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Amarillo and Simcoe APA: Simarillo!


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Hey guys, I'm thinking of putting this one down this weekend. I know Simcoe is a great hop, but haven't had a chance to use Amarillo yet.


Simarillo APA: 11 litre BIAB batch


Malt: Mash @ 66C for 60 mins, mash out at 72C

2.3kg Maris Otter 2-row

0.1kg Caramalt

0.1kg Biscuit malt



10g Chinook - 30 min\t

10g Amarillo - 15 min\t

10g Simcoe - 15 min

10g Amarillo - 5 min\t

10g Simcoe - 5 min

30g Amarillo - Dry hop

30g Simcoe - Dry hop


Yeast: US-05


OG: 1.054

FG: 1.010

ABV: 5.8%

IBU: 45-50

SRM: 7


Should fit nicely into the hoppier end of the US APA spectrum. [happy] What do you guys think?

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Looks good Reuben. You should have some nice assertive bitterness to go with the hop flavours in this one.


Amarillo is a great hop and I used it a while ago with Simcoe and cascade. No massive late additions of Simcoe like your brew though.


That is a big dry hop for an 11 litre batch [devil]

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My two fav hops and your name, my fav sandwich ... I make that a good night in [biggrin]


Thats a lot of Simcoe going in dry for a small batch good on'ya!!


I have called my latest creation an 'American' brown ale but I question the validity of the name due to the British malts/yeast I used, not that it really matters wtf we call our brews but an interesting topic of discussion I think....At what point in the recipe does an Ale become an Ale [biggrin]

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I didn't end up brewing this one this weekend, but might try and put it down one night this week. Silly amount of dry hops I know, but I reckon it suits the style.


My brewing friend says Amarillo reminds him of mandarins. Time to put that to the test!

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