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Black IPA/ India Black Ale


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Hey all


A while ago I tried a Feral Karma Citra, and it was amazing.


Given that it's hot at the moment, I thought that brewing a beer like the Karma Citra would be a good idea. A tasty beer like this should easily hide any off flavours from the yeast fermenting at higher temperatures.


The details from their website:

Style: India Black Ale

Alc%: 5.8

IBU: 48

OG: 1058


Any suggestions on grains and hop schedule to use for an extract + 'grains that can be steeped' brewer?


I've used some crystal and chocolate malts in the past. I assume that these would do the job perhaps with the help of some others. I have seen an all grain recipe that suggests rye malt. I assume that I can't use this if I'm only steeping?


Any suggestions would be welcomed!

Cheers in advance,


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So I guess it's a little unfair to ask for help, and not at least have a go myself.


Here is something that I would consider doing. I'm not sure if the grains are lost/ pointless (or if I should use others) and whether I should use other hops too (Galaxy, Cascade, etc...)


As a guide, I'm suggesting a Real Ale kit as a base. I've read somewhere on here that it only contains hops for bittering, not for flavour. So it should be a good way to get some of the IBUs for free.


A kit/extract/grain suggestion for 23L batch


1.7 kg Coopers Real Ale

1.5 kg Dark LME

0.5 kg Light DME

0.25kg Medium Crystal

0.25kg Chocolate Malt


Steep grains, rinse with some more water to extract as much of the sugars as possible and boil. Add the DME and boil, and a hop schedule something like:


Hop additions:

20g Citra for 30 mins

20g Citra for 15 mins

30g Citra dry hopped after a few days.


With a 6L boil, my spreadsheet says that this should be in the ball park:


Alc%: 5.9

IBU: 49.4

OG: 1.057


Does this look ok? Any suggestions to improve?


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Looks good Dylan!


The crystal and chocolate malts will go nicely.


Being an all malt recipe, it might finish slightly short of 5.9% - no biggie though [biggrin]


The Coopers commercial ale yeast would ferment this nicely. What yeast do you plan to use?

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Hi Paul


It's good to hear that I'm on the right track.


Interesting question about the yeast. I hadn't put a lot of thought into it. I was either going to use a Danstar Nottingham, or 2 of the Cooper's ale yeast sachets, as this is what I've got.


That being said, I've also got a carton of Coopers Pale Ale. So, I guess I could have a go at culturing up a batch of the Commercial yeast.


Which yeast do you think? If I go with the Commercial yeast, the instructions say 4 beers. Should I do 6 given the higher malt content? I'm sure I won't find any trouble finding someone to help me drink them.






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I use 6 of the Mild ale stubbies to get my yeast. Then once its going I split it into two and away I go. Using the Pale Ale I think you shouldn't have too much trouble with it, coming from a higher alcohol beer. The lower the alcohol the yeast has been with the less stressed it is. Give it a go and enjoy one of the worlds best yeast strains.....Its well worth the effort[happy]

And with a carton you should get at least 4 active yeasts to work with[lol] [happy]

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Dylan, let us know how it turns out.


I have been keen to make a Black IPA and have a heap of Citra in the freezer.


I was going to do one with Cascade but this sounds more interesting. I haven't been able to get my hands on a Feral Karma Citra but I will keep an eye out for it. I have only heard people raving about it.

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  • 5 months later...

Hi Hairy


It's been a few months in the bottle, and this beer is perhaps the best beer I've made. You can taste the malty sweetness of the crystal and chocolate malt, and the high hopping rate is awesome. Citra is a total winner.


I went for the same malts, but the hops where changed to:


15 g for 60 mins

25 g for 15 mins

35 g dry hopped


There is a very slight grassy taste, which I think could come from the 1.5g/L dry hopping rate. Perhaps drop back to 1g/L.


Oh and for the yeast, after all the fuss, my Coopers Pale bottles had been stored on their side, and all the yeast had settled into the neck of the bottle. I couldn't be bothered, so I used a Nottingham ale yeast.


This recipe is a keeper for sure.


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Good stuff Dylan.


I have an IPA with Motueka fermenting at the moment. I didn't go the black route but probably will in the not too distant future.


Although I still find it strange that you can have a black India "Pale" Ale [innocent]


Oh and for the yeast' date=' after all the fuss, my Coopers Pale bottles had been stored on their side, and all the yeast had settled into the neck of the bottle. I couldn't be bothered, so I used a Nottingham ale yeast.[/quote']

Love the attitude [biggrin] It sounds like something I would do.

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I'm planning on putting down a similar brew soon.

How does this sound guys?


Black IPA: 22 Litres


1.7kg Coopers Real Ale

1.5kg Light LME

0.3kg Dextrose

0.4kg Medium crystal

0.2kg Chocolate malt

0.2kg Carafa special ii

Safale S-04 yeast


Steep the grains and do a 6 litre boil with 0.5kg of Light LME.


Hop schedule:

15 grams Zythos for 30 mins

20 grams Zythos for 15 mins

20 grams Motueka at flameout

15 grams Zythos dry hop

10 grams Motueka dry hop


Once it's in the bottle, it should turn out something like.


Alc%: 5.4

IBU: 72 [pinched]

OG: 1.052

FG: 1.015




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Hey Reuben


Your recipe looks pretty solid to me (after I looked up Zythos, which I'd never heard of).


I think the chocolate and crystal malts went beautifully in my black IPA. I can't see why the same wouldn't be true for yours.


Let us know how it goes.




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Glad to hear your one worked out well Dylan.


From what I understand, Zythos is a blend of US hops that was introduced to cover shortages of hops such as Amarillo.


As for the Carafa special ii, it's like a de-husked version of chocolate malt, so it'll make a dark brew without adding much flavor. Useful stuff![biggrin]

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