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  1. Holy cow, that slab of meat looks beautiful mate.
  2. IP, after consultation with the boss it seems this would be called Yum (salad) Bah (fish). Yum Bah.
  3. Geez, IP awesome stuff mate. Looks delish - love the raw fish.
  4. DM, you have upped the anti. Found a post and some magical light and bang there it is. Well done, take the rest of the day off.
  5. Looks awesome Oz mate. Makin' me thirsty.
  6. Really really nice mate, again - well done!
  7. I've got know idea what this should be called. The Bride put this together. Thai influenced marinade. Raw Tassie salmon sliced thinly with sliced lemon grass, chilli's, fresh garlic, lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar. Marinaded for 24 hours. Tasted blaaarrrrddy incredible.
  8. Great stuff IP, looks blaaarrrdy magnificent mate. Full o' health right there.
  9. The fence post is back - back I say! just beautiful IP.
  10. Sainter me Ol' matey, love fresh water fishing and that looks like paradise to me. Where is that Sainter? And most importantly how ya going to cook that fish?
  11. Do try the Eclipse when you get the chance it's a little ripper.
  12. Larb Moo, (Thai Pork salad) with cucumber and home grown chilli's (HAF) as a side.
  13. Love to be drinking this one - where the weathers warm. So not where I am. Blaarrdy Melbourne Grrrrrrr!
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