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  1. @MUZZY Experience with anything comes with continued experimentation. Regardless of the style of beer you like to make & drink there are always different spins you can put on them with the hops you decide to use & how you use them in the production of the beer. You appear to have a liking toward lager style beers (your cloak is now off! ), so look into hop varieties that are often used to produce these styles of beers best, then work off their characteristics to produce something unique for yourself. Lager yeast strains have a tendency to quell hop influences & bitterness created from them in the boil that is actually a plus when used with the right hops that would otherwise present far more potent in an ale yeast fermented beer etc. Cheers, Lusty.
  2. Cluster is an interesting hop. It's been around a long time now but doesn't get spoken about favourably in home brewing circles that often these days. So it does beg the question about how it remains relevant. For those that move into home brewing they soon learn that Cluster is associated with the mid-strength commercially brewed beer XXXX Gold, & quickly scrub that hop off their want to use list. That's a mistake (IMHO). Cluster's main attributes are a very nice light citrus floral characteristic backed up by a spicy flavour undertone. For those more versed with hop character, think Hallertau & a lighter Saaz combined. It is quite versatile across a number of beer styles that explains it's longevity (to me at least). I have experimented with it in place of the Perle hops used in the famous Sierra Nevada Pale Ale recipe & added another small addition at another entry point with the recipe & felt it presented much better than the Perle did. I made it a part of a hop forward Pale Ale recipe of mine years back using it strategically in the boil & dry hop, & that beer is still in my top ten assessed beers I've ever brewed. Just my 20 cents, Lusty.
  3. +1 A really good kit (IMHO). For a nice floral/herbaceous hit to compliment the kit, a 20-25min steep/hop tea with approx. 10-15gms of Tettnanger hops works well. Best of luck with the brew, Lusty.
  4. I believe Darren may have inadvertently used up all of Marty's monthly emoji allocation.
  5. Hi Mitch. I'll definitely post something up. Probably still a week or two away though. Cheers, Lusty.
  6. The old Palmolive dish washing lady would be proud.
  7. Welcome to the forum. You've got a lot going on there Darren. Drips, stop watches, thumbs up, thumbs down, point the finger this way, point the finger that way, freakin' Vulcan mind melds on dark sugar, treacle & caster sugar, fires, clover, trees & playing cards, & even enough time to don the shades on what must have been a nice sunny day! I've never seen so many emoji's in one post. WTF are we talking about again? If you managed to get a brew down among all of that, I say well done! Best of luck with the brew, Lusty.
  8. I must of missed a conversation somewhere on the forum about this, but anyways... Lusty.
  9. +1 Good call iBooz2. With my counterflow plate chiller rapid cooling method I'll be hurling a few of THESE into my refrigerated water containers that will be recirculated through the chiller. I've used them extensively early on with ambient fermenting & in my eskies, & they work terrifically well (IMHO). They hold out much longer than pure water, & are easier to fit in your freezer due to their flexibility. Cheers, Lusty.
  10. Yep I did order local for the Guten & external pump etc. Given everything going on I feel it's important to support local business where you can. I admit it's even starting to test my patience a little, but only a little. The guys over at Beerbelly have had their issues with suppliers like many others & especially when bringing things in from overseas right now. They've always given me terrific service & if that means I wait a little longer,... then I wait a little longer. I might have to put an extract batch down this weekend if a shipment hasn't arrived by then as although I'm saving money by not brewing right now, I'm spending too much on commercial beer atm for my liking. I have a week off work in couple of weeks time, so as long as all the gear is here by then so I can have a play with it, I'll be happy. That was always the plan. Yep, had that weeks ago from Cheeky Peak, & probably could have the whole setup by now if I chose to go through alternate suppliers. I'm loyal though. Ohh....& btw, it is Therminator you Larger drinker! Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  11. If my Guten ever arrives this will be my plan to begin with using the Therminator. One batch of pre-chilled 30L water run through first, then a re-circulated batch of icy water until pitching temp is achieved (if required). A will do a trial run with the system using only water first to see what marks it is hitting & make any adjustments necessary from there. Thermodynamics is an interesting field. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  12. Interesting the similarities between Chuck Norris & Ben 10 on this front isn't it?
  13. When Chuck Norris brews IPA's.....nothing is left over. For those unfamiliar with Chuck Norris legend, see below for just a small taste... https://parade.com/968666/parade/chuck-norris-jokes/ My personal favourite is... Q: What do you call the pile of dead ninjas on the front lawn of Chuck Norris's house? A: Broke-back mountain. Lusty.
  14. I just wanted to acknowledge those that took the time to read this particular post of mine & be nice enough to show something that cared. It meant more than any of you will ever know at a hard time when I just needed it. Thank you. Lusty.
  15. I'm really liking that mix! Get the balances right &..... Very envious of what is in that glass right now. Great stuff mate! Lusty.
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