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  1. Dear All, As a moderator on our Coopers Community, I thought it best that I let you know I’m off on holiday for the next 4 months. Yes, 4 months - Woo Hoo!! Actually, my beautiful wife is taking a holiday and I'm self loading excess baggage. I will be offline during this time, so instead of tagging me in conversations, please tag (by using the ‘@’ symbol) Coopers DIY Beer Team. For example: @Coopers DIY Beer Team Alternatively, you can email us: customerservice@coopers.com.au or call on 1300 654 455 for assistance during business hours. Be kind to each other. PB2
  2. Please keep in mind that we haven't run this sort of competition before. So, to some extent "we don't know what we don't know"! Yes, we are a bit vague on the notification dates (state winners and overall winner). Why? There are a number of pieces contributing to the final MOTB prize (puzzle). These include, state judging, notification of a deadline for submission of the next brew that state winners are required to submit. Also, allowance for discussions with the winning brewer (there is always a possibility that the first winner decides, for whatever reason, to NOT have their recipe brewed by us). Because I'm not involved with this project directly, I may have missed some other important factors...
  3. Buy yourself a good number of plastic stackable cubes - they last for many years and are brilliant for storing Coopers 750ml glass talls.
  4. Did the carton fail in some way? If so, please send through the details to our Customer Service Team - customerservice@coopers.com.au
  5. I do like an Anchor Liberty Ale (now called IPA) ... Edit: Just checked their website and maybe they still make Liberty Ale as I remember it - https://www.anchorbrewing.com/beer/liberty_ale
  6. You could trying ringing the store and step through the ordering process while you have them on the phone. This may help to pinpoint the problem.
  7. Utilise them in the same way you might pellet hops. That said, I think it's best to use dry hops rather than fresh (also called green or wet).
  8. I think this is something that will be modified with the next iteration. Meanwhile, you could always post the edited version and ask me (via a DM) to delete the original post .
  9. Yep, 620 IBU which calculates down to around 32IBU when allowing for 30% loss through fermentation. It also carries a dose of Styrian Golding pure hop aroma. I was inspired by Adnams Bitter - a bottled midstrength sold in Australia at the time. When made with 500g of LDM, I always felt that it got quite close to this commercial brand. And yes, many brewers like to use 1kg of LDM with this brew can - good choice!
  10. PB2

    Dry July

    You may like this one too?? It is the best zero alcohol beer I've tasted. Holsten 0.0
  11. Real Ale was based on our first homebrew kit, Brewers Own Ale, launched in October 1977. No style as such, just an ale amongst a world of Lagers.
  12. Not at all. The term "Real Ale" was used because our American friends already identified with it as Coopers.
  13. In 1982, then Managing Director, Bill Cooper signed a deal to export bottled Sparkling Ale, Stout and Lager to the USA. However, Sparkling Ale was labelled "Real Ale" for this market. From what I know, the Original Series brew cans were launched for the domestic market and also with the view of potentially exporting to other countries, including the USA. It follows that the range included "Real Ale" so that the Americans got it! I think Tim Cooper had a hand in developing the Original Series, which then consisted of Lager, Draught, Real Ale, Bitter, Dark Ale and Stout but the Real Ale and Stout were existing recipes from when the product was known as Coopers Brewer's Own (developed by Maxwell Cooper, RIP).
  14. We aren't looking for anything in particular. I'm hoping that many of you, including the MOTB winner (of course) really surprises the judges!
  15. I recommend the cans - they display much better hop character.
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