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Coopers Customer Service - Gongs for 2022


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Have you had a good interaction with Coopers Customer Service?
People are quick to post online when we are disgruntled with companies and products, maybe we should also give a gong when we come across good service too.
Not because good customer service should have to be a thing to acknowledge, but rather, because good customer service is appreciated these days.
Gongs for Coopers Sustomer Service, 2022
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Gong Number 1 from me


Just a note to acknowledge Coopers customer service. I feel they went above and beyond to respond to my upset at the leaky tap issue. 
I put it a certain way that kinda sums it up reasonably well - 
Unfortunately in our modern Australia the whole,"Fair Go" concept of business trading has all but disappeared - it's refreshing and heartening to discover a company that still seems to value such practices. The Customer - in this case, me - seems to matter to Coopers, and they went way above what they needed to in order to resolve a (relatively minor) issue. This is the spirit that Aussie companies can still thrive on, and customers will respond to. Thank you.
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I have had nothing but good experiences with Coopers Customer Service.  Whether it is

  • Rustling up a few more Recipe of the Month packs, because I was not quick enough
  • Quickly adjusting recipes when anybody highlights irregularities
  • Providing this Forum for free for us to interact 
  • Jumping onto the Forum to provide their insights and advice
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