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  1. From my experience making the coopers culture I do it a lot differently than PB2 suggests. I make a 500ML starter using 1 cup DME half a teaspoon of yeast nutrient and 500ML water. Get the DME and yeast nutrient and water on a boil and boil for around 10 mins once cool so its not even warm to the touch get your decanted beer bottles pour a bit into each stubbie put glad wrap and a rubber band on each and shake the crap out of them. Once done get a 1 Litre sanitized container of some sort or a flask pour the remaining DME and yeast nutrient solution into it then pour the stubbies. I also use 6 x Pale Ale stubbies to gain a bigger yeast count to begin with. Now Shake the 1L container several times a day to keep the yeast in suspension and to aerate it and usually by day 3 its going really good and you will have a nice thick layer of yeast on the bottom. Day four I usually do my brew and add the culture to the brew and it goes off like a fire in a fireworks factory. Even better option is to use a stir plate but for those who don't have one that method works a treat I have never done PB2's method so can't say but the method I use works and works well. Hope that helps. Anyhow simple sugars aren't the best for yeast starters that is why I use DME and yeast nutrient to give my yeast the best chance and food they need to create a nice healthy yeast cell population.
  2. Yeah nah that isn't my meaning of WIMMINZ my meaning is just WOMEN
  3. Hey guys thanks for the welcome back.... Yeah my Fiance WIMMINZ decided to take off had enough of my excessive consumption of alcohol on the weekends and a few other things I ended up demolishing my lovely stockpile of home brews she left me with a tonne of bills rendered my business useless by taking off with my car and smashed it into a pole now I get the car back but need to fix it which I will do myself and yeah lack of internet because she had the net in her name and been waiting for her to properly disconnect the service so that i could sign up the net in my name etc etc Anyhow I have a new WIMMINZ who allows me to drink beer whenever i want and brew as much as I want just haven't had the cash due to spending all my cash on Coopers commercial which is $52 a slab for pale ales and $60 for Sparkling. Anyhow going to have a decent brewday this weekend getting 2 FV's going and beer production is back in full swing.
  4. Hey guys haven't been around due to net constrictions my WIMMINZ left me now have a new WIMMINZ lol but yeah getting back into brewing now and getting back onto the forum everyday missed this place but anyhow glad to be back and of help again Cheers (Y)
  5. Kegs are the go after the xmas/new years festive sessions bottles didn't get washed straight away and mates decided to use the bottles as fkn ashtrays[annoyed] [pinched] Kegs would be most handy for sessions no bottles to clean the next day. Oh how i cannot wait till i move to a bigger house.
  6. On an episode of brewing TV a big brewery in the US made an oyster stout and apparently it was a winner at an oyster festival I watched them brew with the oysters was quite amazing I actually want to try it one day if I get the chance.
  7. The only thing that pisses me off about commando style is when it comes to washing the yeast from the trub. I get the odd bottle with some hop bits but nothing major those SS balls are a good idea but its more items to sanitize and make sure they are spotless each time.
  8. Send an email to customerservice@coopers.com.au Either Frank or Paul will help you. I have had 2 issues 1 was a dodgy hydrometer they sent out a replacement asap. 2 The other was a pale ale kit came with no yeast so they sent me a replacement straight away and a spare couple of packs.
  9. Welcome back Warren I opened a beer the other day that was 9 months old and the carbonation was good and this was in a PET. So I am unsure really what to do but the others have provided some great advice.
  10. Welcome to the forum Aaron! Temp control is the biggest and hardest part of brewing unless you have a brew fridge I have taken a break from brewing during the warmer months even though my stockpile is severely depleted after xmas and new years. I haven't brewed the ginger beer yet myself so can't say on that one. Patience is the key even though some times i sneak in a sample after a week in the bottle [innocent] Anyhow soon you will make great beer and you will refuse store bought beer like myself unless it is craft beer. Cheers Wayne
  11. I would say give the award to Craig from Craigtube. He uses to OS Lager kit all the time he has made various recipe's with brown sugar, honey etc.
  12. I use everything from 1.25l soft drink PET's I also use proper brewing PET's I use coopers long necks and stubbies. I use my megaswill mates donation of VB and Carlton long necks and stubbies. The only thing with the 1.25l soft drink bottles is they need to be kept in a really dark spot same goes for green bottles.
  13. I am considering re culturing little creatures yeast and giving it a go in a few brews. The variety of yeasts available is astonishing and the yeast makes up most of the flavour profile so there are that many varieties to sample ha ha excuses to try different beers lol
  14. I have a quarter of a carton left of an EB i made with 1 EB kit 500g of ldm 250g crystal malt 300g sugar 35g fuggles @15 mins 5g @ 5 mins dry hopped on day 3 30g fuggles was really nice young but it improves with age. Either way drinking it young or older its a top drop. The EB kit is on par with the APA Kit they are my favourite kits and mates who tried them loved them too.
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