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James Squire IPA extract clone?

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Hey Wayne


I haven't made an English IPA yet (only American ones), but I've got a heap of Fuggles and East Kent Goldings in the freezer, so I'll do one very soon.


I don't know if you count using a kit as a base as an extract recipe, but I think using the Coopers Real Ale is a no brainer. You get a lot of bitterness, essentially for free that way.


Here's a suggestion to get the ball rolling:

22L, with English yeast like Nottingham


1.70kg Real ale

1.50kg light LME

0.25kg light DME

0.25kg carapils (for head retention)

0.25kg caramunich II (for colour)


5L boil

10-15g of some bittering hop for 60 mins

30g Fuggles for 20 mins

10g each of Fuggles and Styrian Goldings for 5 mins


Inspiration taken from:

here,and here


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Hi Wayno.


Here's one the well known "drsmurto" posted a few years ago. . .


This is the kit version of my Imperial IPA. If you want to tone it down to an IPA leave out 1 of the coopers lager tins (or drop the LDME and the 20 min hop additions)



2 x tins Coopers Lager

1.5kg LDME


20 min - 15g each of Fuggles, EKG and Styrian Goldings

10 min - 15g each of Fuggles, EKG and Styrian Goldings

0 min - 25g each of Fuggles, EKG and Styrian Goldings

Dry hop - 20g each of EKG and Styrian Goldings

Yeast - US05 or S-04 or nottingham (for the liquid yeast users stick with TL recommendation of Wyeast 1028 - london ale)

Top up to 20L for OG 1.078, IBU ~ 70, ABV ~7.5% (these numbers are my best guess as its hard to work out utilisation with such a small boil volume and so many hops - the bigger the boil the more accurate the guesstimate you can make using beersmith).

Just another option for you.



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If you're trying to clone JS IPA, then I'd probably drop one of the lager tins from drsmurto's recipe. It's only a 5.6%ABV beer, that recipe would more than likely come out over 7%. Not saying it'd be a bad drop, but you know... trying to keep in the style of JS. I have tried the JS IPA although it was a while ago; I didn't mind it, but still probably prefer the amber ale or porter. Anyway, good luck mate, you'll have to keep us updated how they turn out! [biggrin]

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