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Inkbird 308 WiFi Temp controller app woes

Beers Gone Wild

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Argghh. This APP is driving me nuts. I just got my second Inkbird Controller, this one is for my keezer to replace the old Keg King one. The Keg King one has lasted me 5 years at least. But Wi-Fi Controlled suits me better.

So grabbed a Beer and unboxed it, thought Ill add it using the app like the first, made sure the Wi-Fi link light on the controller was blink fast as it says, tried the auto scan - Nope, nothing. So after 3 times trying to add manually it worked.

Its finally connected to the Sheds Wi-Fi so grab another beer to go down the home straight of configuring the settings. Little did I know I wasn't even on the last turn!

When I made changes in the app to the temp controller it doesn't apply all of them, only some, like alarms. Even when I go back back to home page. 

I just cannot get it to show Celsius on the display, displays Celsius in the app. The temp controller is displaying F.

Absolute pain in the a*s

Any ideas? Do you find the app clunky or am I just having a bad go at it?

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I’ve run normal inkbirds for 3 yrs or so but I just purchased 2 x wifi inkbirds and have had no trouble with the app, I have 2 inkbirds on the 1 app.

1 running my big fermenting fridge and the other running the small one. 
‘I live in Brissy but work fifo in the Snowy Mountains and it worked fine off my phone. 
‘Also have the same app on my iPad, but as @Mickep& @DavidMsuggest, perhaps a factory reset. 

Once up & running they are a handy addition to the brewing process. 

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