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  1. Not much to follow being a SMASH. Yeast, expected ABV, ferment temp. Beyond that finding it hard to think of much else. I think I have some Azacca in the back of the fridge atm on the back of Ben 10 talking it up, so will be interested in the outcome of this. Best of luck with the brew, Lusty.
  2. Sounds nice Norris. It'll be a nice change off the NEIPA bandwagon.
  3. Found this... Love the story & the music. Lusty.
  4. Yeah had a chat with AUS Post today actually. They've recently revised their pricing on packaging sizes based on weight etc. to the better for all of us. As an example I often send 3 bottles of beer to co-brewers in a slender box, then cheap it out by placing that in a post pack baggy large enough to contain it. Used to cost me $17-$18. I posted a larger box earlier today (no baggy required) with two extra bottles in it, cost me just over $18. Winning. Lusty.
  5. That said, it is still vegetal matter & probably not advisable to leaving it laying around that long. As an example, would you eat cabbage that has been sitting around for the same time-frame steeped? Food for thought anyways (excuse the pun). Lusty.
  6. Hi Lab Rat. I'm interested in this area. While the steep is going on is your wort sitting around as well, or do you mix it together after? Is the steep in a malt solution or just water? The reason I ask is that if a sugar source is sitting around & gets down into the low 40's & below temp wise, it becomes vulnerable to spoilage organisms, bacteria & wild yeasts. I learned this the hard way a number of years back with a couple of infected brews that I attributed to this. Once I stopped leaving the wort around for lengthy timeframes, no more infections. Given all the effort & coin we put into our brewing, tipping 20+ litres of hard work down the drain isn't very satisfying to do. If you're not leaving mixed wort around while you carry out the steep then please disregard the above. But to those that are doing this, I would definitely advise you re-assess your processes & time-frames to avoid this situation in future. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  7. I fermented a couple of extra litres on this one so if it is any good I'll send you one Norris.
  8. My WLP059/Mt. Hood Pale Ale reached expected FG a couple of days ago. Very fast ferment. It's started to clear already, so I thought what heck, throw the dry hop in. Mt. Hood is quite earthy, herbal, resiny so I might actually leave the dry hop in for a few extra days longer to maybe catch a bit of that grassy tone that I normally deliberately avoid with the more aromatic hops as I think that trait might actually suit this beer due to the hop & yeast being used. However it turns out, I'm really looking forward to sampling it, & am glad I brewed it. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  9. I'm not sure of the real benefits of using all malt to prime in a heavy ABV beer, but from what I've read, in a light beer it's worth the effort & is noticeable in the final product vs using sugar to prime. Cheers, Lusty.
  10. Understood perfectly in a nutshell. Cheers, Lusty.
  11. Given your suggestion to me, I'm guessing you make time....
  12. It gets lonely out there at the mine sites at times hey Capt?
  13. I personally wouldn't know what that's that like, but feel free to elaborate Aussiekraut....
  14. He sounds a lot like my father. His right arm works a treat though!
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