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  1. Beerlust

    Chubby Cherub

    I'm not sure what is happening from your end, but I've mimicked hop schedules based on what I learned from brewing this beer in various configurations since I first brewed the recipe, & all have turned out very good quality beers. It looks like I'm gonna have to brew this recipe & send you a few bottles at some point to validate the recipe to restore your faith in it. Merely as a suggestion in circumstances like this, it would be a nice gesture & fact proving exercise for the @Coopers DIY Beer Team to send a Coopers Club member a sample or two of said DIY recipe to maybe maintain &/or restore confidence in the recipes put forward? The logistics I admit I haven't considered, nor the can of worms it might open, it is just an open thought based on kindness & proving honesty. Lusty.
  2. Beerlust

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Rare for me, but as you suggested, was thinking about keeping it really simple. Salt, pepper, & maybe a light sprinkle of thyme &/or oregano, & stuff a few garlic cloves inside the meat at a few strategic points. Just try to produce something where you can enjoy the flavour of the meat without too much influence. Would you use a flavoured wood chip, or leave them out for this? Are you suggesting I try for that 91-96°C final internal temp with this one Ben? Thanks gents, Lusty.
  3. Beerlust

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

  4. Beerlust

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    Thanks for clarifying (excuse the pun) that Hairy. Cheers, Lusty.
  5. Beerlust

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    HI Greeny. If I'm reading what you're doing correctly, you're missing the beta-gluc/protein rest for the rice malt. It should be held @ approx. 50-55°C for at least 15mins prior to moving towards normal mash temps & duration according to the literature. I'm happy to stand corrected on that by any of the AG'ers. Hopefully I'm right on this one. On the mash & boil duration thing, PB2 mentioned a clarity improvement by mashing for 90mins OR boiling for 90mins, sorry I can't remember which one?! Hopefully PB2 reads this & can clarify that. Sorry I'm not a full AG'er, so didn't take full notice on that one. Cheers, Lusty.
  6. Beerlust

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Hi guys. I've got a good thing going with my local butcher atm. A great bloke as is his father that preps & ties up some of the more intricate stuff I ask for. We have an emerging barter system developing. I provide him with a reasonably hard to get beer by the carton at a good price, & in-turn he provides me with awesome cuts of meat for smoking/roasting etc. Anyways, I spoke with him earlier in the week about a good piece of beef for roasting/smoking about 3kgs. He tells me he's got some reasonable Wagyu class beef at a good price & would I be interested. I said, "Yeah, but I'm not a millionaire & that stuff ain't cheap for a bloke on my wage, especially at 3kgs worth!". He says, "Don't worry, I'll look after ya, cya Friday". I said, "Okay, cya Friday". Friday comes, & I take his carton around to him in the shop & he brings out this bagged piece of meat he's put aside for me with a price marked on it. He then tells me it's just over 4kgs & if he'd cut it, it would have ruined it. He shows me the cut, & although not in anyway high grade Wagyu it resembles high grade Scotch fillet/lowish grade Wagyu due to the marbling level. I hand him the receipt for the carton of beer, he knocks $8.00 off the price he had written the on bag of the 4kg hunk of top grade meat to match the carton price. What more can you ask for from a butcher? I have a lot of man-love for this bloke right now, & feel like I'm being spoiled rotten pretty much everytime I visit him. Anyone got any ideas on how to smoke/roast a top notch 4kg piece of meat? I'm thinking real simple to enjoy the flavour of the high quality meat, but am open to ideas. Cheers, Lusty.
  7. Beerlust

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    Hi Greeny. Are you Beta-gluc/protein resting &/or step mashing & getting good starch conversion of the rice malt? Maybe not using a high enough potential base malt to convert? Maybe not mashing/boiling long enough for this style of beer? A combo of the above? Cheers, Lusty.
  8. Beerlust

    Gravities finishing high

    Hi Lab Rat. The Bitter Can 1.7kg Likely comprises base malts, crystal malts & roasted malts that will leave more body than say a Pale Ale kit or Lager kit. 1kg LDM Pretty standard fair for K&K but will leave more body & flavour than dextrose/sugar. 500g DME Usually comprised of base malt, crystal malts, & roasted malts. Will increase body levels in the final beer to higher levels. 250g Crystal malt Will leave increased body in the final beer. S-04 Due to lower attenuation by this yeast strain, it will generally leave more residual sweetness & body in the final beer. IMHO, the beer recipe has done very well to get down to 1.017 given the make-up. Be very careful with your pitching rates once above the standard kit & kilo mixes, as the recipe you used above is getting very close to borderline for one sachet of yeast to ferment out that could potentially result in a stall, that if not correctly identified could lead to pre-mature bottling, & eventual bottle bombs. If in doubt about pitching rate, pitch the kit yeast as well as the commercial strain. I hope that helps. Lusty.
  9. Beerlust

    What are the unusual floaties in my beer

    It could be fish guts then?!! Cheers, Lusty.
  10. Beerlust

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    https://www.thehopandgrain.com.au/brew-ginger-beer/ Cheers, Lusty.
  11. Beerlust

    Reactivating CCA Yeast

    Apart from increasing your cell base, starters are a good viability test for your yeast. Also if re-using yeast from trub, by pitching it into a starter first, if there is any spoilage or wild yeast present, you'll pick it here at the starter stage before pitching it into a full volume batch & ruining that. The general consensus is that a lowish gravity somewhere around 1.030 - 1.040 is suitable. The real yeast daddies here on the forum could help you with a set volume starter that you could possibly then split, store & re-use again. Cheers, Lusty.
  12. Beerlust

    Rosella Saison

    You can probably throw the same hue without the unwanted sweetness from the syrup based stuff by dropping some of your malt based weights in place of some dextrose that will dry the beer a little to combat that. There are some grains that throw assisting (for a better word) hues without adding excessive sweetness. Maybe a balance can be produced even with the syrup based Rosella flower packaged source in the mix? I fell in love with the colour Benny first produced in that beer & I've seen nothing resembling it in the beer world before or since enough so that I will look to eventually pursue it, & maybe adapt it to different styles of beer. P.S. No wonder everyone in your circle love it. Have a look at it will ya! Someone presents me something that colour in a glass & you bet I'm gonna want to drink it! Cheers, Lusty.
  13. Beerlust

    Rosella Saison

    What's it taste like Capt? Cheers, Lusty.
  14. Beerlust

    Rosella Saison

    That's the lovely colour you want though Alpaca. Well done & better luck taste-wise with the fresh stuff next time around. Out of curiosity, what did you hop yours with? Cheers, Lusty.
  15. XPA ROTM sold out already. It wasn't even up 2 full days from when the Coopers Club email was sent. That's gotta be some sort of record! Cheers, Lusty.