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Hi Guys,


With the footy season fast approaching I thought I might do a brew to enjoy whilst I watch the mighty Raiders on grand final day!


I had a play around on the spreadsheet and came up with an IPA to celebrate our 3 grand final victories in 89,90&94, so it has 89 grams of hops, 90 IBU & 9.4% alc.


The ingredients are:

- 2 cans of coopers IPA

- 1.5kg LDM

- 600g Dextrose

- Amarillo 10g @ 10mins & 20g @ 0mins

- Cascade 10g @ 5mins & 20g @ 0mins

- Centennial 10g @ 5mins & 19g @ 0mins

- made to 21 litres


Do you think this would be any good or would it be way too bitter? Not really sure if the compination of hops would work so any other suggestions are welcome.[biggrin]

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I reckon you'd only be able to drink one at a time cos of the bitterness and hoppiness. But it would be a delicious one drink. You'd appear to be doing this after the first sip [kissing]

But, it fits the BJCP guidelines for Imperial IPA. I don't know about the hop combo, haven't got to that stage in my brewing yet- starting my first IPA brew on the weekend, without additional hops this time, then will work up.

Have you tried the Holgate Hopinator Double IPA? That is a really hoppy one, and the IBU is 68

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as a fellow raiders fan, i'm intrigued! i might even pinch the recipe.


instead of 10g and 20g hops on the hops, maybe we can go with 12g and 18g of hops ;)


Yes I will have to get a "12" of something in there! This is my favourite time of the year to be a raiders fan, full of hope and excitement that this could be the year but come June you realise it ain't!


Maybe I should try to think of something else that can be 90 other than the IBU, because one beer is never enough!

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