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  1. OTT??? Dry hopping with another 1 oz (28g) each of Centennial & Amarillo...
  2. Hi Christina, No I don't have a problem. The first 2 weeks of conditioning I stick my brew on top of the fridge in the kitchen (usually the warmest place in the house and the heating is always on so usually between 18-20 deg) from there I move it to a shelf in the closet. If it survives more than 2 weeks without being consumed it goes into the cold store - doesn't happen very often though The bulb warmer sounds interesting - good luck, hope it works. Just a thought - have you considered one of those warming pads they use for seedlings in greenhouses? It will provide a lift of 11*C / 20*F above the ambient temperature (for seedlings) I'm, guessing somewhat less for boxed bottles but they are pretty cheap... What part of Canada are you from?
  3. I so wanna live there, I really dislike the summers here. I have been to BC, beautiful part of the world you live in Scott. Sure is Frosty - I moved here about 10 years ago from England, no regrets, except should have done it sooner!
  4. Hi Ben, Yes I buy my hop pellets by the ounce. Next step up is by the lb (16oz)! I wasn't sure about the quantity being my first boil, but I figured 2oz (56g) was a reasonable place to start. It's been in the FV less than 24 hours, I could of course dry hop too - any suggestions?
  5. Been a (lazy) home brewer for a few years now. Always been quite happy with Coopers Selection home brews, experimented a bit with ESB but Authentic IPA has been my go to beer although have experimented lots with dry hopping. I do like a nice fragrant hoppy brew! Time to move on! After a post of my current hop selection and thanks to some insight from Beeblebrox just tried my first 'hop boil'. I was going to try the Fruit Salad Ale, but I got a copy (don't think its the latest) of Ian's spreadsheet. After banging in the ingredients I ending up tweaking the recipe as I prefer my beer a little stronger! Bugger me - looks just like Authentic IPA with a hop addition! At least I can compare the difference the hop boil has on my goto brew. What do you think - going to be any good??? Ingredients (for 21 ltr brew) Coopers Selection IPA 1.7kg 1kg Briess Amber dry malt 500g Dextrose 1oz (28g) Amarillo 1oz (28g) Centennial Method Bring 4ltrs water to the boil. add 450gm ADM and 14g Amarillo 10mins 14g Centennial 10mins 14g Amarillo 5 mins 14g Centennial 5 mins. Remove from heat into a cool bath for chilling. After 25-30 minutes when sufficiently cooled, removed hops (I use large grain/hop muslin bags 6"x10" for these...) Remaining ingredients added to FV together with hop boil. Temp 22 deg, OG 1.048 pitch the supplied Coopers 7g yeast sachet. Ferment at 21 deg (with heating belt) for 7 days, then I usually leave for a further 10 to 14 days at room temp, around 20 deg, to help with clarity. Siphon into another FV and bulk prime with 168g dextrose then bottle.
  6. Not practical' date=' guess it depends where you live [img']wink[/img]... I live in the Okanagan Valley, BC Canada. It does get up to the late 30's in the summer but at this time of year more like 5-10 and my cold store stays around 5 degrees - perfect - just like a walk in cooler My preferred bottles are Grolsch flip top lids (green) - love these. Something very satisfying about that "pop" as you crack the top! Whichever bottles you use, keeping it out of the sunlight is a given and it's the UV light (which includes household bulbs) that can cause the beer to 'skunk'. I still store mine in a box, covered from light.
  7. Hi Payno, I am certainly no expert, but I found this interesting web page. I'm guessing it refers to commercial craft brewers, but it does have some great advice that the home brewer can refer too... http://www.beeroftomorrow.com/infographic-serving-temperature/
  8. Thirsty Beaver - Tree Brewing Co, Kelowna, BC Canada. Style: Amber Ale Body: Medium Alcohol: 5% IBU: 20 Hops: Perle, Cascade Malt: Pale, Dark Munich, Crystal Notes: Distinct malt character with caramel and nut undertones Food Pairing: Chicken, Seafood, Burgers, Cheddar Cheese Experimenting Size(s): 500ml cans, draught Awards: Silver Medalist - Canadian Brewing Awards 2012 Bronze Medalist - Canadian Brewing Awards 2011
  9. Thanks Beeblebox - I really appreciate your time and response! Certainly makes a lot more sense to me now... Thanks for the link - I will join AHB to get the spreadsheet, sounds like this is the way to go! Yep, inspired now - will be trying my first boil tomorrow. Think I will try my variant of the 'Fruit Salad Ale" using a short boil with malt for the hops. I have noticed that the aroma does fade quite quickly in 'dry hopped' beer, not that anything seems to last past a couple of months in my cellar . One of the fun things for me about 'home-brew' is constantly experimenting and it's great to have a forum and helpful members to ask questions and bounce ideas off!
  10. Thanks Beeblebrox. Sounds like I need to get hold of the spreadsheet! I have looked at a number of those recipes and have found a number of sites with Hop substitution charts, so will experiment and see what happens. I noticed that a few of the recipes add the hops at the same time as the other ingredients in the FV, wondering how much difference this is to a usual dry hop addition on say day 3-4? Also some of the hop boils are with Malt, what difference does this make? Anyway, I can highly recommend the Authentic IPA http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/47/ personally I like to dry hop, day 3-4 with 1oz each of Amarillo and Centennial is my fav so far. I now use grain/hop sacks 6x10" 1 for each oz of hops just to help with clean-up.
  11. Ok, bit of background, I'm a real home brew rookie! Authentic IPA is my go to beer. I also love hoppy beers. I have experimented lots with dry hopping, but that is it! I don't really don't understand the science behind hops and boil times but thought I would experiment with hop infusions next. I will be trying the Coopers Fruit Salad Ale and Julebryg but in the meantime I currently have; 5oz/140g Summit 5oz/140g Amarillo 4oz/112g Simcoe 5oz/150g Centennial 3oz/84g Pacific Jade 3oz/84g Fuggle 2oz/56g Ahtanum 2oz/56g UK WGV 1oz/28g UK Bramling Cross and 6 x 1.7kg Coopers Selection IPA 14 x 500g Sparkling Amber Dry Malt I would really appreciate any interesting recipe ideas with this bunch - thanks!
  12. Thanks Hairy... that is more than a little spooky 10 minutes ago I just got out the exact same combination for my latest brew!!! I had centennial and mosiac left from a previous purchase so thought I should use these first. Not keen on Mosiac, I find it a little to 'pine' fragrant for my nose, so thought adding Amarillo (my fav) might balance it out. (and the first time I have ever added 3 types to a brew)
  13. Ok, my 'go to' brew is Coopers Authentic IPA and I usually 'dry hop' with a 2oz (2x1) combination of pellets. Went a little crazy with my last order of hops so looking for a little inspiration on hop combinations. As you can probably tell, I like the fruity / citrus type hops. I used to use just a single type of hop so I could tell what it was like but... I currently have several of each of the following, hoping some of you experts could help me out : US Ahtanum US Amarillo US Centennial US Simcoe US Summit US Mosaic NZ Pacific Jade UK Brambling Cross UK Whitbread Goldings UK Fuggles (was going to use this in a bitter) Thanks!
  14. Wow Pete, that is a seriously BIG hop quantity - 100gram... I use just 1oz (pellet form) which is about 28 grams and I thought that had plenty of hop smell/taste! I have Amarillo, Cascade and Centennial which I will use with Authentic IPA, all nice citrus notes... and Fuggles which I am going to try with my ESB recipe. If you like IPA then can recommend the http://www.coopers.com.au/#/diy-beer/beer-recipes/strong/detail/authentic-ipa/ Cascade or Amarillo makes a fine dry hop addition to this brew IMO! Not a big fan of the standard Canadian / US beers, but that said there are a huge amount of 'craft breweries' which offer some awesome beers - of course at a premium price!
  15. Thanks again Beeblebrox. I thought about the crash chill but unless I empty the fridge of food I don't have the space. Don't think the wife would be too impressed either. I do remember, years and years ago (back in the UK) using Isinglass which is a derivative of fish bladders - not that I have any to hand... Think I will bite the bullet, let it settle in the primary for a few more days (about 17-18 days in total) it does seem to be clearing from what I can see. Siphon off, bulk prime and bottle. I guess (hoping) that it will settle further in the bottle - not too bothered about sediment in the bottom of the bottle, maybe waste a little of the brew but we live and learn eh. I can't believe the amount of extra flavor dry hoping has added, will be part of my future brews, albeit in stockings - the hops that is - not me!!!
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