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In other news I brewed up another English pale ale today' date=' just cubed it about half an hour ago. My American PA has finished at 1009-1010 mark. Just giving it a couple of days now before I turn the fridge right down and crash chill it for 4 or 5 days. [joyful']


Hey Kelsey, didn't know you were into the ESB style mate! [cool]


Just tried a two week old Styrian ESB which I reckon is gonna be a bloody beauty in winter. None of my LHBS's had Styrian Golding hops so I ordered som from Nev (Gryphon Brewing) and man o man, I haven't smelled that aroma since my last Coopers English Bitter kit brew! [love] [love]


Here's the recipe:


#71 Styrian ESB - 16L


2.6KG JWM Traditional Ale (shouold've used Maris Otter [pinched])

350g Wheat Malt

175g Caramalt

50g Caraaroma

50g Chocolate Malt

175g Medium Crystal (80L[unsure])


90min mash, single infusion @ 67C


90min boil with the following hopsies.


EDIT: No Chill Adjusted (Get your IBUs to around 30-35)


15g Styrian Goldings @ 45

20g Styrian Goldings @ 10

30g Styrian Goldings @ Whirlpool

25g Styrian Goldings Dry @ Day 4


Danstar Windsor Yeast @ 20C


Mate, you'll love it, but I'd probably up the Caraaroma & Choccy (only by about 25g each, they can both dominate, which is why this batch had small amounts - learned the hard way previously.)


I would honestly call this a tried and loved recipe, even if I'm the only one who's tried it.[love]


How good is the AG?

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My last ESB was hopped with Styrian Goldings; it was great.


I have just started to taste my last batch of ESB where I went back to EKG, my go to hop for Englsh bitters.


This was a Coopers ESB kit with a partial mash of mostly Marris Otter. It is only young but is already a great drop [love]

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Anyway, I must apologise Phil, your ESB recipe post must have got lost somewhere in amongst all the others because I've only just seen it.[lol]


I will have to get a hold of some Styrian Goldings and Maris Otter, but I'm keen to give that recipe a go, I'll just scale it up to 25L. I do like English ales as well as American ones. I'll post the recipe of that one I referred to if I deem it good enough once it's bottled and tasted, my last one was pretty good but just needed a little extra hop bitterness or whatever to balance it.

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I reckon the powers that be have made some modifications since after lunch. This was actually a different thread entirely which has been renamed and trimmed of several posts...


Oh well, all the better for us! [happy]


Yeah Kelsey, I reckon this one's a winner. I'd never had Styrian Goldings before, and I reckon they've become my favourite/only hop for ESBs (and future Phil's EIPAs).


The [annoyed] face was not there because no one was reading my recipe, it was in response to another post which has mysteriously vanished.[happy] Probably best we leave it at that eh?

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I did see the posts, but yeah.. leave it where it belongs.


In the meantime I'm off to my favourite pub to go see my mate's band and sink a few of Burleigh Brewing's version of an ESB, namely - My Wife's Bitter.[lol] Not a bad drop I think, considering the rest of the beer choice is pretty much megaswill[pinched]

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It's bloody perfect.

I love English Bitters and I love Styrian Goldings [love]


Since this one is perfect I am going to add it to my to-do list. In fact I may do this as my first brew on my new gear (when I get it).


I may change the base malt to Marris Otter or Golden Promise. I have to tweak something [innocent]

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