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  1. I'm running 5 taps and all my kegs are naturally conditioned. Started kegging in the early 2000's and naturally conditioned them from the get go.
  2. Our FAQ on kegging here
  3. At the risk of covering old ground - if you are stocking up on brew cans, make sure to stick the yeast in the fridge.
  4. debunk - two beds stacked one above the other...
  5. For the sake of accuracy, should I edit your topic heading and replace "strange" with "foul" (fowl)?
  6. Some hop varieties, Simcoe included, often have a wet/damp look. The pack looks to be still holding a vacuum seal so I reckon they will be okay to use.
  7. If you are seeking better head retention, you might like to start with asking yourself how you stack up against the points mentioned in our FAQ.
  8. OSMOFLO sponsored video about Coopers water supply, albeit a little dated. You'll get more good info on our Brewery Tour.
  9. Dunno. I'm no longer involved in ROTM...
  10. Often in the second week of the month. If you are signed up to the newsletter, you will get an email when the new ROTM is out.
  11. We have two methods: 1. Extract the bitterness from a sample, using Iso-Octane, then measure the absorbance with a Spectrophotometer (wavelength set at 275nm). 2. Stick a sample in our "you beaut" High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) - it separates and directly measures the iso alpha-acids. Regardless of the numbers, the sample is also taste tested.
  12. We supplied a sample of the finished beer to our laboratory. They measured the Bitterness Level directly.
  13. How much is enough? Scenario - I taste one of your beers and like it so much that I ask for your recipe. You oblige with the recipe and I have a go at making it myself. I substitute one ingredient because I don't have it and/or can't get it. Although the recipe is based on yours, technically the recipe I used is mine and mine alone. Therefore, I can happily submit it to MOTB.
  14. I like beer. No, I love beer! After evaluating so many (potentially thousands) of beer samples. I would rather not judge beer...
  15. Point 10. in the Terms and Conditions explains the Judging process.
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