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3 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

I am just curious about the following;

# What is your favourite Ale  Coopers Australian IPA was my favourite home brew, but I prefer Pale Ales

# What is your favourite Ale Yeast I love the fruitiness that you get from Lallemand Verdant IPA yeast

# What is your favourite Lager  I did a Stella Artois clone a while ago that was ace (trying to repeat it right now actually)

# What is your favourite Lager Yeast  Can't go past dubbya

# What is your favourite Hop  I have done a couple of single hopped Pale Ales lately and my favourite so far is Simcoe

# Have you ever added Hops to a Stout  I have never dry hopped a Stout.  Mostly used English hops for bittering and the occasional hopstand (EKG, Bramling Cross)






My comments in red

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