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New BIAB Sparging Idea

Red devil 44

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In the short time of AG BIAB I have found sparging a pain, dribbles over the side causing a mess on the ground & down the side of my Digiboil.

Thinking cap on and came up with this, drilled a few holes in the basket to mount hooks, just the right distance to go over the drinks cooler that I had but had never used.

Now I can put the bag in the basket, then sparge, and then pour the remainder from the cooler into my wort. 
Problem solved. 🍻🍻🍻🍻


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This is how I do it. Fits 8 kg of grain easily.  I suspend the bag over the kettle to let it drain then put the bag in this and sparge. I also press the grain with another bucket as well to get as much of the sugary goodness I can.  



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