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  1. i used honey in a honey porter recipe that i got of AHB and had received rave reviews. given what i was going for, it was somewhat disappointing. it was a good beer, but it was just a watery stout. it wasn't a honey porter.
  2. as far as brewing hardware supplies go, keg king is pretty reputable. with no sparky mates in Canberra and no electrical ability whatsoever, I have no problem recommending keg king.
  3. Adam, I'm adding your brew to the list - so probably 3 brews away I'm currently drinking my first weihanstephan dunkel... sh*t, what a beer. seriously, one of the best I've tried. what yeast did u end up using? edit: sorry, just reread your post. I'll order some of the same. I'll probably make a dunkel and a more standard weissbeer to get 2 uses out of the yeast.
  4. bugger. wish I'd read this thread earlier. I got an already assembled temp controller from keg king in Melbourne (they posted to Canberra) for 70 bucks. the heat belt cost me 20 bucks from the same place.
  5. I did a bit of reading on magnum hops when I ordered some by accident. from everything that I've read, it's not a good flavour or aroma hop - it should generally be used for bittering.
  6. much to pb2's consternation, I'm 8 brews in after an 8 year hiatus, and in both spells of brewing, the OS lager is the only one that I've twice found to be undrinkable. no offence pb, but it's a rubbish kit. the OS real ale is the safest kit - but so far the Aussie pale ale is by far and away the best kit. I'd go with that in most cases where I have random fermentables that need using..
  7. I'm by no means an expert, but from my learnings, you won't kill the yeast at that level. raise the temps, give it a swirl to "re-suspend" that has dropped to the bottom (no splashing!) and the yeast should come back to life.
  8. Troy, we all do it old mate. especially when we're starting out and haven't built a stockpile, so don't feel bad about that. it's good to taste beers at about 2-3 weeks, then at 3 months, then at 6 months, because it educates you going forward. Graham's right - the stuff in the bottom is sediment. try not to stir it up too much, use about a 320ml glass, and you'll leave most of it in the bottom. welcome mate, it's a great hobby, and this forum will teach u heaps. most important? brew at appropriate temps, not at the temps the instructions say ;)
  9. I've probably drunk too much home brew and whiskey to comment, but I'm going to... Just so I can lol at the noob talking smack to the experienced forum regulars and saying that fermentation stops just because they want it to. 1. glass bottles will disagree. 2. don't slag people for not asking you for information that you should've provided in the first place (re: bottles) 3. bill k (and others) would've helped dozens, if not hundreds of home brewers on this forum get their start (including me). there is no one on a web forum who is untouchable. but bill k seems like a guy who I knows his stuff, so to ask a noob question about malt extract, and to then rag on people who took time to give a reply, is extraordinarily poor form.
  10. well, it turned out i still had a Black Rock East India PA can that i bought about 4 months ago. so i was able to put the brew down with stuff that i had in the cupboard, fridge and freezer. my next brew, the stout that was due to be next, will also be done without having to buy anything. win :) it went like this Black Rock East IPA can coopers LLM can 250g medium crystal 500g BE2 500g dextrose 20g magnum hops @ 60 mins 14g cascade hops @ 10 mins (thought i had more than that :( ) 20g amarillo hops @ 10 mins it came out with an OG of 1064, which is about the midpoint of what i hope will be a fairly classic American IPA - apart from the Saf-04 (rehydrated) yeast that I had to use. it hasn't got that classic red tinge that i love in an IPA - i was going to try and add a little bit of roasted wheat malt to see whether that helped, but using Ian H's spreadsheet, it was too hard to make it work, and while i'm not a stickler for style, i wanted the IPA to be as authentic as i could get it.its 56 IBUs, which is on the high end, and 13 EBC, which is on the low end. i'll dry hop it on day 3 - i'm tossing up whether to do it with 20g of amarillo of 10-15g of nelson sauv. i'm open to advice - although i need it by tuesday night! the other tremendous win was that it was by far and away my cleanest brew day yet. it's all gone so smoothly, i'm inspired to have my first go at rinsing the yeast when it's finished fermenting.
  11. in my (albeit limited) experience, all beer suffers from changing temperatures. if u can keep a wort at 12-14 degrees, go all out on hoppy lagers. it's a good thing - you'll get some great results with minimal expenseS some of us live in Canberra with ridiculously changeable temperatures and don't have the luxury of relatively stable temps!
  12. I've just started bulk priming. I have had even carbonation across the 8 or so stouts that I've sampled so far. my reason for posting is that from my pov, from my understanding of the importance of sanitation and my understanding of physics, tap to tap must be the best way to bulk prime.
  13. you're paying for the advice and the convenience of getting all the specialty stuff at one place with the LHBS. i buy as much as i can from the "local" guy, who is about 30 minutes away, cos i like the advice that he gives. it's not worth the 3 bucks a can to go to big w in most instances now.
  14. no reason whatsoever not to drink. it might've lost some favour and alcohol content, but there's nothing wrong with it.
  15. hi all, i bought a couple of the James Squires IPAs today. to be honest, i was a little disappointed by the lack of flavour. it makes me want to brew one - strong, flavoursome with that beautiful red tinge. so what do i need? will the coopers IPA extract do the job? what could i add in terms of grains? i have light crystal, roasted wheat and and chocolate malt. i have a freezer full of hops - off the top of my head, cascade, galaxy, nelson sauv, amarillo, east kent goldings and fuggles. i have saf04 yeast, which i presume will be ideal. anyone want to help me out with extracts and malts to buy? and which hops and grains to use? edit: I also have magnum hops that I don't remember buying. they're a bittering hop so might come in handy.
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