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Righty Ho folks, this one just about to whirlpool so I thought in the 10 mins I have I would share this one.. first Canadian can. Here goes.


1x Canadian Blonde Can Goop

1.2Kg LDME

250g Dex

300g Carapils

150g cara-amber


Steep Spec grains in 5lt Water 65'c - 2lt sparge near boil

add 700g LDME to total liquid volume and bring to boil.


10g Magnum @ 40 min

5g Amarillo @ 30 min

5g Galaxy @ 30 min

5g Amarillo @ 20 min

5g Galaxy @ 20 min

5g Amarillo @ 10 min

5g Galaxy @ 10 min

10g Simcoe @ 0 min

5g Hallertau @ 0 min

2x Briglow yeast @ 0 min


leave 10 min for convection to stop

whirlpool and leave 10 min.


Siphon off to other pot and add remainder DME and dex and can.


Chill in sink


add to fv and into fridge set to 20'c - Pitch US-05 when at temp.




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precicely Hairy... I like to get my yeasties off and cracking with a good dose of nutrient and simple sugars.. I guess now that Im running out of kit yeasts I should think about buying some nutrient... Effed if I even know where the Briglow yeasts come from even[alien] probably been in the fridge for a few years[lol]


OG of this was 1048,


chilling now and will pitch tonight.. will get back to this topic in a month and a half I guess... when Im sitting in the pool looking at my hop plants and thinking to myself just how much I love hops[love]



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well it's down to 1024 (new packet of yeast so it's a bit slower than usual)and the taste from the sample was most promising..[love] im sure almost completely unlike any 'blonde' ever made [lol] I still think I might dry hop it with some citra which would make 6 hop additions with whatever was in the can..


too much? [ninja] bloody doubt it 20g Citra and 10g Galaxy should do it.


I will have 4 other brews to get through before I get to this one so a heavy hop schedule should help with the age it will get methinks.



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Hey Yob, have you ever come across any Polishner Lublin or Marynka hops???


I'd love to get my hands on those two. . .[joyful]


sorry mate, no, Ive not even heard of them THB...


Polish beers eh? Cant say I remember trying any so have little to compare against... Can you suggest any beers that have them in?




edit: I totally did throw in another 30g for a dry hop too... this is gunna be all up in my face [joyful]


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  • 1 month later...

Im hoping that it's just not ready yet and the hops will shine through in a week or so... which is about how long it's got till I will be drinking it...


With any luck I will have some fresh chinook flowers which I fully intend to cram into a pint glass and guzzle a few like that.


@ Hairy - You should see how much hot english mustard I put on my egg and bacons [lol]


edit: looking back on it, it only has 50g in it [crying]


Ive just finished drinking an AG batch with 120g(+?) and was frikkin awesome....

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  • 2 weeks later...
it wasnt ready yet and the hops are shing through a week or so later...


^ This...


it's really starting to taste 'the goods'... especially with a few chinook flowers in the glass as well [lol]


mmmmmm.... Hops [love] [w00t]

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