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  1. Me neither in most cases, but Belgians are quite special. Next time you're at Dan's, grab a Leffe Radieuse. They aren't hoppy beers at all, so it depends if you're still in the middle of a hop addiction as to whether you will like them or not. They usually just have one early hop addition and with the majority of the flavour coming from the yeast. Not really on an IPA train. In fact, most IPA's I have been trying are just grassy and muddy. Even some APA's. I am starting to believe first wort hopping makes a big difference here. Will experiment more on that. I'll try that Leffe Radieuse soon. Would you believe I didn't find Chimay Blue all that magnificent? Not surprising I guess, finding a lot of beers I try now just seem shitty or nothing special :( Anyway, modified recipe below: 26L batch CPA can 1kg Dry Wheat Malt 1kg Dry Light Malt Chocolate malt 50gms steeped in 1L of 70c water for 15 mins. Galaxy 30gm @10mins Aus Cascade 50gm @10mins BRY-97 yeast OG 1049 FG 1012 IBU 35 ABV 5.2% I usually get more attenuation than predicted so prefer to stick with all malt and no simple sugars.
  2. Got some BRY-97 as I just didn't have the time this morning (bus replacements for trains, carrying a co2 bottle, and late for work). Dropped 500gm malt and will just make it to 26L I think. Also going to change the hops to Aus Cascade and Galaxy, as that is what is in the freezer, and I have to use the hops I have before I buy any more... I'll post the updated recipe later, will have to try the Belgian yeasts next time. However not very keen on many Euro styles from what I have tried. Then again, I prefer my last 3 APA's over any bought beers. I'll probably blend some boiled water with 10l post fermentation for more of a session beer, and let the rest get a few weeks on it before drinking...unlike my usual drinking from day 1 (nice) then waiting out the next week (unbalanced bitterness) and finishing it off before week 3 (Really nice, wish I had more patience...or time to brew back to back). I'm sure it is the same for everyone in their early brewing days :)
  3. Not at all mate. What would you suggest for this (and would 28L in a new DIY FV be enough headroom?) Have to check if I can fit the collar. CPA can 1kg Dry Wheat Malt 1.5kg Light Dry Malt 50gm Cascade @10mins 50gm Amarillo @10mins Dry hop depending on how much aroma I get.
  4. Yeah to hell with those weak hop whimps hey Khellendros13! Just load it up! [lol] [lol] That will end up with more hop influence than my version did! [wink] Personally, I reckon they'll love it! [joyful] Don't forget to ferment it a bit higher (22-24\xb0C) to gain the banana-like esters from the yeast. [rightful] Cheers, Anthony. Haha well, Citra/Mosaic/Galaxy are not the typical aromas swill drinkers or those unfamiliar with hops, recognise. I was not going to use the kit yeast, as I don't want to underpitch, so I can drink it ASAP after it is done. I'll find another dry yeast that should get me those esters. Looks like tonight is planned :)
  5. The "Fruit Salad" tag really is spot on! Lovely mix of hop flavours & yeast character that produces a flavour even the missus will let you kiss her with after a few! [lol] [cool] I saw, what you learned, before I brewed my version. I dry hopped on top of the base recipe with a further 15gms of each. I could quite happily double that again! [devil] P.S. I understand you are primarily an All Grain/extract brewer, & I took that into account knowing you could convert the K&K into something along the same lines. [biggrin] Good luck with whatever you end up brewing. [joyful] Cheers, Anthony. Yea it was a beer that everyone really liked! Going all out with the hops we all love, is a bit confronting for a lot of people, sadly. I will probably do the hop tea with double the hops, and chuck a similar amount into the FV for a few days. I have real temp control now, so it should turn out a lot better.
  6. Thanks Anthony, That was my favourite out of my early kit/extract brews. I remember wanting more hops :) Maybe a toucan made to 26 or 28l and fill 2 kegs hehe. I will check out the IanH spreadhseet later.
  7. That is exactly why I knocked up a HERMS for about $200. Mashing in and realising the temp is 64c is not fun! You will be ok though, from what I can tell, Mosaic is sweeter as opposed to resinous/piney so you have plenty of deep flavour to carry the beer. I went 20% wheat and munich in mine, seemed too much wheat at the start, but after 2 weeks the flavours came together and it was wonderful. Then it blew.
  8. Hi Guys, Finally going to have 2 kegs at least half full by Saturday...and they are both going to a mates 28th! So I will most likely have nothing left come Sunday. Looking at putting down a quick mid week brew on Tuesday night. I was going to get the Saison kit, but I just didn't get around to it in time. What are your best recipes for a drinkable 2 week turn around (kegging) ? Cheers
  9. The beer line I have fits inside the little bottler tube perfectly, so I go from FV tap> little bottler>beer line>beer out on keg. Works fine, you just need to open the PRV or nothing flows. Takes a while though. Others I know of just run a tube to the bottom of the keg and fill that way.
  10. Brewing my 2nd Hobgoblin clone, for a mates 28th in 2 weeks. First time using the HERMS setup. About 33L into the kettle and SG 1.039. Wanted 32L and 1.042. Should still be better than the first, as I maintained a mash temp of 69c unlike before. Need a bigger HLT for sure. The mash/boil sparge water/sparge/boil more sparge water merry go round sucks.
  11. My 1275 starter has a very light/airy bread aroma. Have to look for it though so it is subtle.
  12. Yep this is why I am giving my basic HERMS setup a run on Sunday. I just could not be bothered farting around with mash temp and guessing. Going to recirculate the mash at 69c and will let you know how the 1275 attenuates then. If it still goes under 1.010 well I will have to try the 1968.
  13. I have used 1275 in a Hobgoblin clone a month or so ago. Made a starter, fermented at 18c. Ended up at 1.008, attenuated more than I expected. Could have been the poor temp control on my mash though. Got another starter on the stirplate to repeat the same beer on Sunday, but should turn out closer to 1.012 with some improved practices/brewery upgrades. It seemed rather clean at that temp, and Philbo told me he ferments with it around 20c to get some flavour from it, which is what I will do this time. I am just using 1275 and 1272 for now, see what I can get out of them.
  14. Well, you learn something every day :) Nice bit of history. First, this taste I am talking about, is not hugely prominent in Coopers Pale Ale. Just a similarity I have noticed with other beers that have it much stronger. Second, I am not even sure what it is, just that any beer I have that shows it clearly, is filtered. There are some that are filtered but don't show the flavour to me (Feral Hop Hog for instance, but not sure on filter method). It is a chemical like sharpness behind the other flavours (malt/sweetness/hops etc) that cuts through at the end. Can even get a whiff of it in some. I feel like a dick going into detail about this, but I really wanted to find if anyone else tasted something similar. Hawthorn Pale Ale and the Iron Maiden beer, The Trooper, are recent examples.
  15. Our ales are not filtered. Rather' date=' they are centrifuged then seeded with re-vitalised yeast (same strain as primary), primed with liquid sugar then bottled/canned/kegged. [biggrin'] Thanks PB2. Was that the work of the marketing team? I found that tidbit here if it matters: http://www.cellarmasters.com.au/wines/BM16-BM16.aspx#fulltasting I don't want to go too off topic, but if you read that thread you may be able to help pinpoint that flavour. Now I know CPA is centrifuged (apparently Sierra Nevada is too) and I get that flavour in both. Is there a fining that is added to aid the centrifuge process?
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