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Hi all.

I'm new to home brewing and this is only my second batch, but I was really keen to try and make a dunkel brew. I visited my local home brew shop and he recommended the following ingredients to make one:

-1.5kg bavarian wheat can

-1kg malt extract dry wheat

-100g chocolate malt

-50g roasted barley

-Donatar munich wheat yeast

-25g Herabrucker hops


I followed his instructions and it has now been sitting in the FV for 8 days. I've taken a couple of samples and the flavor is reasonably good, but the colour just isn't right (not anywhere close to being dark enough for a dunkel).


There is still a pretty good head of foam at the top even after 8 days of fermentation. Should I be worried about this? Also what would people suggest to modify this to get it closer to a Franziskaner or Erdinger Dunkel?




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Mmmmmmmmm Dunkel. The Weihenstephaner (oldest brewery in the world!!!) one is pretty tasty too. [love]


What about some of the TC Liquid Dark Malt extract next time - that will def give some colour. Mebbe replace some of the dry malt with that.

I will keep my eyes on this post, cos some others may have better ideas and experience than me on brewing it, but maybe not tasting it [lol]

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You will probably find that the Wheat kit and the dry wheat malt are both 50/50 blends (or thereabouts) so you should be fine with that.


If you want to darken it then you will need to add more specialty malt. Try adding 100-200g Carafa (II or III) instead of the roasted barley.


Anyway, the beer you made still looks good.

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