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  1. A cabbage thingy with Chicken and chilli's and little fried morsels of chicken and pork.
  2. Yeah, as an ex smoker I can only imagine the strain that the durries would put on the pocket these days. I think a pack now costs $50.00 dollars? How does anyone afford that? I think once upon a time beer was considered a working class bevvie - but no more. Shame!
  3. Not good news Phil, not good at all. Hospitality has been smashed in the past cuppla years - last thing they or anyone needs right now. Government once again showing how much it has become reliant on these sneaky tax hikes.
  4. Here's a sample of the various emoji flags of the Countries of the world. Um, WTH! I particularly like the look of the Aussie flag.
  5. Just love Galaxy M Dubbya. @Malter White
  6. @stquinto, Sainter mate, looks like you've got the Doris Day filter on there. I think that's a breach of the rules. No R&R for you.
  7. Don't eat Shaun - eat his evil twin Santiago
  8. BF, @Brauhaus Fritz - thank-you for sharing your holiday adventure with us, it's been amazing to see all the wonderful locations, the extraordinary range of beers, and all the fantastic food. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post. Safe travels mate.
  9. Thanks AK, @Aussiekraut, didn't realise that.
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