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Bottle or not to bottle?


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Hi Leo

The SG looks like it would be finished.

Has it been stable for a day or two?  If so, you could bottle now.

Some say leave a brew a few more days after it becomes stable anyway, to finish off and let the yeast clean up after itself.

If it has finished, I am not sure that the higher temperatures would be a big issue now.  I will also be interested to see the views of more seasoned (experienced, not pickled) brewers.

Cheers Shamus

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I might be both experienced and pickled. 😂

If it's been stable for a couple of days it can be bottled. It really only needs about 3-4 days after it hits FG to clean up. So for example if you took a reading on Wednesday and it was the same as today, it's already had 2 days since reaching FG, and it could be bottled now, or tomorrow or Sunday. Choice is yours.

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Neither pickled or experienced however at 1011 & struggling to maintain FV temp, I would bottle it and start secondary fermentation. Good Friday night thing to do in Adelaide? 

Be ready for drinking just in time for the Xmas Break = Bonus.


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