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Hi all! I just wanted to log on to let my brew-brothers know how much I am enjoying the wheat beer I just made...After only 2 weeks of bottle conditioning I find it a flavorful and drinkable brew, slightly cloudy with a pleasantly sweet aroma and scarcely any yeast \u201dtwang". I am looking forward to sharing this and I have already bought another kit that I intend to infuse with my own ingredients (all suggestions welcome). If anyone is looking for a brew kit to try, I definitely recommend this!

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Nice work! The main thing is that you like it. Other people liking it is an added bonus (although then they expect you to share it).


I thought the pack would have included the liquid malt extract.


I assume the pack is going for the American Wheat Beer style. It looks good though.


Did you use the full 1kg of dextrose with the 500g of LDM? It would have a bit of an alcohol kick to it.

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I put one in the fermenter last Sunday and it smells great so far!


I used -

1.7kg kit

2 cans oregon blackerries (pureed/strained)

1.3kg wheat DME

250-ish gr dex

some brewers best blackberry flavoring

kit included yeast

cooking along a bit warmer than I'd like (78-80F), but oh well


I can't wait for it to finish [w00t]


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Australian website, it only makes sense to use Australian terms so the majority know without having to do the conversions.


The days of the week are already metric so no need to convert [rightful]

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Somebody on the site posted this


1 Kg Wheat dme

300g DEX




Now 7 weeks in the bottle, verry nice!



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