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Hey Guys  

As some may know i am going to be upgrading my brew kettles  , while i am about to  push the button on a bz35l gen4 (if they ever finish with this last firmware update )  i have been on the look out on the  Grainfather g40   and on the au grainfather site its $1549au  and i also know i can get from keg King for just under $1495 ( not including delivery)

I wont name the places as they should well and truely be ashamed of themselves as they are making huge profit on top of grainfathers manufacturing cost.
while i understand every company needs to make their share of profit.   these 2 companies was selling for $1995   + 1 of these companies also had the g40 at $2442  as well  

they advertised the Product as Grainfather g40 + 3 year warrenty free for the prices they advertised them at

Where as both Grainfather and keg king also offered ther 3 year warrenty free  

GF g40 =$1549+ 3 year warranty free
Keg king  GF G40+ 3 year $1495

opposition 1 gf 40 = $1995+ 3 year warranty free
opposition 2 Gf 40 = $1995+ 3 year warranty free
                               = and $2442 + 3 year warranty free

obviously if i decide to abandon the bz35l gen4 and go gf40  i will not be purchasing through opposition 1 and 2
this is just blatant ripping people off    and those that are paying them prices are  fools

I have written to Grainfather  as they are the brand and supply these stockists and i am sure they dont want their stockists ripping the customers off
as well as  informing  opposition1 and 2  they are profiteering 

so please be aware with your purchases     and do your research before  purchasing


sorry Coopers diy team i know you guys sell goods and i know they are  at fair price, however  though some companies need to be called out 
thats why i have not mentioned their names except Opposition 1 & 2

if it goes against the rules  then feel free to delete

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33 minutes ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

My experience with KL has always been good, great prices, great service & support also they are very fair on freight & the delivery is spot on.

its not kegland mate   the issue  

i'm not naming and shaming   

but its not keg king or kegland  or grainfather    that are opposition 1 or 2

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2 minutes ago, ozdevil said:

its not kegland mate   the issue  

i'm not naming and shaming   

but its not keg king or kegland  or grainfather    that are opposition 1 or 2

Yes I realise that I was just agreeing with your previous post, it pay's to shop around. When I was pricing the BrewZilla KL won hands down.

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21 minutes ago, terminal2k said:

Playing devil's advocate as you haven't named the places, A bottle of coke costs a lot less at woolies than it does at the local convenience store. A lot of this is costs and how much they are able to sell.

good on ya dude

so you think  what opposition 1 and 2 are selling it for is fair to what manufacturer is selling it for

note keg king sell it for less then manufactuer price to the public..

i got an email back blaming  russian/ukraine conflict, fuel prices floods as to why so high

and the next line we offer free fuel

i didnt name the company  as they deserve right to reply

3-4 hundred dollar delivery fee   @terminal2k  its not like pricing a bottle of coke from woolies  to a convienience store 

you would have rocks in ya head knowing  you can purchase $1495+70 for delivery for sames pecs at $1995+ free delivery

even with freight going up   its not going to cost 3-4 hundred in delivery fees

how i see it   a top freight dollar and recommended sale price   it should only come in at $120  for delivery   from qld to my door

explain the rest of the dollars

i get companies need to make profit but they arent allowed to rip anyone off


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Like I said, I was playing devils advocate. I wouldn't buy it for the higher price, same way I wouldn't buy coopers cans from my LHBS because I can get them way cheaper on this website. Obviously plenty of people do, because the home brew stores keep stocking them. Hell, my LHBS is at least 20% more expensive on any item than other stores I've come across. His overheads are likely higher, and his turnover would likely be lower than some of his competitors. I don't begrudge the guy for charging what he does, and when I need something quick the convenience is worth it to not have to travel further or wait for something to be delivered. 

Theres also the possibilty that these alternate places have much better after sales service. They may just be a quick call away to find out where part a plugs in to part b, or in what order. At the end of the day, just buy it from where you want. If others don't do their research before purchasing stuff, that's on them.

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