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  1. PB2

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    How much is enough? Scenario - I taste one of your beers and like it so much that I ask for your recipe. You oblige with the recipe and I have a go at making it myself. I substitute one ingredient because I don't have it and/or can't get it. Although the recipe is based on yours, technically the recipe I used is mine and mine alone. Therefore, I can happily submit it to MOTB.
  2. PB2

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I like beer. No, I love beer! After evaluating so many (potentially thousands) of beer samples. I would rather not judge beer...
  3. PB2

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Point 10. in the Terms and Conditions explains the Judging process.
  4. PB2

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    Give our Brewing Helpline a yell. 1300 654 455 customerservice@coopers.com.au
  5. PB2

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    Have you made sure there's enough beer in the tube before dropping the hydrometer in?
  6. PB2

    new brew name?

  7. I find most Bar Staff pour a glass then, if more than an inch of head, they look to wash out the foam with more beer until it is less than 1cm. Annoying... If I'm within earshot, I call out "Stop! That's fine as it is." They probably think, "What planet is this bloke from?"
  8. The Bramling Cross version was one of the early iterations of HOP SLAM. At that time, we were keeping it very simple and suggesting to add the hops once the brew is set and yeast pitched. Add them around Day 5, if that's your pref'!
  9. PB2

    Brand A

    Forgive me... What is "Brand A"?
  10. PB2

    Sparkling ale

    The sugar/dextrose reactivation method is very effective for yeast taken straight from a commercial Coopers Ale bottle. However, when reactivating yeast that's been through a primary and secondary fermentation - it needs more help so malt is best! I use a malt based wort, ratio: 40g diluted to 500ml
  11. PB2

    FV Tap

    Be more gentle. Seriously, though. Give us a yell and we will help you out with replacements. customerservice@coopers.com.au
  12. PB2

    Sparkling ale

    Harvesting from the previous batch is common. So not sure if you are making a mistake by following that method?? You could try my method and see how it turns out. I only use one 750ml for my starter. Trust your eyes and nose.
  13. PB2

    Sparkling ale

    "Maintain" is not a word I would use - it's all a bit loose. My method is nothing more than reactivating yeast from a bottle of a previous batch. We all accept that this process is "not best practice" and all sorts of mutant yeast, wild yeast and other organisms potentially move the original yeast culture away from what it was, which was once as pure as the driven snow. I simply monitor the activity and check the aroma before pitching. BTW - the "PB2"yeast, which was Genome Sequenced way back, about 15 years ago, is in the Coopers Brewery yeast vault. It carries my name but I don't own it. That's fine, coz I wouldn't know what to do with it anyway...
  14. PB2

    Sparkling ale

    I've been running, what once was a Coopers culture, for 41 brews.
  15. PB2

    Sparkling ale

    Coopers Yeast is in every bottle of our Naturally Conditioned Ales and out there for the taking. Live yeast, in every bottle, for the Homie to take and grow up as their own culture! Not many breweries offer this sort of information up and, as such, we are not likely to invite customers to the brewery for a cup or two of yeast slurry. Not even people on the brewery tour! If you are concerned about yeast population numbers, get the youngest Coopers Ale you can find to help with the healthiest yeast possible. I remember our "Dr Yeast" saying that our natural conditioning process should produce at least a doubling of yeast population. Secondary fermentation, we seed with yeast at the rate of 1 million cells per ml. So, if you grab a 750ml bottle of Original Pale Ale, for example (750ml is a nice size): 750 x 106 x 2 = 1.5 x 109 of course, halve this if you are taking yeast from a 375ml bottle. The rest is up to you...