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  1. Hi Damian, I brew in the shed where it gets way to hot in summer to brew although I ferment in two fridges, I only use them for their insulation because the cost of electricity in a hot shed is ridiculous. My solution is to brew only from May to October when it is cooler, although I just finished a brew on Sunday because it has been cool in Adelaide. The problem with this is that you need to be able to store a years worth of beer somewhere where it doesn't get too hot. I'm lucky enough to be able to hold up to 11 brews which easily sees me through from late spring until Mid Autumn.[roll] [innocent] [sideways] [sideways] sorry not a years worth, probably 6 months storage. Enjoying this APA a bit atm.
  2. Hi K Rudd I haven't got any expertise to pass on, but I have recently been experimenting with dry hopping after just doing plain K&K brews for 10 years and now after testing a few I won't be going back![cool] I bought 100 gms each of Saaz, Fuggles, East Kent Golding, Chinook and Cascade. Have brewed each of them at 25gms (one at a time ) in Aus pale ale so they all have the same base. Drinking APA at the moment with Cascade[love] . Now I'm trying other combo's. On Sunday I bottled a Toucan of Dark ale/APA with 30gms EKG. Rock on Ruddy[biggrin] [cool] [lol] [happy]
  3. Was at the Royal Adelaide Show today and at the woodchopping there were some large Cooper's banners, so they haven't abandoned it. Also the Coopers bar at the side of the arena is still there, would love to have had a cold one but had kid duty[pinched] .
  4. The guy at my local homebrew shop reckons ciders come with a champagne yeast, don't know exactly what the diff is, I think a more fruity outcome in the taste? Forgive my ignorance, a google search may shed some more light.[pinched]
  5. G'day Paddy, the extra juice won't be a problem. I have done brig ciders just as kit/dex and with Juice, no dramas. The juice will make it taste a bit better, they have a bit of a funny taste, i don't know how to describe it, chemical artificial sweetener taste. I haven't done one for a while now because of this and they need a while to age - they get a lot better after 5-6 months. next time you do a cider can I suggest trying the Black Rock Cider, a bit dearer but a lot nicer IMHO[roll] [happy] [cool]
  6. I had a thought the other day about bacon and beer mmmmmm bacon[happy] but the oil/fat worries me. Then I had another idea [ninja] [ninja] what about caramelising some ONION without cooking oil in a frypan then like dry hopping in my tea ball thingy. Does anybody think this would be a good thing or crappy?
  7. Can you set up a production line Kelsey? you could make a mint[cool] [biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin] [lol] [lol] [lol] [happy] [love] [love] [love] Very envious[bandit]
  8. Hairy - you are a legend [cool] [cool] [cool] [cool] [cool] Philbo - Futurama rocks [cool] [cool] [cool] [cool] [cool]
  9. Sorry for bragging but I saw Black Sabbath with SWMBO last month in Adelaide.[biggrin] They lived up to expectations. [cool] Can cross that off the bucket list, I saw Tony Iommi and Geezer in Heaven and Hell a few years ago at the Thebarton Theatre, DIO (RIP) was awesome but Ozzy still has it amazingly[lol]
  10. Hey Mark, I've been waiting for one of your posts to pop up again so I could congratulate you on your signature line. Cool Thanks Phil, if you google beer quotes there are hundreds, that one took my fancy and seemed appropriate[biggrin]
  11. Also, if you are using the Coopers Kit yeast 26-28 is at the upper end, I brew mine with this yeast 18-20. The lager kits don't all use lager yeast either, Orig series lager uses ale yeast, I think euro lager is either lager or have heard people say its a mix, on the instructions with the can there is a special section for euro lager.
  12. Hi Alex, I just put mine on a plug in timer and keep and eye on it. At the moment I have my belt heat for about 5 hours a night (8-10 degrees here at night ). Also my fermenting vessel is in a fridge that is off but used like an esky to insulate. You will get some other responses to tell you to splash out on a fridge with a STC controller, this is probably the best way to control temps and your brews will be better for it, if you have spare space and $$$.[pinched] [lol]
  13. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Sounds good, don't be in to much of a rush to bottle it, once it finishes fermenting leave it a few days to settle out and clear, it's worth the wait[cool]
  14. Thanks Hairy that is a great start. What i'm really after is a list with, for example; Coopers Australian Pale Ale - best suited to ???????? 2 or 3 different hops that go best with each Coopers LME.
  15. I've ordered a few 9cm diameter stainless steel mesh balls to start doing some dry hopping. Does anybody have some sort of list as to what type of hops should be used with certain Coopers LME? [rightful] I would expect a stout would use a different hop to a cerveza. Or is there no rules and just experiment?[pinched] [cool] Thanks in advance for any advice![biggrin] [cool]
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