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  1. Hi iBooz2. Cheers for the heads up. BTW Neem Oil is a good treatment for curl grub. You just need to emulsify it in a soap solution so you can apply it. Cheers, Lusty.
  2. I've just removed the dry hop baggies of Cashmere from my current WLP059 fermented ale, & put the fridge into cold conditioning mode. I was quite taken by the aroma left by the Cashmere hops. Will likely keg & fast carb this on Sunday/Monday. Really looking forward to seeing this one in the glass & to sample it given the odd mix of ingredients & the unknowns they will each bring to the table. Brews like this are one of the main reasons why I love home brewing. Cheers & I hope all manage to find a way to enjoy the Easter weekend. Lusty.
  3. Beerlust

    Beer food

    Thanks mate. Have saved the recipe too. Cheers, Lusty.
  4. Beerlust

    Beer food

    I live in a community of fast food addicts that largely don't know how to cook for themselves or are too damn lazy. I bought a 2kg bag of plain flour last night, but could have easily grabbed 40kgs at my local shop. LOL Cheers, Lusty.
  5. +1 I bought a lime tree a couple of years ago. Everyone buys lemon trees, but limes are damn expensive in the supermarkets so I went lime tree. Anyways, watched the habits of the local insects, & noticed the harvesting habits of ants when the plant flowers. They appear to collect the nectar (I guess) from the flowers & noticed no fruit seemed to develop from those blossoms. Once the ants disappeared, remaining flowers seemed to develop into fruit. No sight of the ants in recent weeks, & new flower bulbs are sprouting all over the tree. Hopefully without interference from ants, they develop into fruit. First year I had an issue with white curl grubs. I didn't even know what they were. Bastards of things, as you don't even know they're eating your plants because they live & reside underground in the root structure of your plant feeding off the roots of your plants & restricting the nutrient uptake & development of the roots of the plant diminishing it's development & productivity. I'm on 'em now though! Lusty.
  6. Beerlust

    Beer food

    Hearin' ya. I was watching a video this morning about sourdough starters & baking them etc. & the guy backed up what Benny has done & said the sourdough culture gets better & better with age the longer you can keep it going. For a guy at home to have a culture he has maintained & developed for 10 years now is very impressive in my book. Despite how good Ben's loaf looks, it must taste incredible! Benny definitely gets a hat tip from me for that. Cheers, Lusty.
  7. Beerlust

    Beer food

    Hiya Capt. Only time I've heard that term mentioned is to do with apple cider vinegar. Am I on the right track with what you're planning? I'll make some form of bread, just not sure it'll look as pretty as the other boys that have had a bit of practice at it.
  8. Beerlust

    Beer food

    I am building up my first sourdough culture as we speak for a planned crack at a loaf over the Easter weekend. It's fermenting away nicely & hopefully will be nice & creamy/frothy in a few more days time. Starting to get a nice smell to it too. For those that perhaps didn't know, as far as breads go, sourdough bread is about as healthy as a bread can get for you. The naturally occurring wild yeast propagated to help produce the bread is said to be quite good for your internals as part of the bread it produces (TTBOMK). Much like sauerkraut & kimchi that use natural wild yeasts to ferment them & change their structures etc. Might try & hunt down a nice dutch oven tomorrow to use for this. Any tips on kneading/prepping the dough before baking Benny? (Can make or break the end result from what I've viewed) Cheers & given this COVID-19 BS, I hope everyone can find a way to have a nice Easter weekend. Lusty.
  9. +1 If it's one of their English bitter type kits then better to do a short 5-10 boil or hop tea of the with the challenger hops. Cheers, Lusty.
  10. Dirtman Daniel son.....wax on.......wax off.......wax on.......wax off.... Cheers & good luck with that crazy English/Belgian/German wheat yeast fermented IPA! Lusty.
  11. Something has unfortunately gone adrift with your brew here mate (IMHO). This hop is massive grapefruit. Boil additions 20mins & below matched with a good dry hop creates something other similar hops have a hard time keeping up with. Not sure what has gone wrong, but may be worth a look at John Palmer's How To Brew - "Common Off Flavours" for a possible cause. Don't give up on this hop, it's awesome! Lusty.
  12. Don't listen to that AG lot mate. I got to a level with my pots & pans stove top/oven extract/partial method that produces really nice beer, & am still in that space some 8yrs later. That said I would try to get hold of a suitable sized pot that could comfortably mash at least 2kgs of grain. This will help you to produce some of the more intricate styles of beer that you simply cannot buy in extract form to begin with. It also allows you to experiment with colour & malt derived flavours a lot more, that can be really fun. Just my 20 cents, Lusty.
  13. ....and about 5-6 times longer to produce the wort on brew day. Cheers, Lusty.
  14. Because Porters generally don't carry as much roasted character, I find them a fun base to throw all sorts of other ingredients at to create wonderful complexities of flavour & aromas that marry well with this leaner stout type recipe. Ingredients such as vanilla, oak chips, fruits, desiccated coconut etc..etc. It really is limited to your own imagination. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
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