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  1. True for me as I am currently in an apartment.
  2. This is the reason behind I am using a blow-off setup. There's no room for an airlock (because of the jacket) and the purpose of the jacket is it acts as your fridge box. The immersion pro is your cooler and it won't cool unless your fermenter is concealed. Imagine you want to cool your fridge but the door is open. (Image attached below) [attachimg]598[/attachimg]
  3. So I'm brewing 86 Pilsner with Saaz Hops and using it's own yeast. I tried to follow the Pilsner Brewing Info f in pitching yeast. It says pitch at 22C to 24C (which I did) then allowing brew to drop to as low as 13C over the next day or so. I'm now seeing yeast activities with my blow-off tube setup though I'm not sure how long should I maintain 22C to 24C with my fermentation (since I'm already am seeing activity). Assuming that my understanding is correct, after pitching for example 'today', should I crash it to 13C and there should be CO2 activities? Or I have to maintain it for typical fermentation 3-5days then that's the time to lower it to 13C. I'm seeing several posts outside this forum though I don't have the right information on how many days (or hours) I should maintain on pitching temp. Like with the brewing info on Draught, it says 12-24 hours before lowering it 13C to 15C. Cheers, R-jay
  4. Hi - Sorry for asking noob question. Just want to confirm if this Coopers Dextrose (Coopers Dextrose) is the one used for priming and aside from dextrose they have in this link (Fermentables) can be used for Priming. I know there are carbonation drops, let's exclude them for now. Cheers, R-jay
  5. Hi Mike, The temperature when pitched the yeast is around 21-23 degrees Celsius as per instruction. Well, the maintained temperature is not really that consistent, though i played 21-27 degrees. About the foam, yes it had after 15 hours or so. Then subsided last night. From the kit instruction (Guide. It says: (Fermentation) If you are using a Krausen Kollar (the kit doesn't have one) remove it when the foam has subsided (usually around days 3 to 5) for cleaning, and replace the lid. It’s fine to put your Krausen Kollar in the dishwasher. So I'm guessing it is normal to subside? (but not stating bubbles stops). Cheers, R-jay
  6. Hi Everyone, My apologies to hijack the thread. I'm also new to homebrewing and I have the kit (Bewitched). Today is Day 3 but it seems that the fermentation is normalizing, meaning the container doesn't have any bubbles produced. Kind of normalized (Apologies for the term). Is this normal? Cheers, R-jay
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