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  1. Sad yet kinda beautiful. I am not a real fan of the music, "genre" it would be classified into, but when a song says something so well that it makes you feel, then genre quickly means nothing... I love when a song can be something that 4 different people can really connect to, in 4 different ways, yet it's the same song. Sad, beautiful, relatable, and so very human
  2. Damn Tears me up - and I don't mean "tears" that rhymes with "pears" Nothing like that pain What can even be said, except take good care during this time
  3. So what is task number 1? And when will you do it?
  4. Apparently I am a "King, Now ...Of Beer..."
  5. G'day @JimInCollie Welcome to the forums Nothing to add to these guys, so just a G'day
  6. Cee


    By half way through the day we can forget golf sticks - we'll be needing snooker sticks And maybe a pair of floaties, some flippers, a slingshot, and a mannequin
  7. Hm yep not up to learning kegging yet Yeah maybe the extra juice just means extra stuffs for the yeasts to strip out and might just make it drier? Unless as you say we use that wine stuff that stops fermenting Clearly, I have no idea hahahaha The more I think about it the more Gonzo-ish I feel I fear I must upgrade the question to Estimated Muppetness Level of Gonzo 1 - Full Evel Knievel outfit AND the hen assistants
  8. Oh well... Mutated buttocks or not... I brought the esky, have a cold one, mate!
  9. OK this one has an Estimated Muppetness Level of Gonzo 2A (in full Eval Knievel costume, but without the hen assistants) I've been studying the threads on Apple Ciders and I keep seeing 2 methods that stand out to me most right now 1. Use apple juice as a base 2. Use the MJ kit As several folk say the kit lacks a little flavour, my Muppet question is, why has nobody combined the two methods? Brew the kit IN apple juice! Is there a really obvious reason why this is not what folk seem to do? I don't believe I am the first to ever consider this so yeah... Would it make something vile?
  10. I tried to add my "legs" to this - was gunna "bring" an esky of cold ones to this paradise you found! Unfortunately my legs looked like mutated buttocks so I deleted the pic
  11. After a few brews i may just need a map to find the lid of a jar, so MAP works too Ah these look handy...
  12. Not a quarter twist, definitely not that much I hand-twist my caps on, and my hands tell me i twist 'em on securely However, hand-twisting is obviously subjective and probably not consistent every bottle. I did mention dodgy wrists so while reading your reply, @iBooz2, maybe yes they are not capped properly to begin with... I am more of a chimpanzee than a gorilla However I believe even a gibbon should be able to effectively twist-close the bottle caps as the videos demonstrate - no gorillas hand-wrenching caps with Ubertitanium grips in the vids! However II - for those like @Marty_G who have obviously evolved an opposable thumb, using multigrips or even a twist-style bottle opener are a great idea! However III - @iBooz2 also warns of the risk of stripping the thread by using tools (hands are pretty good at telling us a lot of info that tools cannot, too) EDIT: However IV - @MUZZY provides a solution - a tea-towel! Half hand, half tool, best of both worlds... maybe this is the Missing Link...
  13. I mean, @Marty_Gmakes more than one point that makes a difference...
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