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  1. PB2

    Infections with Krausen Collar.

    From your pics, the brews look quite normal. Perhaps it would be worth your while to shoot through an email to: customerservice@coopers.com.au Side note - been fermenting with the new Coopers DIY Beer FV since 2009 (it was released for sale in 2010 ) and not one infected beer. That said, if you can't be confident with the equipment you are using, change it.
  2. PB2

    Coopers Malt Extract Cans - Age

    Yep, packaged on the 22nd day of 2014. Because it's very dark and high in flavour when it's made, it should be okay for a brew - assuming the can is not bulging. Liquid Malt Extract changes over time (colours up and develops cloying, what I recognise as "stewed prune" aromas) and this process is accelerated with temperature. Longevity is best when stored at temps below 15C.
  3. PB2


    Hey Brian, Unusual for the yeast not to work. What type of fermenting vessel do you use? Does it have an airlock? Did you check the SG?
  4. PB2

    Honey Wheat

    Beekeeper might work for you.
  5. PB2

    Brew Number 2

  6. PB2

    Canning machine for homebrewers

    Might be a good piece of kit for Brewing Clubs.
  7. PB2

    Brew Number 2

    James, you are on the money. From our FAQs: 7. Each of your recipes has a difficulty rating of Easy, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert. How do I know what each rating involves?
  8. PB2


    We replace taps that have failed through normal use. Give our Customer Service a yell. customerservice@coopers.com.au 1300 654 455
  9. PB2

    Recipe of the month is out

    I can't take the credit - recipes have not been my gig since the ROTM Oct'17.
  10. PB2

    One Teaspoon is one Carbonation drop?

    Are you finding that your beer is quite flat? 🤣
  11. PB2

    Coopers Cerveza

    We still make it. Coopers International Series Have you spoken to any store managers?
  12. Hey Bruce, we prefer to not do what our competition does. Yes, the sticky gives info about yeast and hop additions. The product details for colour and bitterness can be found here: https://www.diybeer.com/au/english-bitter.html
  13. PB2

    Tap Seal

    Ron, Send through an email to our online store and we will help you out. store@coopers.com.au
  14. PB2

    moving fermentor

    We suggest this up front because many people don't realise that they may need to locate the FV in a different position for bottling and then struggle with the weight of the FV once it contains the brew. Injury to self can happen! Also, the brew can be stirred up a bit if the FV is not moved in a careful (slow and gentle) manner.