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  1. I've heard bad things about dry hopping Saaz. Never done it personally but have heard it leaves a very Grassy aroma
  2. It may be boring to do but that is COOL!!!! When i win Lotto I'll get you to build me one.......... Maybe i should start buying tickets[unsure] [unsure]
  3. Squishy


    Mate she holds them somewhere as well!!!![lol] [lol] [lol] The biggest issue ATM is the fact that due to the water at home being full of Magnese i have to buy water to brew with..... Brewing gets a little expensive when you have to buy 15L of water for each brew
  4. Welcome!! My first piece of advice is that you like the brew that comes with the kit you'll LOVE the other stuff you've ordered!!! Enjoy the addiction of brewing
  5. Squishy


    OK Cool!! BTW my Gravity won't change too much as i boil my hops in plain water Frowned apon i know but i can't tell the difference (Maybe if i did an AG i would but SWMBO has a tight hold on the brewing budget)
  6. OK Muddy's Public Service Announcement
  7. Squishy


    But could i do a boil then add it at day 3??
  8. Squishy


    I'm Planning on putting 2 brews down this weekend but my hops didnt show up[crying] [crying] I usually do a short (10 min) boil so i was wondering what would happen if i did my boil and added it (With the hops) in at day three???
  9. I'm waiting for Pauls public service announcement........
  10. I've done a boil with LDM and a Boil without........ Didn't notice the difference Maybe if you doing a hectolitre(Love that word!!) brew it might make a difference but maybe at 23 litres it isn't noticeable????
  12. I would have said Coopers Pale Ale V Fat Yak As Yob has said coopers uses Bittering hops while Fat Yak is hopped up fairly well...... And has NS[love] [love]
  13. I Think I've got an Unkle Dunkle if that helps[lol] [lol] [lol]
  14. Matthew, As a fellow brewer in warm climate (I Live in Ayr) i can offer 2 peices of advise. 1: Try and get a fridge (I'm having trouble convincing SWMBO) 2: Brew in the winter months so you can drink in the summer months. I bassically give up brewing between November and March
  15. FV (and parts) for sale separately Petition #1: Yob #2: BillK #3: PB2 #4: Typsy Mcstaga #5: Davidf23 #6: Hairy #7: Muddy #8: Canadian #9: Biermoasta #10: Squishy
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