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metric/standard conversions


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After all the reading/posting I've done on this site,There seems to be some confusion between standard & metric dry mass,liquid measure,etc. So,I thought I'd post a few formulas I found on sciencemadesimple.com. I thought they might also be handy if some of you folks need to order stuff you can't get in Australia from a standard using country.

fluid ounces x 29.57 = milliliters

gallons x 3.785 = liters

milliliters x .034 = fluid ounces

liters x .264 = gallons

grams x .035 = ounces

kilograms x 2.202 = pounds

Celsius x 1.8C + 32 = Fahrenheit


1 US fluid ounce = 29.57353 milliliters

1 liter = 33.8140227 US fluid ounces

1 liter = 1,000 milliliters

1 US gallon = 3.78541178 liters

1 gram = .001 kilograms

1gram = .035273962ounces

1 ounce = 28.34952312 grams

1 pound = .45359237 kilograms

1 kilogram = 35.273962 ounces

1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds

I also found out that 1 British stone = 14 pounds. always wondered about that one. I hope you all find this info usefull.

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Thanks Leonard - It is easy enough to use an online converter. I'm just lazy when it comes to imperial measurements (I'll stick with standard metric and wait for the laggers to catch up. To me it's kinda like learning Latin - a dead language [biggrin]


After living in the UK I can understand that they are bogged down by history but I am always surprised that the US persists with their version of imperial measurements.

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I worked with a bloke a few years ago who uses the term hectacre! I never asked him, but I reckon a hectacre = 7 acres or 2 hectares!


The big issue with imperial and metric is that there are often the US and the Brithish measures, which can really confuse[sideways] . then there a the fluid oz. and well, I missed the 14 february 1966, but units of ten make it easy for me. I have no idea (I could work it out, but why) how many feet in a mile and how many oz in a pound and how many pounds in a ton(or is that tonne).


I definitely don't know how many square feet in a hectacre!


However, if some askes me I'll tell them I'm 6'2" and 17stone! work that out

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Stone my foot,I'm a boulder or two at least. And when my wife & I were dating,she had me take her out for frozen custard before going out drinking on the weekends. It was supposed to coat your stomach. Sometimes,maybe. Other times,it coated the parking lot. But the conversion formulas helped me,so thinking that some of the folks on this forum are from here,or other places with different units of measure,I'd post'em up.

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and of course 16oz in a pound... I still use my old (UK) weights for measuring out my sugars etc. after I have converted from grams. [biggrin]


On a side note - when I moved to Canada, I was being fitted for a suit and the guy asked me my approx weight. You should have seen his face when I replied 13 stone... he had no idea what I was talking about [lol]

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Trust, just to advance your education.

5,280ft to mile

16 oz to pound

2240 lbs to the ton,

not tonne

22 yard to a cricket pitch or 66 ft

22 ft to a chain

112lbs to hundred weight

20 hundred weight to ton

and 14 pound to a stone


That enough fir your first lesson, don\u2019t want to overload you.





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my dad just got back from a few days gold prospecting with about 13 grams of gold. WHat was unusual, was that he said "13 grams of gold!" So I asked him, "how many grams in an ounce?" "28.something" or something like that, I didn't really listen! I think he said gold is worth about $50/gram ATM!

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