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two can compatability

worry wort

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I have 2 cans in my pantry, a draught and a dark ale. Is it possible to make a two-can mix with these or are there clashing ingredients which may not work well together? This would be my first attempt at this so don't want to start off with a dud.



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This topic has given me some inspiration.

Since the Woolworths Sales I have lots of Coopers cans.  I wondered what other Coopers cans are compatible in a two can mix.  I will have to check out the recipe lists or do some searches on the forum.  Does anybody already have a list of combo's that have worked?

Quite a few of the recipes use Amber Malt Extract along with one of the Coopers cans.  What would happen if I swapped out the Amber Malt Extract for a can of Family Secret Amber Ale.  Would the bitterness blow my head off?

I loved the Bootmaker Pale Ale and I loved the Family Secret Amber Ale.  How would they go together?

Cheers Shamus


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