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  1. I opened my first bottle of a pilsner type beer using ale yeast on the weekend. It is nice, I guess a kind of crisper beer than a full strength ale and even though there was a small amount of hops in there they really came through. Recipe was: "The Pretender" 1 can of Coopers Pilsner 1kg Pilsen dry malt 250g carapils 250g dextrose B-Sazz: 10g @ 10mins, 20g @ 5mins & 12g @ 0mins. US-04 yeast 5.1% IBU-27.1 EBC-5.3
  2. I don't know how clear it is going to be but I am going to give this cider a shot tomorrow: 9.6L Apple Juice 7.2L Apple & Pear Juice 1kg Light Dry Malt 250g Caramalt malt - steeped in 2L & rinsed with 1L 20g East Kent Goldings @ 15mins US-05 yeast It is my first full batch of cider after using oztops for the past year, hopefully she turns out ok.
  3. Thanks Yob, I have listened to that podcast a few times now and have Mr Malty in my favourites. Also read through 1,000 posts or so of the yeast rinsing sticky over at "homebrewtalk" and that is the method I used this time and which was also outlined in the original post of this thread. I will give your method a go next time and look forward to seeing the results. It is more just for a bit of fun to see how it goes and also save an extra 5 bucks a brew on yeast [biggrin]
  4. I was under the impression you wanted a layer of crap on the bottom and the yeast in suspension before you pur out the top layer from your fermenter into the large jar, but I must be mistaken. Was thinking there may not be much trub in there because I strain out the hops from the boil and use a chux cloth for dry hopping. There was just a small amount of black stuff, guessing dead yeast at the bottom as I was pouring off into the large jar.
  5. I made my first attempt at yeast washing on the weekend. Did exactly the same steps as you and it seemed to work well. I noticed that there wasn't much trub after letting it settle for 30mins. It was a bit hard to see any seperation through the plastic FV and also didn't notice much in the large glass jar but after having the small jars in the fridge overnight there was a nice compact, white layer of yeast on the bottom. Guess the real test will come when I go to make a starter with one of the jars this weekend.
  6. Ordered mine on the Thursday and it was delivered on Monday, plus only one can had a dent!
  7. I took a reading of the Bright Ale clone last night and it was 1.010 and it had a predicted FG of 1.013. I used US-05 for the Bright Ale and used 2 packets of the coopers yeast for the ESVA, do you think it could be that the coopers yeast prefers a higher temp than 18c?
  8. Thanks for the help guys. I have a bright ale clone going as well so I will check the reading of that tonight and if it seems a bit high as well I might up the temp a bit but if it is ok then I will crack open a few cold ones and get to bottling [biggrin]
  9. I have a slight variation on the Extra Strong Vintage Ale going at the moment and I took a reading last night and it was 1.016, it has been in the FV for 16 days now and according to the spreadsheet FG should be 1.014. It has been sitting at a fairly steady 18.5c, do you think it would be worth raising the temp a little and giving it a gentle swirl and leaving it for another few days? I have never had a beer finish so high before.
  10. Yeah I was going to use 200g each of choc malt and medium crystal, with 2 litres and another 2 to rinse. Oh ok I didn't know you could use dextrose, thanks for the help guys.
  11. I was planning on doing a toucan stout with some dex, steeping grains and hops but how would I get my boil up to 1040 without any DME or LME? I know the steeping grains would add some to it but obviously not enough.
  12. I cracked open my first bottle of the porter as per my original post and added 10g EKG @ 10mins, 20g @ 5mins and 20g dry hop. It is a nice easy drinker but doesn't have a very strong taste, although I have been drinking my 7.5% Toucan Stout lately so I guess compared to that everything is going to be fairly weak tasting!
  13. Thanks guys, I will give it a go next time both FVs are empty and let you know how it goes. Now I just have to decide which beer I want 46 litres of [biggrin]
  14. As I am running a little low on beer at the moment I was planning on doing 2 batches over the weekend but I only managed to get one done. After I had finally finished I was trying to think how I could speed up my brew day and was wondering, if I did 2 identical beers, say the Golden Ale I did on the weekend would there be any problem in splitting a 10L boil into 2 fermenters? I would obviously still get the boil to around 1.040 but would double the steeping grains and the hops. Then put 5L of this into each fermenter and then dissolve the remaining ingredients into each fermenter. Can anyone see any problems with this? Cheers
  15. Well I will see how these turn out and if there is no noticeable difference to my other beers I won't bother doing it again. I have a Centenarillo Ale and a Toucan Stout in there at the moment so I will see how the ale looks, guess I won't be able to tell much from the stout[lol]
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