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  1. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Sure thing BEARDED BURBLER. This stuff is so good for the gut. Salt draws out the moisture and creates the ferment. Saurkraut: Time to make - 20 minutes. 1 Large jar - clasp sealing type. Normal Cabbage ( Need about 1 KG) 1 Tablespoon of salt per kilo of cabbage. Take out core of cabbage. Slice cabbage. I usually do it about half a finger width. Put cabbage in a large mixing bowl, mix salt through it. Massage for about 5 minutes to get salt through. Leave for 10 minutes. Massage again for 5 minutes until it is soft and you have a heap of liquid in bottom of bowl Put it into your jar, pushing it down tight with your hand each time, you need to compact it. Pour the rest of juice from mixing bowl into the jar. Grab a snaplock bag, put some water in it and pop it on top of the cabbage to hold the mix down, all the cabbage needs to be in the juice or it will go off. I used to use a cleaned stone to hold it down. Close the lid or cover with a dish towel, it will build up pressure if Air tight, so you need to let that out every few days. Pop somewhere dark and around 18c. Leave it for 7 Days - 10 days. A bit longer if colder. The longer you leave it, the more tart it becomes. You will see some bubbles or froth while it is fermenting. Once done place into jars with lids and store in the fridge. I ferment my sauerkraut in my temp controlled beer fridge. Consistent temp is best. Photo: 2 Jars in with my Beers:
  2. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Ben, those sausages/salami look awesome. Would like to try make my own sometime. i did some coles sausages quickly last night. If I leave longer I get a thicker smoke ring. the taste is almost like a Kabana/salami. bread, home made sauerkraut and sausage go great with beer
  3. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    I find the minion method works best for me, for low and slow. Make a circle of charcoal/beads around your firebox, leaving a hole in the middle. Start some charcoal/beads in chimney and dump it in the hole in the centre. Gives me around 120c for about 5 hours. Works great. im starting to look at a pellet smoker, for ease.
  4. Beers Gone Wild

    What are you listening to right now????

    Black Elephant - Good ol pub rock.
  5. Beers Gone Wild

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    The Bar looks like a top find, very cool. Some nice wood and brass taps would finish her off Been looking for something like that myself.
  6. Beers Gone Wild


    Never thought to use a pencil, bit easier than shaslick stick. After the first worked so good I did every glass in the house
  7. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Congrats on the Xmas smoker, awesome present. Smoked sausages are a family favourite this end. We use ours a lot, smoked foods go great with homemade beer I use a Bluetooth to phone temp reader, one probe showing smoker ambient and one probe in the meat, makes it a lot easier to get perfect cooked and helps get used to the smoker. i made and smoked this today.
  8. Beers Gone Wild


    Make any glass a good beer glass by creating a widget in it.. You simply etch the bottom of the glass with sandpaper. Grab a skewer and tape some sandpaper to it. Scrape the bottom of the glass with it. You will see the scratch marks, I do mine one way then the other. Works great, continuos bubbles the whole beer through. A nucleation point on a beer glass refers to an etched mark or pattern on the bottom of the inside of a beer glass. The etching is called a nucleation point or a widget and helps the release of carbonation and can create a steady stream of bubbleemanating from the etched portion of the glass.
  9. Beers Gone Wild

    Obsessed with home brew!!

    Haha listen to Christina. Bloke posts he likes beers on a brewing forum and next thing she is saying he has been sexually abused as a child. Weirdo. Back to youngy, feeling ya mate, got 5 kegs ready for Saturday, pale ale piss up. Christina please note none of us have been abused or had past issues, we all make a lot of money, have fantastic lives, like drinking and having fun. Hopefully you can take a small bit of advice - MYOB I'll probably put down at least a dozen pints down today and enjoy every minute of it.
  10. Beers Gone Wild

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2017

    Just put down another 100 litres of Brew well to be exact 92 litres. This amount get the stocks up thats for sure. Fills all my kegs and a heap of bottles. It takes me and my missus about 60 minutes, we are time poor and have it pretty wired now.. At this time of year it is perfect temp for brewing without temp control here, so I can run my 60 litre fermentor with an electric blanket. 3 x Pale Ale - Cascade/Amirillo hops. 1 x Irish Stout.
  11. Beers Gone Wild

    Does Coopers use all Australian Ingredients?

    I was hoping the beer was legit. I want to source those hops and try them, I try to prefer buy Australian when possible. I guess you can never trust a Politician, earn big $ and perks, get nothing done, and then get good money for doing nothing when they retire, great system.
  12. Just been reading the news about "Bob Hawkes Beer", brewed with all Australian Ingredients. I have never heard of these Aussie Hops either, where do I get em? ANyone tried them? Does Coopers use all Aussie Ingredients? Hawkes Beer Info: Hawke’s Lager is brewed with Aussie hops, Helga, Ella & Topaz. It has an IBU rating of 18 and an ABV of 4.5%.Brewer’s tasting notes: “Brewed with all-Australian ingredients, Hawke’s Lager has a subtle citrus aroma, light bitterness and a gentle, dry finish.” Hawkes Beer Info
  13. Beers Gone Wild

    What do you do for a crust?

  14. Beers Gone Wild

    Keezer build - Font or Collar?

    Nice Custom job there mate, sounds like shes pouring well too. Think I have 12 ft of line and run @ 12 psi pouring pressure. I like mine in the shed, handy for when doing jobs Also like the way you got the Temp Controller in there. I should really pop mine in the collar, just never got around to it. Maybe throw a few big Coopers stickers on her.