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  1. Beerlust


    The following should give you a few ideas... Coopers DIY Light & Midstrength beer recipes I hope that helps. Lusty.
  2. Interesting read Ben. I'm not convinced about the theory though as yet. I'm still of the belief degradation of maltose over time & it's exposure to live yeast/wild yeasts is more likely the culprit for over carbonation issues. The article made mention of numerous cases of exploding Corona bottles. Now we all know Corona barely has any hops in it, & I'm pretty sure it ain't dry hopped! 🤣 Research scientists all need funding & will come up with all sorts of BS to keep the money coming in. They're a lot like yeast actually, big into self preservation. @Worthog The airlock activity after adding dry hops is likely due to disturbed &/or displaced C02 that is present in the C02 blanket over the wort & possibly C02 coming out of solution (IMHO). Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  3. Beerlust


    Hello Brian & welcome to the forum. Making lower alcohol beer is about limiting the amount of fermentable sugar the yeast can munch through & convert into alcohol. What ABV% beer are you wanting to produce? Cheers, Lusty.
  4. Beerlust

    Now here's an idea I like

    It took just another 8 days. Make no mistake about who's driving this bus. Cheers, Lusty.
  5. Beerlust

    Enzyme Activity

    Thanks for all the replies & input guys. Much appreciated. Temps were fine at start of mash & post mash (65-66°C). I had a fair bit of floating grain that covered the top surface of the wort @ 60mins. A little unusual, but I've had this before & it caused no issues. When I stirred the grain at this point it must have allowed the build up of activity underneath it to break surface tension. Maybe that was why it seemed to foam up a little excessively? It's no biggy, I just found it interesting & wondered what may have caused it. The ferment was up & going fairly smartly for a lager brew & is fermenting well. It's a fairly expensive brew for me, so just wanted to check there wasn't something amiss given a few of the different things I did with this brew compared to my usual ones. Thanks again, Lusty.
  6. Beerlust

    Enzyme Activity

    Hi guys. On my brew day yesterday I used a grist containing grains with good enzyme qualities for conversion. I also used a 5.2 pH stabiliser in with the mash. It is said to assist with creating a good environment for enzyme activity due to the pH level created. After 60mins of the mash I like to give it a stir to make sure there are no remaining grain balls & that the grain has separated well. I then usually mash for a further 20-30mins. Yesterday as I began to stir I noticed a lot of "foaming" (for a better word) than I have had before when mini-mashing. I can only assume this is the result of high enzyme activity? I'm wondering if this was due to the grist used, or the pH stabiliser, or a combination of both? I'd be interested to hear from those that use water treatment, whether when they first began using salts etc. if they had an occurrence such as this. Cheers, Lusty.
  7. Beerlust

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Thanks Capt. No crystal malts this time, & more like a lager grist. The hop schedule is a little more complex than it need be, but I have some open packets of Citra & Chinook that need to be used up, & I've been staring at the Riwaka in my fridge for a couple of months now. They should fit well. I would be just as happy using entirely Cascade through the boil. I found the lager strains tend to quell hop character, including smoothing bitterness. Because of this I've loaded the boil a little more, upped the overall IBU, & returned to a decent 60min bittering addition, rather than the short boil bittering addition I often do with the cleaner US ale strains. Fingers crossed. Lusty.
  8. Beerlust

    Larger Beer

    I noticed this on the packet of yeast during my brew day today... ...I never knew there were BIGGER ones! Cheers, Lusty.
  9. Beerlust

    Red Harry IPA Take II

    Sorry Mike, now I understand what you are saying. Most of the calcs these days are pretty good across the board. In this case I'd suggest your calc maybe adjusting IBU due to "boil volume". Tinseth calculated IBU does not take into consideration boil volume, whereas Garetz theory does. Maybe the calc you're using adjusts IBU due to this? I've learned to trust Tinseth calculated IBU provided I don't overcrowd my small volume boils with too much weight of hops against commercial brews of approx. the same listed IBU. Trust what your calc presents at the glass for what you feel is inline with similar commercial beers you have sampled. Cheers, Lusty.
  10. Beerlust

    Red Harry IPA Take II

    Knowing myself pretty well, I likely questioned the %AA of the hops you were using against the inbuilt figures your calc uses, & suggested you check this & adjust accordingly. Your numbers through the hop schedule for a 1.043 OG beer look decent given what you are after, but you never really know until you brew it, & then taste it at the glass. There is always a bit of a learning curve when attempting to replicate commercial beers from scratch when you have little to go on. If you really enjoy the beer, simply continue to re-brew the beer & make adjustments where YOU deem necessary. Best of luck with the brew & let us know how you get on. Cheers, Lusty.
  11. Beerlust

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Brew day. Back to the "Grail" trail. Enterprising Lager v.4 Briess Pilsen Liquid Malt extract 1.5kg Coopers Light Dry Malt extract 500gms Coopers Pilsner Malt grain 500gms Vienna Malt grain 500gms Munich Malt grain 300gms Aromatic Malt grain 200gms Cascade 25gms @ 60mins Cascade 15gms @ 30mins Riwaka 15gms @ 15mins Citra 15gms @ 5mins Riwaka/Chinook 15gms each @ flameout Nelson Sauvin 60gms dry hopped 2 x MJ’s M76 Bavarian Lager yeast rehydrated Brewed to 21 litres Ferment @ approx. 13°C OG = approx. 1.053 FG = approx. 1.010 - 1.014 EBC = 10.5 IBU = 45.2 Kegged ABV = approx. 5.2% Hopefully the adjustments to the malt bill & hop schedule from what I learned off the last brewing will do the trick. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  12. Beerlust

    Red Harry IPA Take II

    Styrian Golding is the closest I've come across to Fuggles. They are related & it is thought Styrian Golding is simply Slovenian Fuggles that were introduced there circa 1900. It's what I'd use in place of the Fuggles. Cheers, Lusty.
  13. Beerlust

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2018

    This is why I always fast carb the keg through the gas-in line (on the keg) & invert the keg to have it bubble up through the liquid. Once the keg is gassed up leave the gas on & turn the keg back upright, then turn off the gas &/or disconnect if required. When upright, the gas-in line has some head space between it & the beer inside the keg, whereas the beer-out with the dip tube does not. The non-return valve is a must if your value your regulator. Cheers, Lusty.
  14. Beerlust

    Lower ABV Saison - Coopers Recipe

    It drinks well fairly early on as most of the flavour of the beer is yeast derived & the bulk of that character is produced through the fermentation process, not generally through ageing the beer. The yeast traditionally has very high attenuation that leaves a very low gravity & low malt derived flavour in the beer, hence ageing it excessively doesn't really seem imperative or highly beneficial given it's base flavours once secondary fermented (carbonated). Just my 2 cents. Lusty.
  15. Beerlust

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    ...a question your wife has obviously never had to ponder, just had to put up with. Well you did open the door... On a side note, maybe it's a cumulative, degenerative disorder brought upon by brewing & drinking beers that use Magnum hops? I feel sorry for a lot of you right now. 🤣 Lusty.