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Coffee Stout advice


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Hi all,


Doing a stout in the next day orso and looking to put some ground coffee beans in.

Anyone any suggestions on amount? Was thinking a couple of scoops ground up and steeped with the grains.

Will be leaving this one in the bottle till the depths of winter.


Recipe was going for


TCPS Stout,

Can of dark malt extract,

100g choc malt,

2 scoops of ground coffee beans,

and Windsor yeast.


Any advice greatly appreciated, dont want the coffee flavour to overtake.





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This is on great interest to me Martyn.


I think there was a thread middle of last year on something similar and discussions about what is the best way to get the coffee into the beer. I posted a few links to getting the most of the coffee.


Like the grains, coffee has some unwanted flavour by-products that can be extracted, so a cold extraction is recommended to get the best flavour. 70 degrees with the grains might also be good.


I'm not sure on the amounts though. Maybe enough to make 2 espresso shots?


By the way, this is an awesome example of a beer with coffee...

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Ah yes, that would have been my stout ideas thread I reckon.


I spent a bit of time working out how to get the coffee in there and in the end decided that making my own coffee extract was the best thing to do. I think I ground about 100 grams and let it sit in a cup of water in the fridge overnight - this was supposed to get the flavour without the bitterness. It worked well, but there were two major side-effects that would make me try another method next time:


1. Inconsistency. Some of the bottles were really over the top with coffee flavour yet others you could barely taste it. Those that were spot on were pretty amazing.


2. No head! Even though I filtered my extract (twice) the oils from the coffee beans killed the head retention.


So, there's two other plausible ways of doing it I reckon (three if you include dumping grounds straight in the fermenter ...). One would be to make yourself an espresso (or perhaps two - I always like to start by going way over the mark than a bit under), the other is to use grains which impart coffee flavours. Putting a coffee straight in would probably have similar affects to my initial method so I'd go grains, but I don't know which sort you'd have to use.


Anyone else know which grains impart coffee flavours?

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