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Orange Choc Porter


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So, I have been inspired to make an Orange Choc Porter by one of my favourite chocolate brands (Whitakers)


Here is what I have so far.



6 litre partial mash:

2kg - Light dry malt extract (late addition)

1kg - Light Munich

300 grams - Medium crystal

200 grams - Dark crystal

200 grams - Pale chocolate

200 grams - Chocolate

100 grams - Black patent



20 grams - Chinook @ 60 mins



- Peels from six oranges (with minimal pith) @5 mins

150 grams - Roasted Cacao nibs soaked in a small amount of vodka and added a week prior to bottling



Decanted yeast from a 2.5 litre starter beer of recultered commercial Fuller's IPA. This is supposed to be the same yeast as WLP002 and WY1968. Fermented at about 18C.


OG - 1.052

FG - 1.015

IBU - 30

SRM - 35


Any thoughts guys? Based on my research I should get strong orange and chocolate aromas, while having a well bodied malty and sweet beer. [cool]



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Here is something I copied from an earlier thread. It is PB explaining what he did to one of his brews to lift the orange flavour [roll]


Made a choc-orange wheat beer using 150g of Roasted Malt and 100g of Choc Malt, 35g Orange Zest, 20g Coriander Seed. Fermetned with WB-06.


Tasted it out of bottle and thought it was a bit short on orange character - so for your own recipe perhaps increase the Orange Zest and Coriander to 50g and 30g respectiviely.


Knowing that I had a whole keg of the stuff, an addition of 1/3 cup of Cointreau to the keg really lifted the orange character and it was a hit!


PB2 - Coopers Brewery

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MarkF6, that's some helpful info.


I just peeled an average sized orange (carefully avoiding the bitter pith) and got 25 grams of fresh peel. I think six oranges should be enough. I do want a huge orange hit!


I just boiled the peel in 500mls of water for five mins and it smelled great. Put in a teaspoon of ground coriander and the aroma got a huge boost!


I guess I need to add some coriander seeds to this recipe now...[cool]


Also that's a great idea with the Cointreau. I can steep the cacao nibs in it then add it all to the fermenter...Then make a tasty margarita to celebrate.

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I wish I could send beer from NZ to Australia. Customs might have me arrested if I ever tried...But hey, if you ever find yourself in Wellington, NZ.


I wonder if I would be able to take homebrew in my checked luggage next time I visit Melbourne.[annoyed]

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A mate of mine was recently telling me how he took some home brew in glass bottles on a plane from Darwin to Adelaide! Apparently they looked at them and said "Are these things safe?" and his response was "Mate, these things will explode for no reason when they're just sitting there!"


They told him to just shut up and sit down [lol]

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