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  1. Leo53

    Bottle or not to bottle?

    Thank you all, once again for your sage advice. Cheers .......
  2. 36° in adelaide. I have a coopers ipa ready to bottle sg 1011 ish. Struggling keep fv cool. Bottle or not as Sat a bit cooler. Cheers
  3. Leo53

    Fermentation fridge?

    Omg! Smelly that is awesome.......
  4. Leo53

    Fermentation fridge?

    Thanks. I will give it a try.
  5. Ok. I have some questions. A clapped out fridge that only needs to maintain 21degrees. Does the seal need to be perfect or sealed/enclosed environment good/bad for the fermentation process? My initial thoughts a totally sealed environ, not so good. What measurement cube capacity to accommodate two similar ferms. Omg, loving retirement!
  6. Leo53


    Thanks Otto, I brewed back in the 90tees, yeast was always the bain of my existance. If anything I should have learnt not to buy from supermarkets, no stock control, no shelf life! Although, same supermarket, same coopers pale ale, same shelf and this one is going gang busters. It could have been the type 2 enhancer was off after 12 months on shelf. Gotta let it ho! Cheers.....
  7. Leo53


    Not sure. If yeast sits on a shelf in supermarket for 12 months at varying temps and no stock control the yeast would surely detiorate. I understand yeast best kept in fridge at low temp. Learning experience: scrutinise the best before date! Thanks for your interest - brew on.
  8. Leo53


    I did check sg (1040 ish), I used coopers enhance 2 and the sg had not changed in the 5 days it was in fv. I guess I put it down to newbee mistake. Thanks all for feedback. Next batch bubbling away nicely!
  9. Leo53


    Recently purchased a pale ale tin on the 14 Nov 18, yeast had a julien date of 28917. The yeast did not appear to activate and I threw out brew after 7 days. Could the old yeast have been the issue. I did every thing as per instructions, although the wort temp was 27/28 when I pitched. Kept receipt, from an SA food chain. Should I ask for refund?