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  1. Beers Gone Wild

    Todays tastings

    I’ll have to be honest, the beer board didn’t have any prices, bought a squash for my missus and the red ale, when the fella said $35 I questioned the squash price
  2. Beers Gone Wild

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    Haha classic, with ya there.
  3. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Thanks for sharing your method, I’ll try it. Can you get the 00 flour from supermarkets? i must be running mine to hot, I’ll go a bit lower and make The dough and see if I get better results.
  4. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Hilltop Hoods; Man that is a sweet setup, everytime I see it I am jealous What temp is your oven/Stone? Those pizzas look superb, do you make your own dough? If so what flour do you use? I havent made my own dough, usually buy premade stuff from Woolies. Spudley: You beauty mate. Nice slab of pork, what temp you cook that baby at? Whats that rub, General Purpose or ? I think I may need to get some rubs next time im in a big town, been making my own basic ones for a while. My Pizza Oven: Have the stone at about 700F-800F to cook, they cook damn quick, about 3-4 mins per pizza.
  5. Beers Gone Wild

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    Ok, I actually didnt see barrel aged on the label, might have a had few too many by then. I am sure your Wife will like it, lucky Wife, its definately a smooth and tasty Stout.
  6. Beers Gone Wild

    Todays tastings

    On the weekend I tried the Prancing Pony Red Ale, $30 per pint, it was a beautiful beer and I didnt mind paying that. I think it won the best beer in the world or something. Not sure if you can buy it as a Bottle.
  7. Beers Gone Wild

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    I couldn't understand the high prices for Imperial Stout then was offered one of these at a mates "Wet the babies head" Time Waits For No One Imperial Stout @ $99 per bottle (375ml) Tasted amazing. I drank it really slowly to savour the taste. I would never buy one at that price personally but was awesome to try one. Why are Imperial Stouts so expensive?
  8. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Beer Baron: That looks damn good sizzling away there, rosemary and lamb = Yum. What she turn out like in the end?
  9. Beers Gone Wild

    Dry-Hopped Beer’s Juicy Secret

    Yer, it seems to be done right, wether it is correct I really dont know. The brewery which took part looks awesome, some damn good beers on their site. Gonna try and source some - Hoppy Table Beer Allgash Brewery
  10. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Beer Baron: Good score there mate. Cant beat rotisserie taste over coals. I like to fire mine up in winter and spear a heap of chicken wings on it, can fit about 1KG per spit. Looks like Sunday will be a good feed. Yeasty Boy: Nice Tuna there, awesome fish. Youll get a lot of meat from that. I caught a 16Kg Tuna about 12 months ago and we still have some in the freezer. Cant beat Tuna Steaks. They take a bit to fillet right, I ended up getting a Fisher mate to fillet mine. Did "Beer Can Hamburgers" for the family last night, smoked and cooked in about 40 mins. 2 with Bolognaise and two with Mash Potato and a few other goodies. Tasty as. Good fun for the Gran Children to make. Last ones with Egg and bacon inside were damn good. You can put anything inside, my wife likes Spinach and Cheese. Being a Beer forum some lads may want to do these
  11. Beers Gone Wild

    Dry-Hopped Beer’s Juicy Secret

    Thought this was interesting. Worth a read. Full article
  12. Beers Gone Wild

    Todays tastings

    Strong allright Hairy, 10% wow. Do BWS Stock this? I had a Little Creatures XPA last night, was Hoppy and tasted quiet good. Not sure what Extra Pale Ale actually is/means though.
  13. Beers Gone Wild

    Time effective bottle cleaning system

    My Method: Buy Longneck Carton. Rinse in cold water as I finish each one. Rinse in Super Hot Water. Spray inside with Sanitiser. Put on Bottle Tree. Bottling Day: Pour a beer from Kegerator. Rinse each Bottle from Tree in Super Hot Water. Spray inside with Sanitiser. Leave sit 5 mins. Rinse in cold. Put on Bottle Tree to drain. Bottle Beer Works for me, I haven't had an infection yet.
  14. Beers Gone Wild

    Too long before pitching yeast?

    What he said ^^^^^. I just buy spring water in the cask and put in Fridge for a couple a days. I put about 10 litres of Cold with mine and wort usually ends up around 22c, I just adjust the amount of hot cold as necessary, I re-hyrdate the yeast in 30c, reduce the yeast temp using ice around the jug to 22c and pitch. Yeast and wort same temp. Then Pop the FV into my brew fridge set at 18c. Easy as.
  15. Beers Gone Wild

    New Inkbird 308

    That's pretty cool for sure. Think Ill add that to the list.