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  1. ...Dang... I sure hope the team are not ill...
  2. In my blustering I missed the humour It seems the tap issue and the ensuing mess has raised their estimation of me Now, instead of being simply "Cee..." I am known as a "Right Royal C..."
  3. Monday is fine - everyone needs a weekend off I'll look into other FVs but I too like the simplicity the Coopers FV system provides, and absolutely agree that IF the taps have such a design which MAY deteriorate through usage, a kinda "Best Before" stamp would be welcome. Maybe I just lucked out on a few from a dodgy batch though, or maybe I am still using too hot water on them. It is significant though that most taps seem to hold their integrity...
  4. Let us know how that tin turns out @jennyss Trying different combos is part of the fun Tap Issue - well I am mid-sook at the moment. On a global scale it's not a catastrophe. But mid-sook, it's the end of the world
  5. @Classic Brewing Co Yes I have spare taps, mate. When I first posted about the taps in that "Leaky Taps" thread it was Feb 2021. Since then I have definitely known the need to have spare taps and have purchased them dutifully. I have a bunch of taps but if they're all the same quality... well y'know In that same thread, users identified that maybe perhaps possibly using hot water may weaken the taps - none of us are engineers lol. Long story short, Proper Tap Care has been a conscious feature of my brewing process since then. 2 things I am worried about with brewing - breaking glass bottles, and bursting taps mid-brew haha. I don't use glass, but not using taps is going to kill the fun... It is certainly not fun for those I co-habit with. I can whole-heartedly agree with what you posted about Tap Care. It seems so trivial - until one goes...
  6. Thank you, @Classic Brewing Co that's the link thing I wanted
  7. Not gunna happen this Winter My tap broke in my FV day 10 (so close to bottling) - the whole damn brew went all over the kitchen floor Very unhappy
  8. Ok now I'm not a happy Cee My Coopers FV Tap blew mid-brew in the kitchen, my Devils Half Ruby Porter all over the floor. The top part came away from the main part, as I went to test my SG 10 days in. You can see in this thread I have written here - quite forgiving and understanding and supportive of Coopers - on this issue over 2 years. It seems, from my previous posts here, that this mess was always going to happen. These taps... I kopw some people have no problems - this thread says that very well - yet this has been well and truly coming - also shown well in this thread. I bought extra taps (as I said a year ago) so I have extras but this has put the mozz on my Coopers brewing. If I'm going to lose vats of beer all over the kitchen floor my days of brewing are numbered. Who can afford that? In many senses. It's also not fun. I also need to replace my brew now. That gets expensive too - tins and malts and postage and packaging and cleaning products and the dramas that go along with the mess in a shared kitchen. Bah. Not a happy Cee I'd link the Coopers team but can't find their link.
  9. @Itinerant Peasant and @Tone boy Yeah I pitched it with the Dubya, and the tin recipe, no hops. Now we'll see.
  10. Thanks all - and a special mention to all the coppers still keeping a 160 year old tradition alive That's probably the best hop chart for my vision that I've seen, @Classic Brewing Coheaps of info and easy to read Nothing wrong with following the experts' recommendations, too. I sometimes try that before messing up a couple of dozen times but usually I learn the harder way I guess as there is no Right or Wrong in tastes, it's a case of try a few and see what works. I guess my thinking was following the style of thinking that goes, "Use dark malts for dark beers, light malts for lighter beers" but with hops... If that makes sense...
  11. @Tone boy and @Itinerant Peasant I'll definitely post some feedback - thanks for the arm-twist! I got the Dubya today, so I'm ready to go I was wondering about hopping it (all I have is Centennial and Simcoe) or just the recipe as is with the yeast of course Ah "The C Word" - Consistency! I reckon I can beep the temp pretty stable in there. And 6 weeks in the bottle is very do-able
  12. Ah cool, I've seen these in the brewshop and online Thanks, @Itinerant Peasant Yeah you guys are twisting my arm I am gunna hold off my Euro Lager a couple of days then and grab some... ...Dubya <-----
  13. Cheers, @Tone boy Well I reckon we have enough chilly nights left to try another colder brew out there, mate. So I might just pick up one of those w34/70 yeasts and bung another one through Oh - Muppet Moment - w34/70 yeast... w... Dubya as in George Dubya Bush.... So, is this what all you folk are on about when you're talking about packets of Dubya??
  14. Update Liked It Drank It "Hefty" was correct. It definitely needed time in the bottles. That made the difference and I wish I saved a few instead of... Trialling them
  15. Semi-Muppetish query - I will call it, "Dominar Rygel" Level of Muppetness What process do you use to choose hops for different Coopers tins?
  16. I cannot be so remiss as to not post this one This guy is that driving experimental hardcore groove rock sound behind Rage Against The Machine But for those who dig 70's-ish western folkpop music, check him out here!
  17. @Pale Man Some performers never lose "it" Not related, but in addition, here is what I was diggin'
  18. LagerAle Middy Mach 3 - please note this is only 8 days in the bottle but... well you know This one was different by using BE3 - I like this one best for taste and mouthfeel. At 3.8% it is not quite low enough but so far this LagerAle "Middy" is is best to actually drink. So this one is the "Middy" so far to play with then. Other iterations used BE2 in one and LDM in the other
  19. Yes it does. My habit is to use the yeast provided with the tin, plus another. I have mainly added SA04 and SA05 to my brews thus far As you are aware, those 2 yeasts are not suitable to this kind of beer, so I looked for another If I had temperature control I would lager these beers properly with proper yeasts My laundry is at an average of 14 but it is not a controlled environment and as such it is not a Consistent or Stable 14 degrees A true lager yeast is made for stable low temps like an icy cave or a brew fridge My Melbourne laundry (every word matters) is not ideal Nottingham apparently is a "fake" lager yeast I add to the Lager yeast provided with the kit at ambient laundry temps to make the best I can until i can get myself temp control and brewfridge setup Please be aware how much of a complete Noob I consider myself to be, and how this is all a very fun learning curve I am enjoying So any advice you can give is 100% appreciated @Tone boy So, long story short, the answer is I do use the lager yeast provided, but as with all my brews I kinda take into consideration all the factors and experiment to see how stuff works. From what I read in these forums, Nottingham will deliver me a Kinda Lager best as I might get for the time being Footnote is, I also just bottled a 86 Days Pilsner I brewed with the tin yeast and a Nottingham in my laundry for the same reasons
  20. So all round a winner of an evening!
  21. Snip 'em and cut 'em into at least 2 seperate pieces so the rings don't snag birds and other creatures once they reach the environment The first time of use the rings give that authentic, "Crackin' a beer" kind of feeling but after that, I end up snipping them off. Less clutter to gather bacteria, for one thing. I think it also looks better to not have old rings on bottles - if aesthetics like that matter to you.
  22. Some user-photos in these forums are real pin-up material, aren't they... Fit for posters Billboards Blimps, Hot Air Balloons and the like ...no I got carried away,.. But definitely some photos would make great posters EDIT: Bah! My own pic didn't even upload! I set up a whole visual gag there holding my glass up in front of a balloon and it totally FAILED
  23. I prefer Morgans I brew the "non" alcohol version and it is nice. I hate the artificial sweetner stuff - is it soylent green? - and did not detect any of it in the Morgans kit I pimped it with gingerroot, cinnamon and lemon too. EDIT - I followed the tin directions regarding temperature I expect thst will relate to the yeasts used Hmm maybe different yeasts might enhance GingerBeer.... Sorry... My mind is heading off on a yeasty tangent, now...
  24. Skyriewed up my timing to have it for the coldest Melbourne Winternights however, I now have my 2nd Devil's Half Ruby Porter (stuck to the recipe) in my FV The first time I brewed this it just struck me as a perfectly velvetty sipper for a chilly night so I had to try it for Winter. It goes beautifully at room temperature, but also chilled and, despite my liking of it to drink slowly, it also didn't mind when I gave it a bit of a chug. It might get a bit heavy and rich though for a session-type of situation. Apparently Porters begat Stouts and I had never tried one but it's on my Favourites list now. It likes to age a little so I am aiming for maybe 12 weeks in the bottles. But Melbourne's seasons are arriving later these years so I expect to enjoy this with some cold enough evenings anyway. I have no temperature control devices or brewfridge, etc. Timing my beers - hmm my next thing to focus on? Anyway, Porter is in, going to also try a European Lager with Nottingham yeast in the laundry (14 degrees-ish)
  25. I've never seen a bloke more chuffed with a bunch of glasses in my life! What a bloody awesome pic, Muzzy!
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