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  1. PB2


    Remedy - stop using an airlock.
  2. PB2


    You should have checked the Specific Gravity of the brew to be certain that the yeast was not fermenting. Contact customer service and we will help you out. customerservice@coopers.com.au
  3. PB2

    First all grain with cube

    I cube my mash brews. All but hop matter, coriander seeds, etc. goes into the FV. So yep, cold break goes in and no issues with clarity (those which are intended to be clear). Brews from our brewhouse go from the whirlpool to the FVs via a counter flow chiller pipeline, which means we ferment the wort with cold break included.
  4. PB2

    Upgrade time

    This model works quite nicely... You can buy it from our online store: https://www.diybeer.com/au/coopers-diy-beer-fermenting-vessel-34ltr.html
  5. PB2

    Todays tastings

    For me, Goodies beers don't present anywhere near as well in the tasting paddle as they do when you get them home and stick the whole bottle into a good sized glass. Recently, I took home their Wheat, Golden IPA (English Style), Imperial Pilsner and Indian Red Ale - all excellent. If you taste and think "not bad but not great", take a risk and buy some because you might be pleasantly surprised when you open a bottle back at your own digs. Always a big bonus if you get to meet Jeff (brewer and co-owner with Mary) coz he is a real character!
  6. PB2

    Taste refining guidance required

    Yep, for more toastier malt character, I would swap out the Pilsener Malt for darkish Crystal Malt. Also, if it is bitterness you seek, you could try swapping the Bootmaker out with Brew A IPA.
  7. PB2

    Woolies Clearance

    It's great that a bargain can be had. As a supplier, we don't have any influence on the suppliers choice to remove our product from shelves. The power is with the consumers, so please let the store management know that you will be shopping elsewhere! Even better if you take your complaint to a higher level.
  8. PB2

    Coopers session ale

    When you reactivate your own yeast from previous brews, use a malt based wort. When reactivating commercial Coopers Ale yeast, you only need use simple sugar. ?
  9. PB2

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    shake it, release the cap to allow the gas to escape, squeeze the bottle to expel all the gas, allow it to pop back into shape drawing air back in, tighten the lid and shake again repeat
  10. Not knowing exactly where you are in NZ, is it possible that the brew can would have been exposed to lower temperatures than what might be experienced in the majority of Aus? Elevated temps accelerate the aging process. Yep, still brewing - got a Lemon Myrtle Witbier going, due to be kegged tomorrow.
  11. PB2

    Cane Sugar Vs Dextrose

    As for fermentation and alcohol yield: 1kg of table sugar is approximately equal to 1.1kg Dextrose
  12. PB2

    Boiling water good enough to sterilise?

    This is the kind of thing that our lab techs used to do at our previous brewery in Leabrook (each batch had a brew made up for testing). More often than not, the brews turned out infected. EDIT: If you rely on the "stick on thermometer strip", it will soon become useless if regularly exposed to extremely hot water...
  13. PB2

    Mr Beer in-store ?

    Something may take its place. The Craft range is negotiated between us in Aus and the Mr Beer company in the US, who react to what's trending in the US.
  14. PB2

    grain mill gap size

    Paying the credit card off can be such a grind. Of course, the credit limit and interest rates should be taken into account. Also, beware of hidden charges...