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  1. Looks outstanding @RDT2, how long did you smoke it for / rest etc?
  2. And that's what is so great about this forum Oz mate, all these different ideas floating about here from all these incredibly knowledgeable brewers with their brewing experience and so willing to share- it's fantastic. Thanks for sharing mate. Hey Oz how's your health going?
  3. Aussiekraut actually mentions that you do not disturb the sediment. There need be no disturbance, not even a little , of the sediment if a little care is taken. I see no advantage whatsoever in racking to a second vessel. I understand that some do prefer it, but I see only more work. I am not a fan of more work. These posts here show how there are many ways to the top of the mountain - the cat can be skun several ways I suppose. From day one I've bulked primed my brews for bottling. I I bulk prime in the primary FV. I'm careful not to disturb the trub, but on the odd occasion where I might've have it settles really quickly - in less than an hour. I'd had the odd carbonation failure, but since I've extended the time of the sugar mix sitting in the wort after having been stirred from 30 minutes to about an hour and a half. Never had a problem with carbonation since.
  4. And before Kombi Keg, This was the plan ;
  5. I love 'em Hairy, Let it be, was the result of music tapes which had been shelved. They were handed over to Phil Specter and he introduced his horrible "Wall of Sound" to the finished product....Abbey Road was in fact their last collaboration together as a band and even then the recording sessions were often done with guitar, vocal and drum tracks recorded separately and apart from one another. I remember going to see "Let it Be" the movie and the "Last Waltz" as a double feature at the cinema in the early '70's and thinking how tragic the four looked in that portrayal. Thanks to Jackson and Get Back we will get to see the real version of those Let it Be recordings and the days surrounding them. I agree Abbey Road is outstanding.
  6. This is possibly the best quality clip I have seen of the Beatles. Interestingly back in the 1960s the Beatles were promoted as "the good guys" and the Rolling Stones the "bad guys" Yeah, PJ @Pickles Jones, the media love a neatly packaged box with a label to put on it. I am a bit of a Beatles nut. Interestingly, the original concept for the use of this footage was to film the making of Let it Be 60 hours worth in fact - worts and all. The movie Let it be ensued and the group was depicted in that film as pretty much a bickering, hate filled group who couldn't stand the sight of one another. This New material and what Jackson has done shows that the group actually looked remarkably cohesive.
  7. For those who love 'em, a little bit of Beatles magic in some previously unseen footage thanks to Peter Jackson's upcoming Doco series "Get Back".
  8. Absolutely divine mate. Steak looks incredible.
  9. @stquinto Sainter mate, no words. Unbelievably delicious looking. Envy much!
  10. Toner @Tone boy mate, a ripping looking beer. Just WOW!
  11. @DavidM Fine looking drink, I agree, Coopers Pale is very hard to beat, I normally start drinking mine after 2 weeks, mainly to try them but it is such a foolproof, great recipe you just keep carrying on - That's why I make so many of them. Cheers. Hey Phil, love the pales and summer beers too, Coopers Pale is so good. I've just done the Eclipse Pale from the Coopers recipe page - have you tried that? It's now about 3 weeks in the bottle - can't wait for a nice warm day in Melbourne to try it out. Oh wait - I'm in Melbourne it's never warm here. It smelt beautiful in the FV while fermenting.
  12. Done one of these early on in the journey - trying to replicate a megaswill. Gave the resultant brew to a mate to have a taste and said it tasted like cider.......I have to agree. Haven't gone back to that well since.
  13. Cheers @Classic Brewing Co, either throw an AG on tomorrow or Sunday, but keen to have a crack at it for sure. ‘Pacific Ale is like a S & W Clone, but I might do the Kolsch first up. Well done Red @Red devil 44 AG and my Fav beer - envious much!
  14. I mostly do pales @Mickep so i think it's definitely well suited to it. look for something like 2 row or maris otter and you'll get good results. bare in mind that it significantly increases your brew day; takes me about 2.5 hours to get from the start of the mini mash to actually tipping it into the fermenter - a lot of wait time mostly but you'll want to watch the boil part. i use the ianH spreadsheet to work out how much/little hopping needed. definitely worth it. and make sure you ask your LHBS to mill the grain.. Thanks @Stickers mate, I'll get onto this in preparation for BIAB in the not too distant future.
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