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  1. Halfway through BIAB was looking good.The 3V process is normally good therapy, even a Braumaster or Grainfather was looking good. Tripped to the LHBS on Saturday togather enough supplies for another 3 brews, which was good as we head o a partial lockdown for the next 4 weeks. So far in Tassie we have been spared the pain an fear of other states after our premier tightened border controls early. Cheers
  2. Hey Brew Dudes Hopefully everyone is keeping well given the current circumstances. On Tuesday I commenced a brew day to punch out one of the best dark beers I've ever done (Note @Beerlust I refrain my say my best beer 'eva). The first mistake, well it led to the rest, was that when measuring my Grain I placed the Flaked Barley in with my Maris Otter and then put the Amber Malt, Chocolate Malt, Carafa and the Roasted Barley on top. And nixed it. As i put the grain into the hopper on my grain mill I started to think about a stuck mash. At the end of the 60 minute mash process I cracked open the valve and not a single drop flowed. I thought I might get a couple of liters before it stuck. What followed was a painstaking process of scooping the grains out and with 3 large pots, rinsing the grains at of rate of 50g a time. Efficiency was down, 64%, and it finished a bit on the low side at 1.011. I've got a 4.4% Stout which tastes good. As soon as I keg it I'm fronting up again to have another crack with an overhauled Mash Tun. Cheers & Beers Scottie
  3. Day 12, Cascade Session Ale. Sitting at 1.012 for a tidy 3.5%. Dry Hopped today with 30g of Cascade. Cheers
  4. My efficiency is pretty ordinary, Brew House 70% on this brew, without Acidulated malt I get around 66%..
  5. Yep it had foil around the crown seal, I thought it was special and had no idea it was that special i.e. the last with foil.
  6. One of my mates at the Cricket Club gifted me a 2012 Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale. He was gifted a six pack (and others) after doing a job for someone - pretty good payment i reckon. I have ranted before about how good my 2011 home brewed ESVA is and how the slight oxidation gives it some Dry Sherry notes. Well now I've had the chance to sample the real thing and I can reiterate my advice to those brewers (who have patience) who are looking for something different to give one of the ESVA recipes a go. The similarity between the homebrew, after 8 years, and the real thing is uncanny. Another winning kit recipe form PB2. Cheers
  7. I've also got to thanks Lusty for the Link. In my brewing comeback I have bittered my brews with Amarillo then Cascade. All the time I was thinking "I didn't do Single Hop brews in the past did I". Then along comes Lusty to remind me of my former go to bittering hop. Lusty I am forever Grateful. Please keep a close eye on my recipes and let me know if I'm forgetting something else. Cheers
  8. A Cascade session ale loosely based on an English Bitter. 21 litres mashed at 66 degrees. 2.0 kg Maris Otter 1.0 kg Munich 250g Medium Crystal 200g Acid 150g Cane Sugar 40g Cascade FWH 20g Cascade @ 25min 10g Cascade 10 mins US05 Forgot to buy Whirlfloc for my first brews back, used to forget 1 out of every four brews in the past so haven't learnt much. Also thought I had 500g of Wheat left over from my last brew and that's why I needed the 150g of Cane Sugar - fits with style though. Hit my OG target 1.038 and now need the yeast to get it down to 1.01, Cheers
  9. In my time on the forum there have been two famous and recurring debates, The Lager Tin debate and the Saunders Malt debate. The latter resulting in a few de-registrations - I aplogise for opening up old scars. Saunders Malt aside we even ran a competition on here (Lusty I think) to see who could brew the best beer with the Lager kit. Om one thread PB2 commented that the Lager tin is in the startup kit because it was Coopers most popular tin. It was my first brew, fermented at 16 degrees and I drank the lot, not bitter but still beer. I brewed my first three brews with BE1, Lager, Pale Ale and Canadian Blonde. TBH the Canadian was the best. I soon realised that the taste in my Pale Ale and Lager that I couldn't quite place was the Maltodextrin from the BE1, mind you some people like the sweetness of it.
  10. Amarillo Breakfast Juice. First brew in 14 months I missed my terminal SG target by 4 points so the beer isn't as bitter as intended. It's not sickly sweet though so I can drink it. OG 1.048 and FG 1.018 . With 100g of Amarillo with some hop bursting so it looks like a NEIPA, hence the Breaky Juice name. The Fruity Amarillo notes also lend themselves to a breaky style Ale, like a slightly bitter orange juice. The MO and Munich are present but don't dominate as would be expected at such a high SG. Cheers
  11. Hi Christina This is great self control. I found when I went to kegs that consumption increased, due to the ease of the pour and the lack of empties to help keep track. My solution was to decrease the Alcohol content, 4.2% became my ceiling and I brewed lots of ESB and Session Ales at 3.5 - 3.8%. After 12 months of empty kegs I will need to get some of your willpower and show your level of constraint. Cheers Scottie
  12. Smashed out two Fresh Wort Kits, couldn't finish either of them. Cheers & Beers Scottie Valley Brew
  13. In the fridge at 1.049, my efficiency is still as poor as it was last brew 13 months ago. Also did something I haven't done for many years pitching the yeast dry. Twenty litres in the FV and yeast pitched at 23 degrees. Using Danstar ESB yeast so the temperature is set at 20 degrees. Couldn't resist sampling the sweet wort, Amarillo and MO. Cheers & Beers Scottie
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