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  1. Impressive stuff K, cant wait to see the finished product!
  2. Dell, you will love the experience, and I am sure Pillbo will shout you a couple of his very best. Yep, AG = All Grain, and you can say you brewed it yourself, sort of, isn't that what all apprentices do? You will lose your AG virginity, and walk away with something special, enjoy the day mate. Oh, and good on ya Phil.
  3. Wow, that's a generous offer Phil! Dell let Phil have your sole mate, it will be worth it, a fresh AG wort, you will love it. I sold my soul years ago haven't really missed it either.
  4. Hey Chad, The idea of EKG as a bittering hop was to use up some left overs, the EKG isn't my concern. The overpowering flavour of the Galaxy is worrying me. I just hope it mellows. I am still on a steep learning curb, hence the reason I stuck to more experienced brewers recipes to start with, as I skipped extract brewing and went straight to AG so hop editions are still an experiment with my own recipes. Once again time will tell, I thought my first IPA recipe was disaster on tasting before bottling, but I now think it is my greatest creation[joyful]
  5. Another successful brew day yesterday, numbers and targets were good. The new cradle I have for my three ring burner retains heat and I only lost about 1.2C over the hour mash. I didn't need to buy it but I am glad I did, it seems I cant stop buying stuff for the brewery.It also got to the boil and reached temperature alot faster than normal so I guess it will save me money on gas over time. K, I know what you mean, the beer I bottled yesterday is going to need some time, its pretty harsh I think over did the Galaxy.
  6. I bottled my Cascalxy Pale Ale yesterday, and I am hoping some bitterness mellows with time. The aroma absolutely smashes you, in a good way that is, however flavour and bitterness wise, I am a bit worried I have over done it with the Galaxy. Ale Malt 5KG 87% Caramalt 250g 4.3% Wheat malt 500g 8.7% East Kent Goldings 30 g @ 60 min Cascade 20g @ 10 min Galaxy 20g @ 10 min Cascade 15g @ 1 min Galaxy 15g @ 1 min Cascade 35 g dry hop
  7. Phil, Definitely more yeast than usual, however it isn't washed or re-cultured, in fact pitched dry from the packet. 7.30am testing is now scheduled, if your into the gym that's what you do in the morning, if you are into brewing then testing is what you do in the morning. Hairy, FV time was two weeks, 7 days at 18C, and lifted temp to 22C for 48 hours, then dropped temp to 1.5C for next five days. nothing I haven't done before. Its all a bit strange![annoyed]
  8. Was she concerned because you were starting later than usual? [biggrin] This may be something to do with the batch of yeast you used. Are they in the fridge? If not, stick a few in the fridge for a week and see if it settles out then. Otherwise I am not too sure. Perhaps Kelsey can help. Although if they taste fine I wouldn't worry too much, or at all. She has seen it all before, was just hoping we weren't going to start the weekend that way. They have only been in the bottle a week, so I will give them another week and chuck a few in the fridge at that stage. After having the early morning schooner, I thought the same, maybe its just that packet of US-05 yeast. Lets hope so![pouty]
  9. I am probably worried about nothing, but I tend to get concerned when things aren't going as per past experiences. I bottled my stock AG Aussie Pale Ale last Saturday and on every other occasion the bottles have just a about settled clear by now. The only other time I have experienced this was the LCPA AG clone that was infected. I popped the top off one of the stubbies this morning to check (the SWMBO was getting concerned because it was about 7.30am) if it was ok and it tasted fine. Any thoughts? I remember Kelsey experiencing something along this vein and all was well.
  10. Wow, that's really interesting, unless you read the science behind it, it doesn't make sense. I am once again, further educated. Unless I am reading this forum, or the newspaper, the only things I read are contracts,really exciting stuff, not. Cheers Kelsey, for drawing my attention to explanations I wouldn't have gone looking for otherwise. [joyful]
  11. My brewing techniques have come a long way in the last year, and it has all been for the betterment of the end product. I haven't tried FWH yet, and from reading the last few posts it has merit and I will give it a go.[love] I would have thought that FWH would add to bittering only, is that right? I have saved two of the SNPA bottles to compare with the recipe. I did like the genuine product, I just thought looking at the clone recipe hop schedule, the gen product would have had more aroma.
  12. Not sure about a sub for Perle Kelsey, hope it turns out nice, only time will tell. Two weeks and I can give a report of some sort some on result.
  13. Wow, I just went to get the recipe and you blokes have created another half a page. Your right, we do love our own ones, and those who say they dont are lying! Batch Size (L): 26.0 5.770 kg Pale Ale Malt (95.42%) 0.277 kg Crystal 40 (4.58%) 7.0 g Magnum Pellet (12.5% Alpha) @ 60 Minute 21.0 g Perle Pellet (6% Alpha) @ 60 Minute 44.0 g Cascade Pellet (7.8% Alpha) @ 15 Minute 31.0 g Cascade Pellet (7.8% Alpha) @ 1 Minute 29.0 g Cascade Pellet (7.8% Alpha) @ 0 Days (Dry Hop) Single step Infusion at 66\xb0C for 80 Minutes. Fermented at 18\xb0C with Safale US-05
  14. I cant believe these lasted six months Kelsey, the only way any brew I have will last, is to save two from each batch. I admit that hasn't worked all that well either[devil] I had four beers from a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale six pack tonight, I must say it wasn't all I expected it to be. They were good, just not as good as it sounded in the recipe I made and will bottle on the weekend. It seemed to lack aroma and flavour compared to what I would expect the recipe to impart. Here is hoping the recipe is beter than the real McCoy! Maybe I am becoming a hop[bandit]
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