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Trying a different style of pale ale - comments, suggestions, concerns?


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Ok, so I finally made it down to a brewing store the other day (my work moved offices and there is one conveniently close now) and picked up some wheat dry malt, and some Safale s-04 yeast.


My plans is to brew:

- Coopers Pale Ale kit (yeast replaced with s-04 yeast)

- 500g LDM

- 500g dry wheat malt

- 250g dextrose

- 15g cascade steeped @ 10 mins

- 15g amarillo steeped @ 10 mins

- rind of 1 orange boiled for 10 mins


Does this sound like it might work? If not, why not?


All comments and input appreciated.





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Hiya RoaldV.


looks fine mate, the wheat will improve head retention in beer but also add a 'wheaty' component to the taste.

Its worth mentioning that Wheat malt (dry and liquid) usually has a decent percentage of malted barley.



Looks good' date=' but I would leave out the orange zest as the hops you have chosen will give it a citrus taste on there own. If you want the citrus flavor higher just up the hops to 20-25gms each. Its a lot easier.[/quote']




A nice recipe without too much fuss.



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Thanks Leonard.


Another question, I've been toying with making this a medium to light beer. If I remove the dextrose, would it still work? And if I am aiming to get this within the 3%-3.5% range, is the malt too much? Could I cut down on it without compromising the taste and feel?

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Fair enough Bill [biggrin]


But, my question is, does anyone know how much % I'd be looking at by removing the dex? Would it be 4% after priming? Because I'm aiming for around 3.5% or lower. So, my question is, is it possible to get down to 3.5% without sacrificing too much flavour? And do I need to remove some LDM to achieve it?

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250g dex in 23 litres will give you around 4 gravity points or around 0.7% ABV.


The kit and 500g LDM to 23 litres should give you roughly 3.5% ABV.


If you do that then you should whack 200-300g light crystal in it too to give it some body.

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