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  1. Very true that Phil, if you're wise to it you can make reasonably priced meals with out a doubt - even these days. Also I've found thanks to SWMBO'd that waste is the enemy in the kitchen. She won't ever throw leftovers out she uses everything - peelings - stalks - everything - The amount of unnecessary house hold food waste these days is staggering in my opinion.
  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with this Phil, and suits the budget especially these days - looks great mate.
  3. Beautiful work Sainter, steak looks damn fine too. Triple cooked chips?
  4. You my friend are a very funny man - That is all!
  5. The bloke got a $925.00 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle on a dirt road in the bush. He was riding one of these. World's gone bonkers! Unbelievable!
  6. Very impressive Sainter, looks good - when's the block and tackle being installed?
  7. You lucky bugger Phil, us Mexicans live under quite a different regime here - where most of our beaches here the grog is prohibited from being consumed in a public space.....Someone here the other day was at Bonnie Doon (Lake Eildon Country Victoria) on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and was pinged for driving an unregistered vehicle - he was driving a motorized esky FFs's incapable of doing anything over 20kms. I worked in the UK on and off for about 4-5 years recently and what I learned over there was the authorities don't sweat the little stuff - too busy with the big stuff - we could take a leaf outta their book me thinks.... Looks like an awesome spot mate! Enjoy.
  8. This is just my experience with gelatine used as finings - I have not had a problem with it. I've done a heap of extract lagers now and more recently FWK's and the lagers have been really clear. I've not had any issues with the gelatine whatsoever. I've stopped using it for my hazier pales and should I try darker beers later on I won't be using it for those either. My method is quite simple when using the product - From memory @BlackSands BS, shared his process a while back. He can correct this if I've ballsed it up - but this works for me. approx 250ml of cooled preboiled water in a sanitised small container. 1x Teaspoon gelatine sprinkled into the container of water. Let the gelatine bloom in the water for about 15 minutes, When the 15 minutes is up place the container in the microwave and heat on high for approximately 45 seconds or until gelatine crystals are completely dissolved. Using a sterilised teaspoon stir the contents to make sure its completely dissolved. Gently Add to fermenter when cool making sure it's distributed evenly into the wort. That works for me but that's not to say it's the correct method or it will work for everyone.
  9. Larb Gai (Chopped chicken salad HAF) Sticky rice (My favourite) Thinly sliced Thai flavored pork belly and some vege. Very Yumbo.
  10. Rice flour/plain flour and soda water.
  11. I did eventually - after I demolished the deep fried pork ribs - heart palpitations.
  12. Um, a bit of a fried feast tonight - not that healthy but not bad for a change up. Home made Potato Cakes (scallops), deep fried porker ribs - and a little experiment - Home made Thai dim sims in batter (no Wrapper)
  13. Looks good Phil, fish and chips - can't beat it, especially with a pinot g!
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