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  1. PB2

    moving fermentor

    We suggest this up front because many people don't realise that they may need to locate the FV in a different position for bottling and then struggle with the weight of the FV once it contains the brew. Injury to self can happen! Also, the brew can be stirred up a bit if the FV is not moved in a careful (slow and gentle) manner.
  2. PB2

    chimay red recipe

    This should give you something similar to Chimay Red style: https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/rad-abbot.html
  3. PB2

    recommended fermentables

    Each Brew Can has a recommendation on the side. Like this: Also, our online store has details of each Brew Can and recommended addition as per this link: Original Series Lager
  4. PB2

    brew enhancer 3

    G'day Adrian, although the Brew Enhancer is as hard as a brick, it won't compromise the quality of the final beer. Don't worry about breaking it up and dissolving it. Simply add it to the brew and leave it to float around like a malty iceberg - it will dissolve in the brew eventually. If you are not happy with my reply, give our brewing help team a yell. The email address: customerservice@coopers.com.au Cheers! PB2
  5. PB2

    ingredient expiration and storage

    Packaged on the 46th day of 2018 - it has plenty left in it, years... Darker Malt Extracts (including hopped malt extracts) tend to last longer than lighter coloured.
  6. PB2

    Coopers Maltings

    Yep, all products. A covered conveyor-belt connects the Maltings to the Brewhouse.
  7. PB2

    Coopers Maltings

    Dunno but I can shoot a few emails about the place and see what others have to say. I've heard from a couple of small breweries that they like the malt but find the bags (heavy brown paper bag with a plastic lining) to be annoying for handling purposes. I've used Commander, Schooner and Westminster - all with good results. I don't mind the bags.
  8. PB2

    New brewer

    Sorry, the app is not available.
  9. PB2

    Has anyone bought from cheapyeast.com.au?

    On the seventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me...
  10. PB2

    Giant whisk

    I recall a thread, several years ago, which took a similar direction to the way this is going. Some respect please - keep in mind the Community is here for you but sponsored by Cooperth...
  11. PB2

    Old Dog

    I'm kinda hoping she does.
  12. PB2

    Coopers diy kit $99

    In case you haven't watched our instructional video:
  13. and we encourage you to do so!