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  1. Hiya Scottie. I'm guessing you'll be retiring again soon after you taste that Magnum brew. Cheers, Lusty.
  2. Maybe start here... Magnum Hops & It's Super Underwhelmingness Cheers, Lusty
  3. Ahhh TISM. I'm not a fan of their music by any stretch, but quite a while back a mate asked me to check THIS TISM video (Whatareya) out. Still one of the funniest music videos I've seen. Lusty.
  4. You do realise this beer has Nelson Sauvin in it right? https://www.jamessquire.com.au/craft-beer/one-fifty-lashes/ Cheers, Lusty.
  5. It's highly likely you've been given a darker crystal malt. That was my side by side of the commercial vs the DIY version using the CaraMalt @ approx. 50 EBC I advised. Cheers, Lusty.
  6. Hello LC598. This beer is a taphouse beer only atm TTBOMK, so limited info on it. As a new kit based brewer starting out, I would follow the Coopers DIY XPA recipe, & just substitute the main hops for those most likely to resemble the flavour profile described about the Malt Shovel XPA. For the 2 x 25gm additions I'd use either Riwaka, Chinook, or Cascade hops. For the split 25gm addition I'd definitely only use Galaxy hops. Best of luck with the brew. Both I would hope. I don't like to speak highly of competitors on the Coopers forum, but in this instance I don't feel they'll mind. IMHO the Australian beer market evolved off the back of new commercial beer types produced out of the Malt Shovel brewery. The plethora of beers we now enjoy domestically largely came off the back of that initial push by Malt Shovel. They introduced the Golden Ale with Amarillo to the Australian market, a Porter, an English styled IPA, a Pilsner, a light hopped Pale Ale, an Amber Ale, then eventually an annual hop driven beer. ALL of which were well made & well received in a market that had been begging for this stuff for sometime. For those tired of the megaswill crud, their beer range was a welcomed change. I haven't forgotten what they started. All of the beers in that range are still lovely to drink if you're open minded enough. I really loved their Stowaway IPA that was deleted a little while back. I did manage to find a good descriptor of it's makeup before it was removed & will have a crack at making something like it one day. It's easy to forget. Lusty.
  7. Oops. Yes. As there was no brew happening on the day, we moved through some areas a little quicker than others. Cheers, Lusty.
  8. No, but I reckon I could get elected in a landslide with a promise to parents like that! If you can't afford tranquilizers &/or tasers, just do it the old fashion South Park way. Cheers, Lusty.
  9. That's different. I don't know how eastern philosophy will react to you trying to force Yin & Yang to combine though! Moving forward, if I were you I'd beware of ninja's in the night. Cheers, Lusty.
  10. Tranquilizers fix that s#!t@ real quick. Teachers should be allowed to use them &/or tasers to deal with it in schools for disobedient, outbursting, brats that interrupt class time. "Hey kid, you don't want to be involved in the discussion & learn, no probs, have some extra sleep time". Then do the same to their d!@#$%^d parents when they arrive to complain about the treatment of their child, as they are ultimately the cause. I'd even offer myself as a volunteer to drive all of their unconscious @$$#$ back to their home. Sorry I took that a little further than the discussion warranted there didn't I? Ahhh....it's only 20 cents worth. Lusty.
  11. Big fan of Alan Parsons Project work. I don't listen to them often enough these days. Made some terrific stuff through the late 60's & into the 70's. They were one of the first bands to play around with studio equipment & sounds on a really technical level to make new sounds never heard before. For their time & I reckon still today some of the music they created is quite incredible. Some may not like the music style, but most would be hard pressed to not be impressed with the complexity of sound produced in Alan Parsons Project music. For those who may not know, Alan Parsons was involved in the production of The Beatles "Abbey Road" & "Let It Be" albums & apparently had a lot to do with the formation of Pink Floyd, whom he was the lead producer of on their famous "Dark Side Of The Moon" album. TTBOMK, Alan Parsons Project were the first to ever record the sound of a cymbal being hit & reverse the sound of that & include it in a song. That particular sound effect has been used by many artists over the years in many tracks & movies etc. MIchael Jackson's "Thriller" song comes to mind. For those as old as me, a section of "Silence & I" used to be the intro soundtrack for channel seven's footy show back in the late 70's & early 80's. Great stuff. Lusty.
  12. Once a keg is carbonated sufficiently don't expose it to differences in pressure to pour (for the most part). If your "Keg 1" was pouring fine before you detached the connection & gassed up keg 2, there is no need to "blast 40 psi" into the headspace as it is already pressurized to your desired level. Where could pressure possibly leak from while you're separately gassing up the other keg? Cheers, Lusty.
  13. Hey Pirate, have you ever heard among your circles of anyone suggesting infections being possible as a result of using "cheesy" hops through the boil manifesting into the final beer? Cheers, Lusty.
  14. Thanks for the info Ben. Good recipe base to test out a new yeast on. The origins & desired ferment temp range have me a little hesitant to use despite some conversation around this strain's inherent ability to avoid some of the ester nasties often associated with fermenting at this temperature. Sounds very Belgian to me. If you like that sorta thing then fair enough. There was a lot of hype around "gigayeast" strains 12 months ago, but not hearing much chatter lately about them being anything super above strains that have been available for quite some time now. I'd probably need to taste a beer fermented with it before I'd take the plunge to buy the strain & use it. The interest is there, but not enough to reach into my wallet just yet. Lusty.
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