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Dextrose is dextrose' date=' regardless of where you buy it from it's all the same stuff. It can be used successfully for priming bottles.[/quote']

and in 1943...




...building muscles! biggrin


The ingredients of beer are cancer causing, liver debilitating etc?. . . MY @$$ they are! rolleyeswink


Muscles....muscles... I'm gonna start pouring straight dextrose on my breakfast cereal! lol







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On 2/15/2017 at 10:22 PM, Otto Von Blotto said:

lol that's a classic. They are actually right though, it is the sugar our bodies use for energy (glucose). Everything we eat is eventually broken down into glucose by our digestive systems.

Yep, just add insulin to glucose and you got energy the body can process. Ah that magical pancreas (Aside from mine that gave up the ghost 6 years ago)

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