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What is everyone drinking for Christmas

Matty A

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I have a couple of brews that will be gone by the end of the christmas period.


I have a Blonde with some honey in it and just a standard pale ale. Also depending on how it tastes I may also have a mex cav with saaz hops and lime infused into it [love]

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I had put away one of pretty much all of my brews this year, so I placed my back catalogue in the fridge to enjoy over the Christmas period. My beers include:


Stout (*3, original, souter stout and BESTout)

Ales - Irish, reaL, unreal, SMOTY, XSVAle

Canblonde (heavy hops)


Pilsner *2

Mex Cerv *2

Original draught

Euro Lager

Special Dry lager


Pale ale (with wheat and 1 with chilli)

and I have a draught and a heavily hersbrucker hopped original lager in the kegs.


Bring it on!

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I have Coopers Canadian Blonde and a "Bavarian Pilsner", the base of which is the Original Series Draught in the 'ol beer fridge for the Holidays. I also have a Russian Imperial Stout in there, too, but that was made from a mini-mash and extract recipe.

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This is my first Christmas with home brew & loving it [biggrin]

Enjoying a cold lager after constructing the kid's basketball ring.


SWMBO has given me the ingredients for a toucan stout so that will be going on soon ready for winter[cool]


Merry Christmas everyone and thanx for the welcome and advice I have received since I joined the Guild.

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I'm enjoying a simple but very drinkable Summer Wheat Beer which is very light on the palate. I mixed a Coopers Mexican Cerveza kit with a tin of Thomas Coopers Wheat Malt extract. I dissolved the contents of both tins in 2L of boiling water topped up with cold to 23L and used the kit yeast. Fermented out in the mid 20s (high I know but water out of the tap here is 27C in Summer) Man oh man; it is a very nice Summer drop - especially with a generous wedge of lemon or lime added to the glass. Head retention is great.


Just bottled up another Wheat but this time I used the Thomas Coopers Wheat Beer kit with a 1kg box of BE2 - looking forward to that too.

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