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  1. yeeeeaaaahhh... These two... Imagine the brews these fella could make
  2. Evolution finds a way In this case, the way is a mate with free hops
  3. @PintsAtMeLocal I am just reading up on those hops you used here - can I ask what made you choose these ones?
  4. Awesome! Please update how it goes by week 2, week 3, and etc if it lasts that long
  5. Another thanks, @ozdevil
  6. Nice looking brew, @PintsAtMeLocal How is the taste for you? I have a bottled mid-strength Real Ale that has just started to really fizz up in week 2, and I like the taste - really keen to try hopping this tin so your brew caught my eye
  7. Well if that's an attempt a humour you owe us 1 interpretive dance
  8. Have you ever seen any behind the scenes footage of the Muppet puppeteers? That would defo bamboozle them ...and then another thought comes immediately to mind
  9. Absolute classic!!!! There is taste here in more than just beer
  10. Awesome tunes mate, thanks for sharing!!! Cheeeeers
  11. 'Twas playing in the kitchen... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN4B6bGm0Ao
  12. If I have posted this before, please forgiveth me
  13. Oh yeah that was ace I hadn;t heard them before! Thanks @Breaktrainjack
  14. Bringin' it back down Then I should stop hogging the thread haha
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