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  1. Aussie you won't regret making your own snags - not ever. I've got a stuffer 10kg and use hog casings I purchase on line. Make a big batch which lasts for ages. It's a beautiful thing.
  2. Yes, Aussie - the bloody hypocrisy is palpable - imagine those piss ant bureaucrats who've made this decision abiding by the same set of rules. Let's see how Canberra would run without the gas. It wouldn't.
  3. Thanks heaps Aussie, Bonus!
  4. I haven't used this hop AussieK @Aussiekraut, but more importantly at least for me, you have a hop freezer. Does this mean I can store my Hop pellets in the freezer? Sorry I can't help with the original question either.
  5. I use US-05 in all my pale ales, done in about 6 days mostly. Like everyone else here says slow to start but gets going after about 24-36 hours. Nott on the other hand seems a lot quicker to satrt at least for my brews and can be done in rapid time too, sometimes a s quick as 4-5 days. That's my experience anyway.
  6. Thanks Shamus @Shamus O'Sean, That sounds like good advice. Keglands deal with these gas bottles sounds okay, that's if I'm reading it right. Buy new - good for 10 years - and they have a buy back scheme when the bottle runs out of date as well. I do understand however that swap and go does have a certain amount of insurance that comes with it as opposed to purchasing in full at the beginning.
  7. Thanks Ozzie @ozdevil mate, much appreciated feed back.
  8. AK, you've inspired me to have a closer look at this Kegging caper. Kegland seem like the place to start with. Kegerator series X. $480.00 https://www.kegland.com.au/series-x-kegerator-base-fridge-with-regulator.html And what about SOS @Shamus O'Sean suggestion of these little rippers? 20 L Fermenter King Juniors from Keg King approx $25.00 each Gas Cylinder; Kegland 2.6kg Carbon Dioxide full. https://www.kegland.com.au/co2-gas-cylinders-2-6kg-full.html Double Tap font kit Kegland; $55.00 https://www.kegland.com.au/double-tap-brushed-stainless-font-kit.html Nukatap SS tap $25.00 There's probably loads more to add and think about but it's a start.
  9. Hey guys been getting this error message frequently when visiting the forum over the past week or so - not have had the this problem before and it's happening often enough to be annoying. I use Opera as my web browser so not sure if it is a problem or not and I have trend micro security installed on my PC which hasn't seemed to interfered with my access to the forum before now either. Anyone else get this message?
  10. Thanks for the very detailed response Boozer @iBooz2 mate, This will now be known at least to me as the Dirty Boozer's Batch Method - and I won't forget to include a jump to the left either. I like the way you've ditched the syphoning angle too - thanks mate.
  11. Pretty much drain FV to keg or bottles. Wash tap out by dipping w boiling water - so no crud left in tap. Do not wash any internal surfaces - leave lid on till next step. Wearing clean clothes or lab coat w long sleeves and then rubber gloves that have been sanitised with Stellar San or other, use sterilised Chux to wipe down top of Coopers Fermenter and surfaces you may come into contact with - want to avoid any possible contam. Then - in my CASE - from my AG big SS Boil Kettle - I sanitise that tap - sanitise the food grade hose inside and out - join on the hose to the SS Vessel holding Wort with hose not touching any other surfaces. Have pre-used FV w Yeast Cake on bottom to hand sitting on clean surface or clean towel or clean trolley... Then just pop the lid up while wearing the sanitised gloves..... lid up enough to let tube in... then fill the FV while splashing to aerate/oxygenate... but only with the crack of the FV Lid open enough to allow tube in... then put FV in sterile clean Brew Fridge and off you go. Should fire up quickly. All the hygiene stuff is to avoid any potential wild yeasts finding their way into the FV during filling. Quite a few brewers like @Red devil 44 Reddler who use Pressure Ferment Vessels (PFV) do the backfill just by joining up to the liquid post - I have just done same as above w my PFV - sterilised any related surfaces of lid and FV and then just popped hose in - backfilled - shut it down and then aerated it via shaking the PFV. Any thoughts there Red @Red devil 44? HTH @Mickep and there may be a few other backfilling brewers who can comment? @Greeny1525229549 Greeny I think you have done this before mate? Thanks heaps for this GB @Graubart mate, Definitely give this a crack with my next. Good brewing my friend. I'm having a hell of a time syphoning mate, I've got jigglers, the auto syphon etc and still manage to turn it into a disaster. Cannot syphon to save myself. Any tricks apart from the obvious like having the feeder higher than the receiver? Got me stumped.
  12. GB @Graubart mate, can you run through the process here for a simple minded fella such as me. TIA
  13. Yeah so true @CLASSIC, My old man tried making his own - stunk to high heaven - bottle bombs everywhere. Mum used to go walk about when he was cooking up his home brew. I remember sneaking the odd bottle or two and it was disgusting....we have come a long way for sure
  14. Not a fan !! What Phil, Classic @CLASSIC mate? Not a fan of my memories of dear departed Uncle Wal or the beers?
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