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  1. Wow. Can't remember sharing it but there it is. Someone else has brewed my beer form the Cloud. I'll take that as a big wrap from an experienced brewer Captain.
  2. In 2012 I brewed a series of Bushy Park Blondes and Styx River Pale Ales, using the OS Draught kit and the Pale Ale kits. These were kits and bits with some grain and a variety of Hops grown at Bushy Park. My son in law reminisced recently on a Cricket Chat that one of his fondest brews (from memory) was my Bushy Park Blonde. So today I had a crack at a BAIB Bushy Park Blonde. 32 litres of Valley Brew Water 4.5 kg Pilsner Malt 200g Crystal (120 ebc) 150g Caramalt (40ebc) 150g Acid Malt 12g Columbus at 60 mins 15g Cascade at 15 mins 20g Willamette @ 8 mins US05 pitched at 14oC
  3. My first BIAB was another attempt at my best beer ever. It hasn't failed to live up to its reputation. When I took the SG sample a week or so ago I gave the glass to my daughter for her partner to try. This was just shy of two weeks in the fermenter and at 18oC, he wanted to know if he could drink the lot and if I had anymore. Today I poured half a glass from the bottom of the fermenter after kegging this beauty. What a joy, I savored every last drop. This beer started off as a clone of the Pirate Life Pale Ale, It was spot on, in a blind tasting I could hardly pick the difference. The next brew I amped up the Mosaic and the result was an accidental Mosaic Ale, Now called Buccaneer's Pale Ale.
  4. Found my old brew log: Brewed 26/11/2011 1 can Coopers Pale Ale 1 can Coopers Real Ale 1 kg Dextrose 250g Dark Crystal malt (270 ebc) crack with a rolling pin and steeped for 30 minutes @ 65 - 70oC . Rinsed grains with 3l 70oC water and brought to the boil. both kit yeasts pitched at 28oC, feremented at 24,20 then 18oC over three days. OG = 1.066 Dry hop on day 4 with 25g Nelsno Sauvin FG = 1.009 (08/12/2011) 8.1% 52.8 IBU cost $34.90 12 x 640 ml glass bottles 33 x 330 ml glass bottles 3 x 375 ml glass bottles Gold crown seals
  5. Dudes Here is my 6 monthly update. I'm drinking my 2011 ESVA. Bottled on December 8, 2011 it is still drinking fine. Dry Sherry notes dominate, its a beer for the refined gentleman . If you are still doing kits you should roll this one out, leave it 12 months and then start consuming. Unfortunately I have only one long neck and 1/2 dozens stubbies left. Had I known how good it was I would have brewed a 2012, 2103 & 2014 but alas I did not. Cheers
  6. Reasonably happy. Took lots of notes and experienced a few learnings on the way, some fine tuning and i should be good to go. Didn't hit any numbers and didn't really expect to first up. Didn't miss lifting by a 19 kilo mash tun atop a 6 foot fridge for the gravity feed into the kettle. Did the Captain's two bucket drain and I'm gonna have to get a lot better at that, Wort was going in all directions. Might need to build a decent tripod. Also boiled my hops in a bag for the first time and I can safely say I won't be doing that again either. Anyway, looking forward to this next stage of my brewing journey, might even be able to make a full strength IPA with all this extra headspace. Cheers
  7. I completed the brew with same efficiency as I've been getting with my Mash Tun, 62%. The interesting thing is with this BAIB mash I noticed inconsistency in the crush. The last few crushes I've done the Mill has stalled at low speeds and I need to pump up the revs, same today. So I might open up the gap a bit and slow the Mill down to increase the dwell time between the rollers. Cheers
  8. Decided to go with my Best Beer Ever recipe for this first attempt. Buccaneer's Pale Ale V2.0B 4.5 kg Ale Malt 300g Caramalt 200g Medium Crystal 125g Acid Malt 32 l of Valley Water with 10g Gypsum and 5g Calcium Chloride Will be boiling Magnum, and finishing from the 20 min mark with Cascade & Mosaic. Got to say doughing in was much easier than into the old circular mash tun. Cheers & Beers Scottie Valley (BAIB) Brew
  9. Brew Dudes & Dudettes Didn't get off to the greatest start tripping over the dog while carrying 18 litres of water in an open you Coleman Eski (in the past I have filled up the HLT with the garden hose, knowing that this is not advisable and now having a spare 19 litre container I decided to fill up from the kitchen tap). Also decided it's best to cap the Eski when carrying it full. Dog Ok and the floor is now mopped and the walls cleaned - multitasking brew day. Grains are milled just waiting now for strike water to hit 72 degrees.
  10. I guess that others will now benefit from your knowledge. At least you still brewing.
  11. Hi Bribie G Checked out your AHB post. Turn Key Brewery - I hope so. Looking forward to today's brew day with anticipation. I may end up regretting all the time I spent mashing and sparging and cleaning up 3 vessels. Hopefully the results are as good. It's feeling like my first brew day all over again. Just on question,why do you prefer to turn the Urn off during the mash? Cheers
  12. I like the sound of that Captain, I've also got plenty of grain buckets kicking around the Brewery. A two litre sparge to help things along. My last two brews with teh Coleman Esky Mash Tun have been pretty much like this anyway just without the bag and with 250g of grain at a time as I scoop it out of the stuck mash. Cheers
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