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As I wait for my second fridge and STC 1000 to arrive, I thought I would try the frozen bottle bath method with a can of OS Draught I have, in order to replenish stock, before moving on to a couple of long ferment Lagers.


The proposed recipe is basic to say the least, but I still a few questions.


Coopers OS Draught 1.7kg

Coopers light malt extract 1.5kg

220gm Carapills & Caramunich + Hallertau Hops 13gm

200gm dextrose

Kit yeast

23 litres of water


Hoping for a ferment temp range 18-20C. I cant tell you the break up of the weight additions of the Carapills & Caramunich as it arrived pre mixed with the hops. This will be my first time using grain, so feeling a bit unsure of myself.




1 - Should I use two packs of yeast?

2 - I am using a smaller FV so will start with about 15 litres of water to avoid volcanic flow, what would be expected starting gravity if it was 23L, how would I measure.

3 - Would you dry hop this with more Hallertau at day 4 or 5?

4 - Is this worth doing at all?

5 - Should I just wait for second fridge?


All advice is appreciated,

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Worth doing? Yes.

I have used the OS draught kit twice with Southern Hallertau (50g). One brew used Carapils (300g) to the other I added Medium Crystal (100g).


1 - One packet of Yeast will be OK (Kit or US05)

2 - Using IanH's spreadsheet = 1.049 (I assume 220g in total)

3 - Yes, I would also increase the initial amount, say 25g at 7 minutes then Dry hop with 25g.

4 - Defineatly

5 - Just keep it in the ice bath for 4 days at 18'C, then Dry Hop it

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Thanks Scottie,


It is all systems go then, The grain addition pack has the following instructions. Should I just follow these as per, or would you do something different?


1. In a saucepan heat 2 litres of water to about 70c. If you dont have a thermometer, boil about 1200-1300 mls of water and then add the other 800-700 mls of cold water.


2. Turn off the heat and stir in the grain and hops, cover with lid and leave for about 15 minutes. Stir again and leave for a further 15 minutes.


3. The grain and hops will have settled to the bottom of the saucepan, pour the liquid off into your FV. Use a sieve or similar to catch any grain that gets away. Do not dump the grain into the sieve as there is too much fine material.


4. You should have about 1400-1500 mls of warm liquid, use this in place of some of the hot water you would normally use to mix up your brew.


5. Do not boil the grain, wring it out, or use too much water as this might give the beer a harsh taste.


I am a bit concerned about few floaters going into the FV, how is this avoided?

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One more question, Scottie you mentioned 18C for four days. Is temp not so important after that, the ice bath does appear to be labor intensive?

Hey Sticky

The control of temperature is important during fermentation to ensure that the yeast does not produce any off flavours and remains true to itself.

Most Ale strains have completed most if not all of their work after 4 days, use the hydrometer to make sure. After that I don't worry too much and my FV temp gets up as high as 22-24'C and I do not detect any difference between this and a brew (in Winter) that has sat at 18'C for the full 2 weeks.

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Good morning guys.


I agree with everything that has been said so far except about possibly pitching just one packet of the kit yeast (7gms).


If Scottie is correct & the combined weight of the grains = 220gms, Sticky is looking at approx. a 1.049 Original Gravity brew. If the grain additions are 220gms each, you are looking at potentially a 1.051 Original Gravity brew.


Either way, I would double up & use two packets of kit yeast (2 x 7gms), or use 1 x packet of US-05 yeast (11.5gms) or I believe you will be well under a suitable amount of yeast to ferment this brew out thoroughly.


Just my 2 cents.


Good luck with it Sticky.





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Hey Lusty

That's a fair enough assessment. Now given that the possibility of you (Sticky) having an extra pack of kit yeast is low (sounds like it to me) I'd say go with the 11.5g S05 if you can get it. The biggest brew that I have done with the kit yeast that tasted any good was my Make Do Ale at 1.047.


Edit ***** I just checked my brew log, My Little Creatures Pale Ale was 1.050 and I pitched one kit yeast at 23'C, fermented at 21'C. As you can see from my links below this was my best brew ever. So if you've only got one kit yeast or can't get US05, just pitch the kit yeast. If you wanted to be safe Sticky drop the dex [wink]


I did a Real Fat Yak with one pack of kit yeast it tasted yuk and could have been the yeast however I reckon it was the Real Ale combined with Nelson

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Just got back from my barber, who is also my home brew shop, and appreciate the extra posts you have provided whilst I had my ears lowered.


When I was there, I purchased a packet of US 05. Even though I do have multiple packets of Coopers Kit Yeast hanging around I never normally use it. So I have the choice to go both ways. I figure just because this brew isn't going to be done in the fridge, it still deserves as much attention as any other brew I have done, and therefore will go with the US 05. To awnser the grain question , it is combined grains at 220gms, so I guess its 1049 OG.


Can I expect a noticeable difference using the grain?


The knowledge on this forum is better than my local home brew shop, and it very much appreciated.


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... it still deserves as much attention as any other brew I have done, and therefore will go with the US 05. ....Can I expect a noticeable difference using the grain?

I'd say yes, based on my experience with the Make Do Ale, I have rarely brewed without grains since, in fact only 4 brews out of the last 31 have be free of specialty grains.

And they all deserve the best.

Good luck with the process and Good Beer to you sir

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Can I expect a noticeable difference using the grain?

Yes. You will notice a fresher, more vibrant taste to your kit brews when you have added strained wort from fresh grain steeps & mashes. As your brewing knowledge & experience increases, you will begin to see more & more benefit through using more grain in your brewing.


On a lighter note.....Barber/Brew shop?


A quote heard coming from inside this shop....


"Jimmy! Jimmy! How many times have I told you to switch the fan off when you are shaving a guys head & I'm vacuum sealing!"


[lol] [tongue] [lol] [biggrin]


I would be meticulously eye-balling anything vacuum sealed coming out of that place! [ninja]


How much for a 100gms of Hairy Motueka hops? [whistling


Hehe [biggrin]



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To awnser the grain question , it is combined grains at 220gms,


Can I expect a noticeable difference using the grain?



What combination of grains mate?


At 220g it's not going to be a vast change (despite what ^cunstable^ says [annoyed]) however it's a good way to introduce the process and will add a bit of 'freshness' to the brew.


Toward the end of my Kit days, I was adding about 2kg of grains to each kit brew + half a kilo of DME and about 250g of WME *and about half a bucket of hops [lol]


Delish [rightful]



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Am I the so called constable [rightful] .


I started to type what you and Lusty said or

When you actually use 220g of straight Caramunich or Crystal you will notice more of a difference
but I decided not to as Sticky is already to go with his brew and it will make a difference. I would suggest that once Sticky tastes his brew he will make the same decision that everyone else has, increasing his grains with each brew.


Yob I do believe that your theory would also apply to hops, whereas the amount in this brew would go largely unnoticed by you.


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Yep, you heard right a barber/brew shop, in fact its quite handy as it is just down the road from my house, and the ear lowering is only $15. It is the sister shop to a larger one a little further that carry's the majority of stock. However as I said, it just made getting my hands on the US 05 easy.


The grain and hop idea, is to take baby steps at first, I don't want to spoil a brew and not want to drink it. I am sure as the rest of you have, I will become more adventurist with time, and that I am looking forward to. This wont be the last bit of advice I request I am positive of that.


In the last three months, due to all your help I have gone from no fridge to a fridge and STC 1000, and have ordered a second of both, Kit and dry fermentables to liquid extracts, additional hops, Toucans and now my first addition of grain.


Many thanks to all who contribute, I am feeling the love!!!


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