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  1. In my time on the forum there have been two famous and recurring debates, The Lager Tin debate and the Saunders Malt debate. The latter resulting in a few de-registrations - I aplogise for opening up old scars. Saunders Malt aside we even ran a competition on here (Lusty I think) to see who could brew the best beer with the Lager kit. Om one thread PB2 commented that the Lager tin is in the startup kit because it was Coopers most popular tin. It was my first brew, fermented at 16 degrees and I drank the lot, not bitter but still beer. I brewed my first three brews with BE1, Lager, Pale Ale and Canadian Blonde. TBH the Canadian was the best. I soon realised that the taste in my Pale Ale and Lager that I couldn't quite place was the Maltodextrin from the BE1, mind you some people like the sweetness of it.
  2. Amarillo Breakfast Juice. First brew in 14 months I missed my terminal SG target by 4 points so the beer isn't as bitter as intended. It's not sickly sweet though so I can drink it. OG 1.048 and FG 1.018 . With 100g of Amarillo with some hop bursting so it looks like a NEIPA, hence the Breaky Juice name. The Fruity Amarillo notes also lend themselves to a breaky style Ale, like a slightly bitter orange juice. The MO and Munich are present but don't dominate as would be expected at such a high SG. Cheers
  3. Hi Christina This is great self control. I found when I went to kegs that consumption increased, due to the ease of the pour and the lack of empties to help keep track. My solution was to decrease the Alcohol content, 4.2% became my ceiling and I brewed lots of ESB and Session Ales at 3.5 - 3.8%. After 12 months of empty kegs I will need to get some of your willpower and show your level of constraint. Cheers Scottie
  4. Smashed out two Fresh Wort Kits, couldn't finish either of them. Cheers & Beers Scottie Valley Brew
  5. In the fridge at 1.049, my efficiency is still as poor as it was last brew 13 months ago. Also did something I haven't done for many years pitching the yeast dry. Twenty litres in the FV and yeast pitched at 23 degrees. Using Danstar ESB yeast so the temperature is set at 20 degrees. Couldn't resist sampling the sweet wort, Amarillo and MO. Cheers & Beers Scottie
  6. Hey Brew Dudes My last brew (AG) was a Cascella Valley Pale Ale brewed on December 8, 2018. Fair to say things got hectic after that and I struggled to find time and access my brewery. Today, after an hour of sorting, I am back on the bike. The Mash is on, and I will be brewing into the evening. It is a modified version of one of the excellent Golden Ales that I have brewed in the past. Hit my first target, Mash Temp of 66 degrees not holding much hope of hitting other targets as I am way out of practice. Recipe 4.00 g Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) 3.00 g Calcium Chloride 1.00 g Epsom Salt (MgSO4) 3kg Maris Otter 1kg Munich 500g Wheat 250g Crystal (120EBC) 200g Acid 20g Amarillo @60 10g Amarillo @15 15g Amarillo @7 20g Amarillo Whirlpool steep 30 mins Cheers & Beers Scottie Valley Brew
  7. Shouldn't be a problem Wildcat. The longest I've left a brew on the yeast cake was 9 weeks including a 3 week cold crash. The resulting beer was faultless. I have also lagered a brew, in a cube, for 9 weeks after 3 weeks in the FV. I kegged most of this beer and bottled 6 stubbies, all the stubbies carbed up fine. Cheers Scottie
  8. Hey Captain I'm thinking of Northwest Ale Wyeast 1332 if I can get some. Cheers Scottie
  9. Kegged my second FWK in a row. Taste is good, both kits finished a bit low for me at 1.006, which is too low for the styles. Looks like I'll need to use a different yeast on my next brew given I'm cheating and have now control over the mash temperatures. Cheers
  10. Hey Norris I am planning to Dy Hop with 50g of Cascade. Should compliment the kit. Cheers
  11. I think i'll continue cheating until spring time. Winter AG brewing in a coulorbond garage is never fun. I am yet to taste the fruit of my cheating, it will have to be really good to see that plate chiller up for sale. Like "Best Brew Ever" good . Cheers & Beers Scottie Valley Cheater
  12. Dudes I kegged my Leg Breaker IPA on Tuesday (the last week with a big Dry Hop) and put down another FWK on Saturday. This time I went for the Mercenary Pale Ale. Go me two brews in a month - I'm on a roll. Cheers & Beers Scottie
  13. Hey Kelsey I agree, that's why i always have 60 minute additions. I posted on here how I wasn't a fan of hop bursting after trying one of those new gen beers. Maybe his is what Marty has experienced. I hope this leg breaker has a good 60 minute addition of that Columbus. Cheers
  14. Hey Marty This is an age old argument. My Father reckons my 40 IBU beers were too sweet for him a XXXX Gold and Mainstream Lagers. I recently gave him a Cricketers Arms Pale Ale to try. At $21 for 10 at Dan's he was going to purchase some. I however think the recipe has changed down a bit and it has lost some of its hop. A good IPA such as the Pirate Life has a hop aroma that hits in you in the face as soon as you rip the can open. But you could hardly call it sweet, the balance needs to be between hop and malt although I see what your saying if the bitterness isn't there. For the record I will happily drink Great Northern on the tap if the pub doesn't stock a craft beer. My other go to non Craft Beer is Cascade Pale Ale. Cheers & Beers Scottie
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