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  1. Thanks for the tip, the ABV is not an issue for me but its good to know. Its all about having a nice tasting IPA. I can generally only have one beer because of the carb content so it taste not booze content I love.
  2. Thanks for that. I think my xmas break will be a perfect time to get it up unless its a million degrees. Melbourne at the moment is so cold for this time of year I should be making it now but space constraints for storage are not in my favor Looking forward to the IPA
  3. I have done a few brews now and was looking to try the Thomas Coopers Brew A IPA as my next "kit" Anyone else had the pleasure of this? and how true to the American IPA flavor is it?
  4. I was lucky, mine were the ones you suggest and were still new in packet with the bottles still sealed in box. Boxes were shed dusty but inside perfect
  5. many thanks for the offer. I am in Vic but with my purchase I have more than I need. Really appreciate it though.
  6. Yeah, good call. It was an arduous task to do but worth it. The swing tops were brand new, washed in warm soapy water and then I soaked in ammonia for an hour including the new swing tops and then fitted the also soaked seals nice big rinse after. The PETs I washed and soaked as well then rinsed. Secondhand is very sustainable Sustainability is one reason I started brewing, the carbon footprint of importing beer is huge along with making new glass/aluminum. For every KG of aluminum we recycle instead of using virgin aluminum we save enough electricity to power a TV for 204 hours and saves 233 lts of water.
  7. I have faced up to my logistics and went online to gumtree and brough 100 bottles for $55. half used and half brand new. Saved a bunch. Half were brown glass swing tops and the rest normal Coopers PET. The lovely lady who sold them to me sad her deceased husband would be happy to see them being put to good use.
  8. I make bread a lot from scratch probably 3 times per week despite the fact I don't eat bread myself. But see the photos here it worked well and smelled amazing while cooking and cutting however the "bitterness" was too much. It tasted great on first bite hot and fresh loaded with butter but the after taste was bitter, too bitter to make it good . It was worth a try though and was only 50 cents worth of flour.
  9. Well today I have rescued the yeast after my bottling session and made a loaf of bread with it. It has been proving well (its 27 degrees today) and Looks actually really promising. Not sure how it will taste but there is only one way to find out and that is to force my children to eat it and let me know
  10. Right there with ya my friend. Been shaving what little is left for many years now Sadly Still as an ex hairdresser in the 80s and 90s my wife and kids hair looks great and I have donated their ponytails to me made into wigs for people going through chemo and Alopecia Areata
  11. Yep that's what we do at our place. PET pieces go into another PET bottle. we remove lids from milk bottles, separate all plastics. Its Miss 12 that has rights and responsibilities over our sustainability efforts at home. She sometimes lectures the neighbors when they put stuff in our recycling bin that are wrong!
  12. They are 100% recyclable plastic so if you can get them recycled go for it. I am wearing right now a pair of prescription designer glasses made out of 100% recycled shampoo bottles collected from hairdressing salons in Australia and the glasses are made in Australia as well, yeah, who knew that Australia could still manufacture things. My coffee cup is on a coaster made from them as well I work for the social enterprise that collects 95% of all waste (resources) from hair and beauty salons. we sort and separate, sell the items and once sold we donate 100% of the money to feed people in need. We even repurpose the hair.
  13. Oh yeah, got a second fridge and will stockpile. Will see what's left in Feb from friends and family and re taste
  14. Thanks @Tone boy. Cracked one tonight and its a fine drop, I don't love Lager but it came free with the FV I got so I am sure my mates and family will happily chugg it at a BBQ on a summer day. I have a nice Coopers dark in the FV. I love dark and stout, even in summer.
  15. I have the "greenish groundcover" that I let die over summer. a nice collection of weeds also.
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