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  1. Maybe check out the malt bill for a beer like Brew Dog's "Nanny State". This can be found in their DIY Dog listing. The malt bill is very interesting & creates a lot of flavour at an extremely low alcohol level. I made a beer back in late 2015 very loosely modelled on this premise. Bar 100gms of dry malt extract, it was entirely all grain based. It ended up at 2.49% ABV & was full of flavour. It is still to this day the lowest ABV% beer I have ever made. On my own rating system, I gave it 4½ stars out of 5, I was that impressed with it. Might be worth a look. I'll continue to follow your progress in this thread. Cheers, Lusty.
  2. Hi Marty. https://community.diybeer.com/search/?q=BRY%20%26%20Me&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=and&search_in=titles Not just me either. A notoriously slow starter. Aerate the @#$% out of your wort before you pitch if you plan to use it. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  3. At 1.028 there would have been little to no cell division required. Perfect OG for a sleepy, sluggish, dead-shit yeast like BRY-97 where it doesn't have to do any work! I've noted the OG you used with it here & documented that it is a specific gravity BRY-97 appears it might actually be able to cope with without risk of spoilage &/or wild yeast infection threats. I still wouldn't chance any gravity with that strain. It's the ONLY thing that caused a reference to me in the EPIC FAIL club. Hate it. On a more interesting note, I've been observing the conversation you've been having with this cold mashing process. As a mere newb with little to no knowledge of the practice, I wonder if your interpretation of the approach isn't a little off-centre, just from reading what you've posted on the subject. Your expected numbers seem to be way out with predicted levels even by the calculations you appear to be following. As merely an outside observer, it appears to be a very strange practice that I admit I can't see or understand the real benefit of (maybe yet). Cheers, Lusty.
  4. In a Pub/Hotel the two are separately post-mixed & probably for a good reason. Pour the spirit into the glass then add the mixer via the link from a carbonated keg. I'm not completely sure about the reasons why this post-mix setup is the norm, but would imagine that in most pubs/hotels etc. the volume of sales of pre-mixed spirit & mixer has yet to reach volumes similar to beers & ciders worthy of kegging them together that can regularly be dispensed within use-by dates across the board. That's purely speculating on my part though. Cheers, Lusty.
  5. Grapefruit. Massive grapefruit. It's similar to Chinook, but without the added spicy notes. If you like Chinook, you'll love the bang for your buck with this stuff especially late boil & dry hopping. Cheers, Lusty.
  6. I agree the liquid yeast attenuation figures can be a bit hit & miss, as depending on the time you receive them the starting live cell counts can vary & seem to more than the dried yeast varieties that appear to hold a more consistent starting count figure & a longer shelf life to begin with. Just my 20 cents, Lusty.
  7. The spreadsheet as a base to work off, has a generic value of 75% attenuation set for almost (if not) every strain of yeast. You the brewer need to to manually adjust these values as you brew & learn how your chosen yeast attenuates. If you are unsure about what to expect from a yeast you wish to use, go to the manufacturer's website & check their expected attenuation figures for the strain & then use this percentage figure in the spreadsheet. Best of luck with the brew, Lusty.
  8. I just plucked the dry hop chux baggy out of this brew & squeezed all the liquid goodness back into it. Highly aromatic now from the Riwaka/Galaxy mix, so much so it now masks the yeast characters to the point you wouldn't figure it for a Coopers commercial yeast fermented beer. The beer is now in cold condition mode & will be kegged this coming Sunday. The yeast character, hop flavours, & aromatics will come back more into some sort of balance by the time it is kegged. Very promising beer, so I am looking forward to getting into it. For those that haven't used Riwaka in a beer yet, you're missing out. Late in the boil & dry hopped it is awesome in warm weather beers. It sells out very quickly on the homebrew circuit each year so if you get a chance to buy some, I strongly urge you grab some when it is available. Timing is everything. My Chubby Cherub keg blew earlier tonight. What a shame, I'll just have to refill it with this stuff. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  9. Looks like the Captain is slowly trying to wean himself onto lagers. Best of luck with it Capt. Lusty.
  10. If it doesn't have a noticeable bitterness, it's not a true IPA (IMHO). It's the signature of the style. Without it, all you have is a higher ABV Pale Ale. I had the Pirate Life Mosaic IPA on tap recently while at a cousins birthday party. Then I had another, & another.....Yum! Cheers, Lusty.
  11. Hi BuzzGB. At 24°C you will produce some of those fusel esters & flavours. Ideally down around 18-20°C for an ale yeast fermented brew, & you will avoid those fermentation bi-products. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  12. I don't think Coopers DIY have a listing for a home-brewed beer recipe deliberately that crap. Cheers, Lusty.
  13. Don't be a pussie, it's soo unlike you. Your area sounds like they need someone like you in homebrew circles. Put your hand up. Lusty.
  14. You've gone over rather than under on the steep so I agree with you. If you're gonna miss a target with hopping, better to go over rather than under when steeping I reckon. I like the hop mix this year, & am thinking of making a batch up, but using the Real Ale/Pale can mix as the base which has been used for the DIY recipe up until the last 2 years. Cheers, Lusty.
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