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The 'Convict" challenge.

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I kicked off a thread not so long ago regarding some beers from Gage Road Brewery in WA. I have since taken a great liking to a the Convict and I would like to emulate a similar brew. At this stage I would be looking at maybe an extract recipe. My friends at LHBS are stumped... they're having trouble with the 6 different malts. Info on the label as follows -[ninja]

100% Aus Hops

100% Aus Malt

Malt - Ale,Amber,Wheat,Vienna,Crystal,Roast.

Kettle Hops - Topaz,Summer,Stella,Galaxy

Dry Hops - Summer, Stella, Galaxy.


IBUs 80 EBC 20 ABV 7.2[devil]


I would love to put something together on this and trial a batch.

Thanks, AdamN.

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Are you able to do a partial mash? This would help get the correct malt profile.


Otherwise you will struggle to get there with extract. You can still make a nice similar beer though.


Briess liquid Munich malt might be a nice extract to add to it.

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A partial mash is a brew where you get part of your fermentables from malt extract and part from mashing grains (a base malt). Instead of all grain it is like a half grain brew.


I really can't help too much with this brew. I have tried the Convict and quite enjoyed it, but too many beers have passed under the bridge since then and I can't recall the specifics.


It would be pure speculation on the quantities of malt and the timing and quantities of hops.


Perhaps you could have a go at designing your own recipe and post it up. It is easier to give feedback on a draft recipe.


shed extension & life work balance changes ahead

Work/Life balance may change but partial mash or grain brewing doesn't have to take up space. You can do it on your stove in the kitchen.

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You might try writing/emailing them and ask.


Sometimes you can be surprised how open they can be about it. There's a 50/50 chance they'll be flattered and they might share it with you. Or at least give you a hint.

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Thanks Dave, That was my next step. The boys at LHBS were also leaning towards contacting the brewery and pleading on hands & knees. They even tried AHB forum and drew a big fat 0.

Cheers, it was worth a try...

I'll let you know if I get a response..

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Just got word back from GR, I have recipes for the Convict [biggrin] Full Mash & Partial Mash. Not to sure how to upload it without having to re type the lot[pinched], apparently they should be posting it on their FB page today.


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Convict LME

Australian Strong Ale

Batch Size (L): 15.0

Total Grain (Kg): 3.188

Total Hops (g): 131.30

Original Gravity (OG): 1.074

Final Gravity (FG): 1.019

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.27%

Colour (SRM): 19.7 (EBC):38.8

Bitterness (IBU): 66.1 (Average)

Brewhouse efficiency(%): 70

Boil Time (Minutes): 90

Grain Bill

2.813 kg Dry Malt Extract - Dark (88.24%)

0.375 kg Caramunich III (11.76%)

Hop Bill

10.5g Topaz Pellet (16.2% Alpha) @ 90 mins (Boil) (0.7 g/L)

6.8g Stella Pellet (14.2% Alpha)@ 30 mins (Boil) (0.5 g/L)

15.0g Summer Pellet (5.8%) Alpha)@ 30 mins (Boil) (1 g/L)

36.0g Galaxy Pellet (13.4% Alpha)@ 1 mins (Boil) (2.4 g/L)

18.0g Stella Pellet (14.2% Alpha)@ 1 mins (Boil) (1.2 g/L)

45.0 Summer Pellet (5.8%) Alpha)@ 1 mins (Boil) (3 g/L)

Misc Bill

0.5 Whirlfloc Tablet @ 0 Minutes (Boil)


Single step infusion at 65 deg C for 30 Minutes.

Fermented at 24 deg C. Edit - No yeast listed, the AG Recipie listed WLP001 - California Ale.


Well enough typing for now..thats the Partial Mash. AG Recipe Next.[roll]

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Convict HB

Australian Strong Ale

Batch size (L) 15.0

Total Grain (kg) 4.440

Total Hops (g) 131.25

Original Gravity (OG) 1.073

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) 7.17

Colour (SRM) 19.3 (EBC) 38.0

Bitterness (IBU) 65.9 (Ave)

Brewhouse Efficiency (%) 80

Boil Time (Min) 90

Grain Bill

2.400kg Pale Malt (54.05%)

0.550kg Caramunich III (12.93%)

0.520kg Munich I (11.71%)

0.300kg Vienna (6.76%)

0.200kg Flaked Wheat (4.5%)

0.200kg Wheat Malt (4.5%)

0.120kg Munich II (2.7kg)

0.100kg Amber Malt (2.25kg)

0.050kg Roasted Barley (1.13%)

Hop Bill

10.5g Topaz Pellet (15.6% Alpha) @ 90 Min (Boil) (0.7 g/l)

6.8g Stella " " (14.2% Alpha) @ 30 min (Boil) (0.4 g/l)

15.0g Summer " " (5.8% Alpha) @ 30 Min (Boil) (1 g/l)

36.0g Galaxy " " (14.2% Alpha) @ 1 Min (Boil) (2.4 g/l)

18.0g Stella " " (14.2% Alpha) @ 1 Min (Boil) (1.2 g/l)

45.0g Summer Pellet (5.8% Alpha) @ 1 Min (Boil) (3 g/l)

Misc Bill

8.0g Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) @ 10 min (Mash)

0.5g Whirlfloc Tablet @ 10 Min (Boil)


Single step infusion @ 70deg C for 30 min

Fermented @ 24deg C with WLP001 - California Ale.


AG recipe for my fellow brewing legends...Enjoy.[biggrin]

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Thanks for posting that Adam. That is pretty nice of Gage Roads to give out the recipe to all and sundry.


I really enjoyed this batch of theirs so I will add to my ever expanding list of brews to make.


Mash temp of 70 degrees seems pretty high for a beer of 7.17% alcohol but I guess it looks like it finishes at around 1020 so it may be right.


Are you having a crack at the extract with grains?

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No worries Hairy, it was a good exercise for me to analize the recipes...times, ingredients, temps etc.

Yes mate I do intend on having a go at the extract, I've been invited to a local Brew club meeting with a couple of local legends.. (Brown Dog) to help me out with set up and process etc. I'll let you know how I get on. Eager to hear how anyone goes with this one.

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