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  1. Hey Wayne, don't pick on us left wing home brewers. At least were not tight ares right wingers' that need to brew our own beer because of "cost effective measures" I do it because I love it...fluoride and all.
  2. jasond4

    Craig Tube

    I like Craig. He's a bit odd at times with his brewing methods but they work for him and many others (me included). His JTV casts are a bit of fun and I DO like the record playing, very cool. I just see him as a guy simply trying to make good beer with little effort and cost. Now lets agree that that's half the reason most of us get into the home brewing thing in the first place. But with Craig he is just sharing the experience with us, as well as other thing that may also interest us, mead,wine, cider and music ect. People shouldn't knock him, he is just out to make it all lighthearted and fun about the whole home brewing thing. Maybe Hairy should do a HBW cast along with the other Home Brewing Police?
  3. I didn't want to post about the VB being brewed at 18C because of the fear of looking at mega swill videos. Gee I'm so glad someone else did.[joyful] Got that bad memory of my mind.[lol]
  4. Looks good, but I would leave out the orange zest as the hops you have chosen will give it a citrus taste on there own. If you want the citrus flavor higher just up the hops to 20-25gms each. Its a lot easier.
  5. Just downloaded the documentary, looking forward to watching it later tonight. It dose make you wonder though, what an eye level shelf is worth?$$$$$$[bandit]
  6. Those U-Brew-It joints use bulk packed yeast to ferment their/your beer with. You never know how its been handled or stored or how mush exposure to other beasties it's had while being re-packaged? Go the genuine stuff rather than someone out to make a quick buck out of you.
  7. Well I,m glad to have that mystery of the Dinner Ale and Pale Ale solved. But just to clarify it was the Sparkling Ale "diluted" then packaged as a different beer?. But never as the birth child of the Pale Ale. To me it doesn't matter I like the old beer cans, they look so good on an empty wall. Just a shame that bottles are all the rage. To me they are soooo boooring. NOT ENOUGH BEER CANS IN AUSTRALIA TO COLLECT AT THE MOMENT.[crying]
  8. The "Coopers" style Australian Pale Ale is only about 50-60 years old, for two reasons. 1. The use of Pride of Ringwood, only began being used in the early 60,s or late 50's. It is a hop that C.U.B. developed in the Victorian suburb of Ringwood. Google it. 2. Coopers Australian Pale Ale can trace its origins to Coopers Light Dinner Ale. This beer was on the market in the late 60,s up until the mid 70,s, or at least the beer can of this beer was. I have 2 of them in my beer can collection. Now I believe that the Dr Tim's is the Coopers Pale Ale in a can. Maybe PB2 can clarify this. Then it was relaunched in the late 80's (I think), or early 90's. Now I was told by a Coopers Sales rep. in my local home brew shop many years ago that if you wanted to make a clone of CAPA you needed a kit of APA a box of No2 and Coopers yeast from the bottle. That's it, go figer.
  9. Yes I believe it is a 2 year shelf life, including the yeast. So nothing wrong with it. I think you'll find most cans are at least 3-4 months old before they hit the shelves,or the front of the shelf that is, if there lucky. But coming from Woolies I don't think there on everyone's shopping list. There only on mine when there on special.
  10. Mine are o.k. the date is 14/1/2014. That's for the Real Ale cans.
  11. Hay that's what I garbed too[cool]
  12. O.S. kits are on sale at Woolies. Picked up a few cans for $10.20 each. Some good old brew time for me [biggrin]
  13. I like the Green Bullet hop, its a well balanced hop that copies the typical European hop profile. After all that's why they developed the hop in the first place. So if its a Steinlager your after then Green Bullet it shall be.
  14. I'll give my vote for the IPA, just finished one and another on the go..Fantastic,up for a good dose of UK hops and very easy drinking. I was amassed at how clear and "bright" it looked after a week in the keg,and that's about how long it lasted. If I were to give a 3-2-1 at No.2 would be the APA. I like to brew this with half a can of Coopers amber malt and half a box of BE2,US05 and any "fruit salad hops you can think of(cascade, nelsons,galaxy,amarillo,ect) At the bronze is the real ale kit. To hard to stuff up and it makes for a good testing ground for both American and Englihs pale ales...can't go wrong. Dead last is the one I am drinking know......(drum roll)...Sparkling Ale. No matter how hard I try with this can ....for the money it truly does suck. Dr Tim its back to the drawing board for this can. To recap: 3 votes,IPA 2 votes,APA 1 vote, Real Ale
  15. I love drinking my low carb, mid strength, double hopped,dry style draught bitter?. .....Gee Wizz I wish I knew what cider I was drinking.....strewth was that a beer?[annoyed] [pinched]
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