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  1. WTH Muzzy, My Dan's doesn't stock jack poop when it comes to brew supplies. ROTM looks interesting though. I might have to give Kveik a crack at some point, waiting on AK's feed back with his side by side ferment using Voss and US-05
  2. That's really cool @Aussiekraut AK mate.... will be really interesting to see how they compare. What sort of temps are your ambient for the Kveik - are you 'keeping it warm' or letting it go up and down with ambient? Thanks mate and Good Brewing! Looks the goods AK. Awesome stuff mate. Please keep us updated. Love to hear how the ambient FV went.
  3. Will do Al, thanks for the feedback mate - good stuff.
  4. Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback.
  5. Nooooooooo Hey GB, is there anything majorly wrong with the method written up in the above that you can see?
  6. This was the method printed up: Method: 1. Clean / sterilize all equipment including fermenter, paddle, jug and saucepan (used for steeping) 2. Sit the two Malt Extract Tins in hot water for 15 minutes 3. Boil 1.0L of water in a saucepan on the stove. Once boiled turn heat off 4. Steep 150g Cracked Carapils Grain, 25g loose Galaxy Pelleted Hops in the saucepan for 20 minutes 5. Boil 2.0L of water in the kettle 6. Add 1.5L of boiled water to the fermenter 7. Add the contents of the two Malt Extract Tins and the 250g Dried Light Malt Extract (LDME) and 200g Dextrose to fermenter and stir to thoroughly dissolve 8. Pour 250ml of boiled water into each of the Malt Extract Tins and stir to dissolve remaining contents, then add to fermenter 9. Strain the steeped Carapils Grain, and 25g Galaxy Hops into the fermenter (do not add grain or hops to fermenter) and rinse with 500mls cold water 10. Add cold water to fermenter to 22.5 ltrs and test temperature – make sure it is between 18-23 degrees before pitching yeast 11. Take the initial hydrometer reading 12. Pitch 10g M36 Liberty Bell Ale Yeast or Safale US-05 and stir gently 13. After primary fermentation activity has ceased (check with a hydrometer) add the 2 x 30g Galaxy Hops Teabags to the fermenter and gently stir in with sterilized paddle (dry hop). Leave these hops in the fermenter for 48 hours 14. After 48 hours bottle as per normal. If you cannot bottle after 48 hours, remove the 2 x 30g Galaxy Hops Teabags and bottle within 3 days. Bottle conditioning of 4 weeks is recommended for the full flavour to develop
  7. Hey guys, think I've asked about this before now but can't find the thread I'd put it in. Would this be okay as recipe for a Stone and Wood clone? Ingredients: 1.5kg Coopers Light Liquid Malt Extract 1.5kg Morgan’s Master Malts Wheat Liquid Malt Extract 250g Light Dried Malt Extract (LDME) 200g Dextrose 150g Cracked Carapils Grain (Steeped) 25g Galaxy Pelleted Hops (Loose – Steeped) 30g Galaxy Pelleted Hops (2 x Teabags – Dry Hopped 48 hours) 10g M36 Liberty Bell Ale Yeast OR Safale US-05 (depending on availability)
  8. Thanks LC, I'll definitely give a Kolsch a go. Cheers.
  9. I've never considered it myself as I don't generally brew lagers but I think the specs for Voss say the lowest temp is 25º (?) so I guess you could try a faux lager ferment at that temperature. I imagine fermentation time will then be closer to that of a normal ale fermentation rather than the long and slow cold ferments associated with traditional lager strains. Thanks mate, I've done a few pseudo lagers using Nott at 15 degreesC. They've turned out okay. It'd be interesting to see what happens with the Voss fermented at say 30 degrees using K&K and the Coopers lager tin.
  10. G'day BS, in your opinion do you think the yeast could be used in a pseudo lager? I'd be interested to have a crack at it. What's the lowest temp it'll ferment at? TIA
  11. Bloody Nora, what a sheet. Thanks heaps mate.
  12. Looks beautiful GB. Awesomeness!
  13. Cheers Graubart, I might give this a go sounds good. Definitely sounds the goods according to this: https://brulosophy.com/2020/11/19/the-hop-chronicles-east-kent-golding-2018/
  14. Thanks mate will give this a crack Sounds good. http://www.hops.com.au/downloads/141120 HPA Vic Secret Product Sheet.pdf
  15. Cheers Graubart, I might give this a go sounds good.
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