of john palmers how to brew,


next beer will be all extract and fresh hops, looking forward to that one[happy]

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Sorry bout the measurements folks. I've been going back & editing in metric units of measurement for the rest of the world. My bad. I also tried to make it easier to read with a little editing. That brew has slowed down for the long haul at the moment.

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what would you suggest instead of the M-D? other that the toucan.



As a non-fermentable I wouldn't replace the M-D it I'd just leave it out. As for fermentables, personally I'd use some malt (1kg?) and wind the dex back to 250-300g. But that is just me [biggrin]


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your suggestion is a little closer to the norm for most of my recipes. i gotta say though. i've tried the corn syrup in a couple of brews lately and they've really turned out well.


i say the key to this whole recipe is the combination of the OS draught kit and the late addition of the cascade. the aroma is strong and pleasant. the wife comments everytime about the fine bouquet.[cool]




p.s. sorry i don't use capitals. i'd be here all day at the speed i type if i did[crying]. i do try for some order and punctuation. skim if you must.[bandit]

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Put this one down today as per muddy's recomendations


Cascade Draught


1.7 Kg OS Draught kit

1 Kg LDM

200g dex

7g kit yeast pitched @ 24C OG 1.044

15g cascade (dry hop)

23L water


This is quickly becoming the "house" beer around these parts.[love]

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