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  1. Thanks Marty. I went and looked and found a few recipes for the Little Creatures Clone, will get the stuff and put some down in a week or so.
  2. Damn there’s some good tucker being posted by the brewers here. Beer and Q is the best. Beer Baron just a heads up. if you wack a heat shield on the spit you don’t need bricks, the shield changes the whole heat usage/wastage. The difference is like XXXX to home brewed all grain beer. I use hardly use any charcoal and get perfect heat, same spit as you. I find Raising the coal bed exposes it to wind so you don’t get that deep heat. I got mine from an off cut 1 mm sheet, from my local metal fabricator, cost me one bottle of homebrew. Gave him 6 tho. now he is brewing & bbq ing flat out. Haha.
  3. Hey mate, what recipe did you use for the LC clone (if you don’t mind sharing) ? i would like to try that.
  4. A good show to watch on Netflix is "Steak Revolution", some bits are a bit boring but it really shows from paddock to plate, grass vs Grain fed, Feedlots etc.
  5. Hmm ok, never knew that. I love their beer but if they aint playing the game, maybe ill boycott them too. Not that I buy much Beer anyway.
  6. Beer Baron, that cheek looks very lonely, where its mates? Just a heads up, with your spit, if you want to save a heap on charcoal and beads its worth adding a simple shield on one side, all the Pro Versions use them, you would be surprised how much heat is lost on the sides. On windy days I run a shield on each side. I added this shield to ours years ago and it makes a"huge" difference. A bit of 1mm Sheet bent to fit. Mine has definitely seen better days, but works awesome.
  7. Lusty, very cool, thanks mate. I dig seeing the Brewers "cooks" on the forum. I like sharing these Cooks so others may get inspired and want to try them, they all work soo well with a good Beer! Spudley: Mate your an expert! Thanks for sharing with us. I am definately going to try this, time poor at the moment with work & Family, next annual leave Ill try get organised. You have to show us a pic when your salamis is done.
  8. Paddy: We really like "The Wire" Otto: Blacklist is my favorite of all time. Captain: peaky Blinders is a top show mate. Justified Bates Motel (Watching)
  9. Haha no mate, I thought of it when watching "girls gone wild" A bit stupid really. Got the missus grabbing some Citric Acid from Woolworths today, Ill be stoked if it does the job, Ill let you know the results.
  10. Cant have enough Fridges mate, makes things alot easier and saves time, have a look on Gumtree, they are cheap, then pop a Beer tap hole in it, done. We run 4 fridges and two freezers, in the Summer the electric bill is a bit harsh but worth it. We use one as a Fermenting/Curing fridge (Meat & Beer) and have a Chest freezer converted to kegorator to enjoy the spoils..
  11. Glad I spotted this, we have an urn which is impossible to clean, Ill give the Citric Acid a go.
  12. I made it a couple of times, but, for some reason it didn't agree with me or my wife's friend, tasted good but gave me gut aches. Same with the bought stuff. Seems like my body can only handle Beer and not actually something good for me
  13. Otto: I dunno if it even makes a difference cold smoking first, just thought I'd try and got a good result. Thanks Spudley, man those Salami look so good.. I would really like to try to make Salami like that & our own sausages. Would you share your method? What "tools" do I need. mmm Homemade salami, smoked cheese & Home Brewed beer, I am getting hungry now..
  14. For sure Otto, it cooks and tastes so much better. I personally think the Loins are also better than belly. I cant get good belly around my way. Do you cold smoke your bacon at all? This is how they do it for supermarkets, 100's of needles injecting the Brine, no way is that good.
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